Details On WWE Repackaging Of Adam Rose

There is a lot of buzz this morning about WWE repackaging Adam Rose in a “Party Pooper” gimmick after he worked a dark match at last night’s Main Event/Smackdown taping in Little Rock. This is something Rose has used the entire month and has been televised with. The biggest difference to his look is he is now wearing glasses. If you haven’t seen it, below is a photo:

Click here to load (if not loaded)

There is a little more to the story as there was talk about resurrecting Rose’s Leo Kruger gimmick he used in NXT prior to converting the party animal. The idea called for Rose, as Kruger, to join The Wyatt Family but the role went to Braun Strowman (originally Stowman). Prior to Strowman getting the role, Rose irritated Vince McMahon for tweeting about the return of Kruger.

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  • John Stone

    Originally misspelled as Stowman by a WNW writer

    • No, WWE changed it. Just like they originally did with Fandango and many other examples. Appreciate the troll comment though

      • John Stone

        Go back and watch the Raw he debuted on, I’m being truthful, you’re being rude.

      • John Stone

        Plus, Fandango’s name was changed before he even debuted.

        • Braun Strowman = main WWE roster
          Braun Stowman = WWE NXT
          Adam Scherr = real name
          Big Country = nickname

          • John Stone

            Never in NXT

          • Dan

            He wasnt on NXT TV but he was in NXT…ie live events, training, and the such

          • John Stone

            Not live events either, so any “name” he had back then isn’t legit.

  • Jay El Bee

    The glasses aren’t new, go back to the 8/25 episode of the Main Event and you see that he was wearing glasses back then too.

  • bearone7777

    I really wish they would treat this man a whole he– of a lot better. I watched that doc. that ESPN—-Did on this company AND HE DESERVES TOO GET MORE AND MORE RING TIME AS HE NEEDS TO ABLE TO make more money to help out with his sons health costs!!!