Edge Claims He Wasn't Offered A New WWE Contract

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The Kingston Whig-Standard has a new article online featuring quotes from Edge that was used to promote Tommy Dreamer's "House of Hardcore" show this weekend. While discussing his friendship with Dreamer, Edge claimed he wasn't offered a new WWE contract.

“I wasn’t offered another contract. I don’t know where people get their news from,” he added, calling the appearance [on Smackdown] “another day at the office.”

Edge was believed to be looking for a deal similar to that of Shawn Michaels with a large six-figure downside once his WWE contract expired on May 1, 2012 but the two sides were unable to come to terms.

You can read the article in its entirety at this link.

  • Nishanth

    So who do we believe? A WWE gossip website or the actual person? I already have my answer

    • Richard Gray

      We aren't a gossip website. What we have reported is that the two sides couldn't agree to a new contract. I'm not calling Edge a liar but he was very careful with his wording, "I wasn't offered another contract." That could mean more than it entails.

      Further, I interviewed Edge in 2011 and asked him if he would appear at SummerSlam. Here's what he said: http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com/wwe-news/edge-g

      * Being booked for a SummerSlam Axxess session, I asked if there was a chance we could see him make a cameo on the pay-per-view or even a shot in the crowd. Edge told me that he will not be appearing in any shape, way or form on the pay-per-view. He said after the autograph session he plans on going back and waiting on Christian to go have sushi.

      Edge appeared at the pay-per-view so he isn't exactly an expert at handling the media.

      • Josh

        I understand your stand point Richard, But tectonically this site is labeled as a gossip wrestling website. Defending it Just makes it more believable. If any rumors comes out false, of course your not going to admit anything. "Its other gossip sites"

        • Richard Gray

          By who? You? The site doesn't post gossip. As for a "rumor coming out false" it wasn't a "rumor" Edge was seeking a new contract, we just can't pass off who we got the info from because of the need to use anonymous sources .

    • jake

      I've never understood the mindset that if it comes from the wrestler himself, that means its 100% true. So are wrestlers just unable to lie or tell half-truths? I'm not saying Edge is a liar, but you're naive if you think everything wrestlers say is true.

  • James

    They get it from wrestling news world.

  • Tony P.

    Idk why do he want a deal like HBK. He was never on HBK’s level and HBK put in more time with WWE than Edge. So for him to want a deal like HBK’s is laughable.

    • Jason

      Edge made it his goal to beyond his career into a further level than HBK. since their feud before edge became the first money in the bank. you look at HBKs career and than look at edges. Edge has done things HBK couldnt which brings edge to a whole new level

      edges career highlights is 2x money in the bank winner/rumble winner/king of the ring/11x world/wwe champion/multi tag team champion edge and orton made a killer team called rated rko which single handedly broke DX by injurying HHHs quad again dont get me wrong i like HBK he was one of my favs my first fav actually but edge surpassed HBKs level

      • fivogoeswest


        I kinda gotta agree/disagree with you. Hbk and edge are on two tottally different levels. while they both might be hall of famers you didn’t have to watch to know who hbk was and that he was a star but you did have to watch to know who edge was.

      • AnacondaVise

        I love me some Edge but he DID NOT surpass HBK in anyway.

      • Logan_Walker

        I guess it’s all real to you dammit?

      • Sam Anderson

        Yes, but HBK vs Edge is comparing two different generations. So therefore it’s an unfair comparison.

      • Andrew Ace

        Are you serious HBK has been main eventing Wrestlemanias before edge could strap on a pair of boots. HBK has 2 royal rumbles multi time world champion and tag champion. Co-led DX and the WWE NWO had the greatest Wrestlemania match ever with undertaker retired ric flair. And if it wasn’t for HBK edge wouldnt have been able to shine and have his career made in ladder matches if it wasn’t for HBK and razor ramons legendary ladder match at Wrestlemania 10.

        • joe

          you're essentially saying michaels is better because he's older, i'd take edge anyday of HBK edge never got stale

      • Dave

        Learn how to construct a real sentence, then people may take you seriously.

      • Robert olley

        You realise the titles etc are story lined right? Edge didn’t have the pure talent that hbk probably still has in the fing.

    • snap

      Well, it doesn’t matter what we think on the matter. Edge is more than entitled to set his own terms for whatever contract he would be willing to sign. If he feels WWE is low balling what he feels his worth, there’s no obligation for him to sign anything.

      In the end, though, I don’t know why athletes or celebrities in general expect such extravagant contracts, when so many people who work 9 to 5 jobs don’t make even a low six figure sum for an entire year’s worth of work, and certainly don’t have a “guaranteed downside” which they could live comfortably on.

    • sam

      IF you think …. 11 time world champion…. 18 time tag champion or something… king of the ring and royal rumble winner! … man to walk in and out of wrestlemania world champion… the things he has done… the matches he has had… the awesome entrance…. The MAN Who creates TLC!!! in the attitude era and had an amazing run against the hardys and dudleys… EDGE is on the same level as HBK … Hall of famer! and well deserved in my eyes… So no offence mate but you don't know what your talking about! … EDGE has lived and breathed WWE just as much as HBK… and in my eyes carried the company with Cena in the more recent years up until his retirement.

  • Shawn

    Jason my man your f ………..ing right dude hbk was awesome but edge has done more things more memorable things people have to let go of the past

    • kevin

      Edge is the past right along hbk. Legends yes but past!! HBK doesn’t want too and Edge CAN’T wrestle both done.

  • Tony P.

    Really? you act like HBK didn’t do any of that. He was the 1st man in the Royal Rumble and the last man out. Yeah he didnt win a MITB, but Edge didnt pull off the RR Feat.

    • joe

      it's scripted so that doesnt mean as much edge kept going until he physically couldnt anymore, HBK didnt do that

  • Ballzdeep34

    This isn’t wcw he doesn’t need a contract right now. Maybe in the future

  • Ballzdeep34

    This isn’t wcw he doesn’t need a contract right now. Maybe in the future.

  • Alex

    If you think edge surpasses hbk in anything, your an idiot

    • joe

      fact of the matter is, he surpasses him in a lot of things

  • Wwefan4ever

    What gives you the right to decide who’s idiots and who’s not?

  • rkodmr

    HBK I considered the greatest in ring performer and worker of all time by many. While Edge I considered in the top 10 by many. Greatest of all time vs. One of the greatest. Who wins?

  • that_one_guy

    I really think edge would win a one on one match against hbk

    • Kegapult

      whoever was booked to win that night would.