Who Decided To End The Streak, Rating Wrestlemania, Undertaker Finished, Big Disappointment

In Richard Reacts you mentioned how it was a mistake for WWE to end the streak with Brock Lesnar but was it really WWE's decision? Ultimately wouldn't it have been Undertaker's final word as to whether or not he wanted Lesnar to end it?

I am certain that Undertaker signed off on the outcome before he agreed to do it, however, that doesn't excuse the failed plan or execution. It also doesn't make Brock Lesnar capturing the streak any more palatable. Sometimes Vince McMahon has to step in to save workers from themselves and if Undertaker wanted to give the streak to Lesnar, there were better ways to accomplish it. I am not bothered the streak has ended, I'm bothered no one got a payoff from it. I'm bothered by the bout's lackluster build and the fact the streak seemed like an afterthought. I'm bothered that Lesnar was blown up less than 10 minutes in and I'm bothered the bout was squeezed into the undercard and failed to engage the crowd.

How would you rate Wrestlemania 30 from top to bottom?

I plan on recording a podcast later on Monday to give my complete reactions to Wrestlemania 30 but I’ll give you some sweeping reactions. Daniel Bryan got his much-deserved payoff and WWE did the right thing by giving him his big Wrestlemania moment. I love the fact the Andre the Giant Battle Royal was used to elevate an up and comer and the opening segment of Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and The Rock couldn't have been better. Plenty of people will complain about John Cena going over but it's what I expected and I'll break it out down later.

Has Undertaker worked his final match?

While I haven't heard for sure, I'm under the impression The Undertaker is finished. His run will never be duplicated, however, it's come to an end. The streak was the final major promotional element WWE had for him. Obviously the Undertaker is a big enough name where he would add to any show he was on but we was injured again on Sunday and didn't appear to have much left. I mean that with all due respect and feel he is a first ballot Hall of Famer and should headline next year's class.

After The Undertaker's match finished, Brock Lesnar's music didn't play and everything seemed like a mistake. What happened?

As I reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Brock Lesnar was scripted over The Undertaker. We can speculate that Brock Lesnar's music didn't play immediately out of a sign of respect for Undertaker. The outcome leaked online about an hour before it happened as was evident by a massive swing in international betting odds. I think I speak for us all in that the streak ended in a disappointing match.

From the Ask WNW vault…

April 2013: When will WWE realize Undertaker should always go last at Wrestlemania? Every year the crowd dies down after his matches no matter what happens next. - I agree, The Undertaker is impossible to follow at Wrestlemania. We’ve seen him do what he did at Wrestlemania 29 before (saving the show with an outstanding match) yet we all wondered going in what CM Punk would be able to get out of him. Here’s a guy that works one match a year and consistently puts on “match of the year” candidates. Following his match against CM Punk, the conversation has shifted. We need to start having serious debate on whether or not Undertaker is the greatest of all-time. I almost feel bad for even doubting what we would get out of the bout this year. Undertaker not only showed he hasn’t “lost a step” in the ring but his physical conditioning was very good as well. He certainly looked the part and did not disappoint.

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  • Vin Sidious

    I’ve never been a fan of The Streak and I’ve actively wanted it to end for the last 5 years. HBK, HHH, Punk. Absolutely. I particularly disagreed with having HBK and HHH, guys on equal footing with Taker, jobbing to him in back to back ‘Manias. Let a guy who was Taker’s equal end The Streak. Fine. That would have been a classic Mania moment. Or give it to an established, hard-working but still rising main eventer like Punk. (though of course in retrospect its probably best it wasn’t him, either.) But Lesnar was simply the Wrong Guy. A part-timer, a mercenary who hasn’t been around and won’t be around much going forward, even if he gets a few-month title run. I respect that Lesnar was most likely ‘Taker’s choice, and I respect that Taker wanted to go out on his back like the Class Acts do, but it just wasn’t worth it. The torch wan’t passed and nobody got elevated who will benefit from it long-term. And of course, the match wasn’t very good, either, which is probably the worst part.

  • Paul

    I just watched Taker vs. Brock again. The second time around it didn’t seem to plod as much . And I do think they told the story the wanted to tell. That story being that all the years of great matches took their toll on Taker and he just didn’t quite have it anymore. Someone younger and stronger finally came to conquer him. They sold the idea hard on commentary. To take a parallel from the boxing world I see it kinda like the Ali vs. Holmes. Although without it being quite the massacre. But some of the same elements were there. Taker used every tactic and trick he had and it just wasn’t quite enough.

    • Very good comment.

      • BIG M

        I know this is a big statement to make but for my money The Undertaker was/is the The greatest Pro Wrestler of all time.
        And people who might not agree with that statement would at least agree he’s on the short list of the greatest to ever perform.
        Enjoy your Retirement Mark Calloway and thanks for the memories.

        • Justin

          I disagree with you. Undertaker isn’t in my top 20. I give him a lot of credit for being a consummate professional and for his career longevity. Still, I don’t rate his overall in-ring work or his gimmick nearly as highly as many other people do.

          • BunG

            Plz give us your Top20 then… o_O

          • Justin

            Well, you asked nicely. Still, I don’t care to list my top 20 at this time . Maybe at a later point. All you need to know is that Undertaker isn’t on it.

          • PFA56

            Meaning you can’t think of 20 names.
            Nor could anyone.
            Seriously though how could Undertaker not be on anyone’s top 20 list jeez.

          • Justin

            Haha, if I tell you to do something and then you don’t do it, does that mean you’re physically incapable of doing something? Nope. There might be various reasons you don’t feel like doing what I told you to do. So, apply the same logic to my refusal to accede to your requests.

          • The streak is over.

            Are you even a Wrestling fan.
            I mean WOW.
            Just about every fan would rank him high on their best of all time lists.
            Your defeently in the minority here dude.

          • Justin

            Haha, another Undertaker mark questioning if I’m a wrestling fan. I am entertained. As I wrote to another mark, I am well aware that I am likely in the minority. I also don’t care.

          • BIG M

            I ignored the “try and get through the rest of the day” crack.
            But I won’t ignore this.
            Don’t call me a mark.
            I may “mark out” from time to time but that doesn’t me me any less of a smark.
            Get over yourself.

          • BIG M

            Not in your top 20 huh.
            Name exactly 20 people better than Taker.
            Go on I dare ya.

          • Justin

            I don’t need to justify myself to you.

          • TJ Wilson

            You made the claim genius.
            Does it really suprised you he asked you to back it up.

          • Justin

            Genius, it’s surprise not surprised. And, being surprised has nothing to do with it. More importantly, it doesn’t matter who I have ahead of him. All you need to know is that he isn’t on it. Get over it.

          • BIG M

            I’m not asking you to justify anything.
            I just honestly can’t believe any wrestling fan wouldn’t have Taker on their top 20 list.
            Very Few people would say that you know.

          • Justin

            Well, believe it and try to get through the rest of the day. I am well aware that most wrestling fans would disagree with me. I have no problem with that.

          • Jbreed

            I wouldn’t totally disagree. He’s had a really good career but when you really think about it most of his legacy was built in the past few years as a part-timer and a special attraction.

          • Justin

            Wow, you wouldn’t totally disagree with me?? Are you actually a wrestling fan??? Haha.

          • shane

            Honestly dude I do completely disagree with you, and find it laughable that you attack someones spelling/grammatical skills just to come up with an argument. Seriously you’re pathetic trying to start a fight on here. You made the troll comment just to piss people off which is SERIOUSLY childish. Please grow up and learn to have a little respect for others. Don’t run your mouth/say something, then get all defensive because you can’t come up with an argument or thought to back up your previous statement.

          • Justin

            Haha, I just saw your ridiculous response. My original post wasn’t trollish at all. It’s simply my opinion. What’s more laughable is that people got their panties in a bunch over my opinion.

            As for my “attack”, it was in response to him sarcastically calling me a genius. So, it was justified.

            Furthermore, there is no law that says one has to give reasons for an opinion. Deal with it.

      • TONY

        This ppv was the best story told by the wwe in years. At the start of the show they bring out three of the best in-ring performers of all time from three different eras in the wwe (Hogan-The Golden Era, Austin-The Attitude Era, and The Rock- The Ruthless Aggression Era). Then they tell the story of an old era ending and a new era beginning with the shield dominating three of the top stars during the attitude, cesaro throwing the big show over the top to win the battle royal,The Streak coming to an ending in one of the most shocking moments in WRESTLING HISTORY and daniel bryan getting his big payoff with win the wwe world title at the grandest stage of them all and ushering in a new era. THE REALITY ERA.

    • K!NG

      Agreed i watched it again this morning and it was good story telling through out. WWE did a good job at the the end of the match making people unsure of what they just saw by holding off the music and not announcing the winner right away it sold the shock of what just happened.

  • Matt

    I definitely think Lesnar’s music wasn’t played right away to give not only respect to Undertaker to soak it all in, but for the fans. Every fan kept waiting for Hogan’s music or Vince’s music to hit. It was some great psychology and I think, WWE nailed it.

  • Richie

    For me I always wanted Taker to go out in a rather mysterious way. Getting badly beat at Mania only for smoke to fill the ringside area and then him disappear or vanish through the mat maybe just leaving his hat in the centre of the ring. His last match would never really be completed and the streak finished with a question mark. Would have added to what we loved about him, the mystery, intrigue and ultimately the best gimmick we’ll ever likely see and never to be repeated. In my eyes a more fitting end for his gimmick.

  • Thomas M.

    My biggest problem is with the argument that “nobody benefitted” from Taker’s streak. Not to sound uncaring, but I do not care in the least that a wrestler didn’t get a “payout” from this. We as the fans were the ones who got the payout! 5-star matches for years in a row. When Taker finally couldn’t pull off a stellar match anymore, he pulled this amazing move that has everyone talking about him, not Daniel Bryan.

    I am enjoying the hell out of this! If you can’t understand why, maybe some of you should stop watching as I’ve read a bunch of people threaten. This Wrestlemania was entertaining!

    • Mysterion

      Because we don’t share your opinion we should stop watching?

      • Thomas M.

        Not my point, though I could see why my wording would make you think that. Sorry. I meant my broader point about being entertained, not my opinion specifically. I believe that many people online are no longer enjoying the product. They always threaten to stop watching and I feel that for their own sanity, they should stop watching.

        I stopped watching WWE for years when I was no longer entertained. I no longer watch TNA because I found myself doing nothing but coming on sites like this one and crapping on the product.

        Wrestling has one purpose: to entertain. If we become so cynical that we no longer enjoy the product, why waste our time at all?

  • Malboja

    With regards to takers streak who else could have beeten him , super cena ?
    Let’s face it wwe can now say that the undertaker was so great that it took a 300lb
    Athletic freak man beast with inhuman strength and former UFC heavyweight champion
    At least this gives it legitimacy
    Brock is a real fighter who could if he chooses wipe any other wwe guy out
    While I agree that no one gains from this outcome who could possibly deserve that rub early in there career ???

    If given the choice I would have let taker retire undefeated at mania
    And have his last match at survivor series

    • Tom Mayer

      There are a handful of people on the roster right now that could have used that rub and not one of them is Cena.

      Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Antonio Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan…

      Granted Daniel Bryan was in the main event for the WWE WH T, you get my point.

      While I respect people who may be Brock Lesnar marks… I see him as someone who would piss on the WWE and it’s fans if given the opportunity.

      • Malboja

        This was another problem I think that to give someone that rub you would need to make sure they are not going to jump ship and of all who you mentioned only bryan has been top draw for a while reigns maybe but in a few years he is to new , bray it’s not the right time
        And I’m no mark for anyone “maybe taker ” lol
        But I just think that Brock had legitimate fighting achievements that wwe can use to say how great taker is rather than just saying he was too old and past his best

        While all who you mentioned are great none have had the program’s that would lead to being the streak breaker

        I respect your comment but I just don’t see anyone else who

      • MadDawg

        Everyone you named is way to early in their career to have breaking the streak put on their resume. If it were to be broken, it should be by someone that’s been there a VERY long time. Someone like Big Show, Orton, or Cena. That’s just my opinion. But if I had my way, the streak would never have ended.

        • Malboja

          If I had to choose I would have picked orton

  • MadDawg

    I haven’t stopped thinking about this since my jaw dropped along w/ the ref’s third strike of the mat. At first, I was in disbelief, and then I was angry. Now, I’m ok with it. Here’s my take on it. Everyone has said that UT has earned the right to retire undefeated. I believe that he’s earned the right to retire however he wants. After all, if Flair got to choose who retired him, and HBK got to choose who retired him, why not Taker? The man only wrestles once a year, and it’s on his terms. If he doesn’t agree with how he’s being booked, he simply won’t wrestle. So, if this is how he wanted to go out, then I’m perfectly ok with that. The man provided me with more than two decades of entertainment. The least I can do is let him go the way he wants to, and not complain that he did it wrong, or that Vince shouldn’t have allowed it. It was a helluva ride. Thanks for the memories Taker.

  • John

    Apparently Undertaker told Brock years ago that he would put him over at WrestleMania so i’m not so sure that this was as sudden a decision as it seems.

    • Tom Mayer

      Yeah.. I mean he gets millions of dollars a year for such a small number of workable dates a year…What else can you give to someone who appreciates nothing?

      • John

        He works more dates than The Undertaker… The resentment towards Lesnar for being a part-time worker is really silly! Are you upset that Undertaker went over CM Punk last year?

        • Tom Mayer

          What does CM Punk have to do with what i said?

          • John

            I might be completely wrong here and i apologise if i am, but it seems like you are unhappy that A part-time worker (Brock Lesnar) beat Undertaker. Well a part-time worker (Undertaker) beat CM Punk last year… Can’t have it both ways.

          • Tom Mayer

            Okay but what has Brock Lesnar done in the WWE that was so special? I mean he crapped on the business in 2004 because he couldn’t hang in the life.

            I don’t recall the Undertaker crapping on the business and then returning years down the road. Undertaker earned his part time status, Brock Lesnar is hanging on his UFC success. Apples and Oranges.

          • miz

            Not really, John is right and how is wanting to experience life when he was young crapping on the biz? People can’t move on? Get over the fact he left to pursue happiness. No matter how you slice it undertakers more of a pt worker than Brock.

          • Tom Mayer

            I don’t blame Brock Lesnar for the way he acted…

            I blame the WWE for pushing him to the moon so quick inflating Brock’s insufferable ego and frame of mind that he deserves everything and doesn’t have to appreciate anything.

          • Tom Mayer

            Furthermore, not one had I said you need to think a certain way.. I gave my opinion on the matter as well as Brock Lesnar.

            You don’t see me saying “Get over” something to you.. Except for now…

            So get over it, mark.

          • miz

            Actually its mike not mark, and if your still crying about something from 10 years ago….well…ya…like I said move on. Its not you Tom its him, he would like to date around and see other people. You had good times but you need to move on.

          • Tom Mayer

            Right over the mark’s head. Any credibility you may have had about the business… pretty much thrown out the window, landed on the street, and crushed under the weight of an inner city bus.

          • miz

            Some may say you missed the ….mark…..? Bang bang have a nice day. I’m not sure what your ability to throw the word mark around like it means something is supposed to be an insult. The lack of insight and intelligence you have shown in just these post is astonishing. Undertaker is in fact the most part time you can get. Its a fact. Now again, moveeeee on. Your only proving me right.

          • Tom Mayer

            I give a 2/10 for effort.

          • miz

            What’s that? The diamond doll just held up a perfect 10! Thanks Kim ill take that score…Bang! ♦

  • mike

    For me last night was just a shock. But now its all sunk in i feel it makes sense. Brock lesnar is aformer ufc champ and its realistic he could beat taker, also whoever beat taker was going to get heat which lets face it comes natural to brock. Now i always felt the honour should go to an up and comer to push them but either way the streak ending either way was going to annoy fans. If he retired with it hed be called selfish, if cm punk won it last year its not realistic, if lets say roman reigns (up and comer)won next year fans would say he didnt earn it, at least lesnar makes sense as everyone taker beat in the streak brock could have beat. the only thing i don,t like aboutt his is the fact lesnar went under to hhh and cena building towards becoming ‘the one’. do it hink a part timer should have took it? No, but then i don,t think randy orton should have been a main eventer after so many mistakes. In the end its not about politics backstage its a story and the only person undertaker couldnt beat was a former ufc champ, it allows him to retire without pressure and doesnt make him look weak. Just my opinion

  • Tom Mayer

    I know a lot of people have come to terms and settled on the fact that Brock Lesnar beat the Undertaker and got the rub… Even I have, I mean, what can I do? It is done, and there is no changing that.

    That being said, I would like to say that, as a fan, I feel very insulted and so should all the wrestlers that came before Lesnar facing the Undertaker. It’s a lack of ability to suspend disbelief. As a fan, we are supposed to believe that Shawn Michaels or Triple H couldn’t get the job done, but Brock Lesnar can?

    Maybe I just dislike Brock Lesnar, I will be the first to admit that I’ve never really been a fan of him; I generally like heels so it’s not really an illicited reaction of him.

    It’s hard to admire someone who only appreciates money.

  • BIG M

    Im going to miss The Undertaker.

  • Jack

    Richard have you ever thought about doing a podcast like the torch or Dave meltzer

    • Tom Mayer

      Please don’t… I’ve listened to Richard Reacts when I subscribed, and while I don’t mean any disrespect… It was hard to listen to him for 10-15 minutes.. I’d rather read what he has to say.

      • adam

        I agree, I will never understand why their isn’t a transcript of premium mailbag

        • Tom Mayer

          Maybe it would be better if he wrote a script out for himself while doing them but he just wings it.. He “shoots” lol

          Except Richard doesn’t have the charisma to do that, structured or not. Sorry Richard 🙂

  • Xavier

    While I agree with most that Lesnar shouldn’t have been the guy to give the streak too, people need to see the bigger picture coming out of Mania, 1. It was unpredictable and no one saw it coming which is something that Smarks are always complaining about when it comes too things being predictable and 2. It reestablishes Brock as a big time monster who’s going too be viewed as unstoppable monster while giving him mega heat which is also something that Smarks complained about when it came to Lesnar. I can’t count how many times people complained about Lesnar not being booked as unstoppable, well you guys got it yesterday. 3. With Lesnar going over Taker clean and with Bryan going over HHH, Orton & Batista clean all in one night you now have your blockbuster Summer feud (Bryan vs Lesnar) with both guys coming out of Mania looking as strong ever.

    • BIG M

      Well as good of points as you just made I don’t think Lesner should’ve broken the streak.
      Not because I have something against Lesner doing it I just think no-one should’ve done it.
      But it doesn’t change the fact its done now and Im going to miss watching Undertaker perform.

      • Xavier

        Understandable, I’m with you on that. If I was calling the shots I wouldn’t have dropped the streak to Lesnar either.

        • BIG M

          I also feel real sorry for the Divas and even Bryan, Orton and Batista to have to follow that match.
          Wonder if they knew beforehand or was it all kept hush hush backstage.

          • Bob’s Diner

            They should have saved the Hogan/Rock/Austin encounter until after that. It took so long for the crowd to come back alive it would have really kicked things back into gear

    • Tom Mayer

      While I agree with what you said… it makes me all the happier knowing that I had never complained about Brock Lesnar’s return in 2012 until now 😉

      I guess Vince had decided that Brock had eaten enough of the proverbial dog poo that the taste of paying him $5-$10mill a year had gotten to him.

    • Winnipeg

      Yep, and Lesnar also has a tittle run in his contract

  • the beast is a bad bad man

    I think it’s perfect, the streak is over so now he can go on to his retirement match with sting next year. Now that he’s lost I think that matchup is a little bit more interesting. Will sting beat the undertaker? Now that he’s been beat its an actual possibility. We all know if sting had been there this year he would have lost. Idk its just this guys opinion…probably won’t happen now takers hurt but its more appealing now

  • Justin

    Well, Richard, you don’t speak for me. On not disappointed that the streak ended or by how it was ended. I am glad the streak is finally over.

  • Ty

    Look, the only reason that people are calling this match a disappointment is because of the rare 4-5 star matches the Undertaker has produced within the past few years. With that came an unrealistic expectation from all of us that the next match has gotta top the last one.

    • Bob’s Diner

      And honestly, the commentary really took away from the match. Listening to JBL using serious voice the whole time and the 3 of them were constantly going on about how Undertaker was finished… it just didn’t help the match at all

  • LWLF

    I thoroughly enjoyed the match Undertaker/Brocker but not so thrilled by the outcome. I was totally shocked when the referee counted Undertaker out but on reflection, I saw that the Undertaker did not pile drive Lesnar into the mat as usually the case but stop short giving Lesnar an opportunity to fight on.

  • Bryan Smith

    People tend to forget that Lesnar is due a title run in his contract. What better way to put him in the title picture that to have him conquer the streak. I was shocked as anyone last night, but after having time to analyze, it makes sense. His early loses since his return are somewhat less glaring now that Lesnar has this accomplishment in his back pocket.

  • [email protected]

    Any chance WWE ended the streak because of Sting? If Sting signed, and went on to face a 22-0 Undertaker at next years Wrestlemania, would anybody believe he is going to come in to the WWE for 1 match and be the one to end the streak? Curious on other people’s thoughts.

    • the beast is a bad bad man

      Ya I was saying that earlier, I think it makes sense.

  • Jbreed

    It’s a shame the streak ended but I’m actually glad the WWE had the balls to do something so unexpected. The Important thing is The Undertaker’s legacy is in no way damaged by the loss.

  • Winnipeg

    Funny that Last week on Raw that Undertaker hinted that someday the streak will come to an end.

  • john

    No you don’t speak for me because i am not one of your sheep but I loved the match and so glad Brock won.Let’s be honest the Undertaker looks so old creaky,he has basically become a laughing stock.Also please remember it’s not real people,it’s a soap opera set in the wrestling business,I cannot understand why some fans are getting so upset.Please get real lives people.

  • Wrestling 008

    Let me begin by saying Taker is 49. WWE has an age limit, the 1993 changes remember? Now 3 years ago Taker walked upto Lesnar at UFC and said ”you wanna do it?” There were rumors back in 2011 that Taker wanted his streak to end that year and apparantley he chose Lesnar as his first pick then. Now a lot of people say Lesnar is unworthy to end the streak. But Lesnar is a legend, hes beaten some of the biggest names in WWE, main evented the second greatest WM of all times (WM 19), caused Taker more trouble between 2002-2003 than anyone in Taker’s illustrious 24 years WWE career (though that was Taker’s Biker persona not the Dead man persona). Lesnar is one of the worthiest pick to end the streak, which had to end cause you cant expect Taker to go into his 50s and continue. Some argue it should have been a young guy like Roman Reigns. Remnember Ezekial Jackson? He was a young talent who beat Christian to become the last ECW Champion ever, then joined The Corre, feuded for the IC title and became a forgotten jobber. What a slap to the face of ECW!!!! Imagine Roman Reigns beat Taker and ended up like that! What a slap it would be to the legacy of Taker!!!! So then if we were to protect his legacy, there wouuld be four worthy guys left: Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Chris Jericho and The Rock. Now you see how popular a heel like Lesnar was before ending the streak and the amount of heat he is getting now? They couldnt afford to do that to guys like John Cena and The Rock because they need them as popular baby faces, merchandises and all and WWE has never considered pushing Jericho in any form since he lost the WHC in 2010.. Undertaker has been going on in the WWE alone for 24 years, before becoming a part timer in 2011 he was more active than majority of the young wrestlers and have taken more bumps than many of them in the year 2009 alone, and has produced classic matches both hardcore and technical like the HIAC with Mankind at KOTR 98 and the best match of the pg era, the one with HBK at WM 25. Between 1990-1999 he was one of the most dominant and feared force in the WWE, took a weaker role as ABA between 2000-2003 before resauracting the characterwis most feared character in WWE history in 2004. His matches at WM since the one with Orton at WM 21 all have been a classic, but the one with Lesnar was medicore. He is losing it.. Do you want him to continue to his 50s and tarnish his legacy like Ric Flair one of the victim of his legendary streak? Or do you want him to call it a career, one of the most illustrious one and retire with honor like HBK? With this loss Taker should appear on Raw and call it a quite, quiting as one of the greatest and most accomplished wrestler of all times.. Also this match has solidified Lesnar’s legacy and made him a living legend. It was the perfect way for the streak to end, the perfect way for Taker to retire!!!! Also one might criticize the lackluster (to a certain extent) way the match was builled, but it only magnified the surprise. Wrestling is about unpredictability (hasnt been for a long time), and this was in all aspects an unforseen and unpredictable outcome….

  • Jason

    If the Undertaker gets inducted next year i’ll be surprised. from what i heard the rock is being inducted next year and im sure neither one wants to be under the other as far as being the “headliner” goes.

  • Snap

    “Plenty of people will complain about John Cena going over”

    Here’s the thing, I won’t complain about Cena going over at WrestleMania so long as Bray Wyatt is put over in the overall program. At this point of his career, going under in a program like this won’t hurt Cena at all yet it would do wonders to elevate Bray to a potential main event position in the future. It’s just like Triple H going under to Daniel Bryan doesn’t hurt him at all.

    So, let’s see how Bray looks once his program with Cena is over, then we can decide whether it was just another “SuperCena” win or some good, long term planning.

  • Ty

    One problem that I don’t think anybody has stated with having a younger star going over Taker is where would they go from there? I can’t help but think that if it was any member of the Shield or Bray Wyatt then we’d hear a lot of people claim that it was too soon for them. I think Brock Lesnar was the right person. Guess what, I don’t care that he’s a part time talent. There aren’t many options on the roster right now who would be able to handle what Brock is going to go through.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I’m kind of still in shock that The Undertaker lost, kind of sad about it too, didn’t think it was going to happen and was hoping that he would retire undefeated.

    I’m not sure about Brock doing it though.. I thought at least Cena would have had a shot at the streak but I guess that’s not going to happen now, or Sting. Real shame.

    Oh well, Thank you Undertaker (and get well soon).

  • J Vomkrieg

    wait? Betting odds? People bet on this?

  • Cricket

    Richard, the Taker vs Lesnar match was so slow paced because Brock knew Taker was hurt. He wasnt gonna whip around a 50 year old man who had a possible head injury.

    • 1molly23

      Your comment is very kind. Lesnar doesn’t care about his peers – he himself is his first and foremost thought. He works stiff, is careless, and only wants the big bucks in his paycheck.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Ha I love that people are raving about how the battle royal is helping push someone, when all I’ve heard the last month or so is how lame it is to see a battle royal on WrestleMania

  • Adam Ian David Smith

    Undertaker should now get an aids storyline. He could threaten to bleed over huge superstars like 3mb if they don’t let him join the band. Then they can have a discarded needle on a pole match at wm31 where taker wins to get the streak back