Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan Tease Wrestlemania 31 Match

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Dolph Ziggler has pitched a match to Daniel Bryan for this year’s Wrestlemania 31 pay-per-view. Bryan responded by saying that he was in.

Below is the social media encounter:

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  • Brandon van Reenen

    That would be match of the night.

    • Owen Gold

      Quite likely match of the year!

  • BIG M

    Man Alive I hope they do that match.
    That would be some silver lining I guess.

  • supercilious1

    Ziggler must win this match.

  • Keith Davis

    This match would be awesome. They had a classic in 2010, so let us see the rematch.

  • Lebron

    Holy sh!t. I’d buy the network if they gave these two guys at least 30 minutes at Wrestlemania. What a match this could be.

  • Xavier

    This would be pretty freaking epic. Not sure it will happen though but would love too see it personally

  • Luke

    I’d buy WrestleMania at full price to see a four-way between Bryan, Ziggler, Rollins, and Cesaro. Put the MITB on the line. Hell, I’ll pay for that right now!!!!

  • Bryan N.

    I would absolutely pay to see that match. Those two would tear the house down and the crowd would eat it up. But that’s what we would all like to see, so that likelihood is pretty slim with the current booking strategies.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I can just imagine it now; both guys go to Vince and HHH and say they want the match – the fans want the match too! So Vince and HHH look at each other, then look at them and say ‘No, that’s not what the fans want to see – they want to see Daniel Bryan take on Sheamus! And Dolph Ziggler against The Miz! Those are the matches fans are dying to see at WrestleMania. They will be main events!!!’

      • Bryan N.

        Shhh, don’t give them free ideas!! But seriously, you’re more than likely not far off with both of those predictions.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Or they could get lumped in some 8-man tag match; Bryan, Ziggler, Ryback & Rowan Harper vs Mark Henry, Big Show, Kane & Titus O’Neill

          That’s the stuff, right there!

          • Moose

            Think further down the line. They could simply be used as lumberjacks.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Big Show vs Ryback – lumberjack match. That sounds like a WrestleMania main event

          • Moose

            Better yet, Big Show turns again and it’s him against Kane.

        • BigMike7302

          Sad but true….. and Big SHow and Kane as special guest Referees, just for that added”FU”


    Both what be epic, should be a no 1 contenders match against reigns for me. Be bloody epic

    • ClintMurphy

      naw they need to make lesnars match a scramble match, that way lesnar loses if he decides to come back he will have a future title match

      • Mysterion

        You’re overbooking any main event, let alone a WrestleMania main event, and totally devaluing the Royal Rumble by adding six guys. Granted, six pack challenges are fun matches to have (As long as Curtis Axel isn’t in them), but they still end up over complicated and overbooked. The initial idea of Bryan vs Ziggler to see who challenges at Extreme Rules is a great idea. But if WWE see how happy everyone gets about these two being in the same ring at Mania they’ll likely book a four minute tag match with Bryan/Ziggler vs Kane/Big Show.

  • Michael


  • Cubed56

    This match would be amazing, but we all know that WWE will more than likely not let it happen for the simple fact that these two would steal the show and by far overshadow anything else on the card.

  • Mysterion

    Four hour iron man match. Reigns/Lesnar can go as preshow. Sold.

  • thatoneguy10

    They’ll put it on the pre show and give it about 4 minutes before big show and Kane cause the dq.

  • Splat

    With Jim Ross calling the match… A guy can dream.

  • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

    thats the match i want to see. no more underdog storylines against the autority. just a rivalry to prove wich one is the better man.

  • Stoney

    Let it happen WWE, but I think WWE are planning Sheamus Vs Daniel Bryan at wrestlemania as part of DBs redemption for the 18 second squash match.
    I would love to see Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan, it’s one of those matches I never get tired of seeing (ie. Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero Vs Crispin Wah, Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles Vs Christopher Daniels Vs Samoa Joe, and the list goes on)

  • Trapdoor

    If only..

  • David F

    honestly WWE needs right the wrong and have Bryan v Reigns for number one contender match at fast lane and have Bryan go over face Lesnar and beat him at WM 31. Then next night on RAW because Bryan took such a beating from Lesnar Rollins cashes in to win WWE title setting up Bryan v Rollins feud for summer. I would save Bryan v Ziggler for Summerslam

  • Gary Robert

    Would be a great match from an in-ring perspective but one that makes no sense from a story line perspective.

    • Mysterion

      Good job they got six weeks to book it then, isn’t it?

      • Gary Robert

        Wow, a whole six weeks? I guess I don’t love rushing through story lines like you do.

        • Mysterion

          In what way is six weeks rushing? Would you rather it was six months? They’ve got six weeks to book Lesnar/Reigns too. Oh. And every othe match bar Sting/HHH. It’s more than enough time to build a compelling match.

          • Gary Robert

            I can only say I’ll agree to disagree with you. Lesnar/Reigns however is different as it doesn’t necessarily need a story line around it. Its one guy winning the Rumble and simply being the #1 contender to get the title shot as it is every year. Other matches need build-up, reasoning beyond #1 contender ship etc etc Its not right or wrong, just my opinion. And to answer your other question…I’d love a six month feud, yes. Go back to Rock/HHH. They feuded for like a year before the final payoff of Rock winning the belt from him. You never see those long story lines develop, anymore…and to me, its a shame. And the whole Sting /HHH match, is a joke. The build-up, or lack thereof has been so ridiculously done and poorly contrived. Back to DB/Ziggler…I think Ziggler HAS to go over in that match…clean. Cam’t waste that match-up (if it even happens) with a dirty finish or interference–it deserves better than that, and I think a loss to Ziggler hurts him more than it would DB.

    • BigMike7302

      Here is the Storyline…. Authority tells them both… “You lost, you do not get to be at WM” They decide to get the WWE Univers like another Hijacking and they get a match…. ROH style with a handshake before the match…. They put on a classic, maybe make it for #1 contender but let them go…. match of the year

  • John Watson

    WWE Bragging Rights 2010, anybody?

    If this indeed comes to life then we got a show-stealer right from the opening of the show…

  • Guest

    book it! and hopefully WWE isn’t stupid enough to turn one of them heel. make it face vs face match and you’ll get angle vs michaels caliber match

  • Eddie

    Bryan versus Ziggler: A WrestleMania Classic for the Ages. End of Story. πŸ˜€ (y) πŸ™‚

  • jshap626

    And during the match, idiots will be chanting “CM PUNK” !