More Details On Edge's Neck Fusion Surgery

As we reported here on, Edge underwent successful neck fusion surgery of his C4 vertebrae on Thursday. The surgery was performed by Dr. Joseph Maroon with Jeffrey Bost assisting at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The procedure was completed by an incision made on Edge's neck that he showed off in the photo below:

Maroon serves as WWE's Medical Director and recently did brain surgery on The Great Khali.

  • Chip Walker

    A while back I said I feel Edge could make a return because the medical field has seen sooo much growth over the last 20 years! The only thing it can’t cure still is cancer. I really see Edge making a return witching the next two years!

  • Brian H

    I would not hold my breath on that one. Austin had the same issues too and whether it was a personal choice or he had no choice at all, Austin is not in the ring anymore.

    • Chip Walker

      Maybe he wouldn’t come back full time but he would come back for let’s say, a royal rumble, a wresltemania. Basically be more of a part-timer. It could happpen!

  • Adam

    Edge for raw gm

  • _JIM_

    Pittsburgh is where it's at as far as the medical industry goes now a days. It seems to be at the top of everyone's list as far as where to go to receive the best medical treatment in a wide variety of areas. Being from there it's quite amazing to see the transformation from a steel town to a town at the fore front of technology, with Google doing quite a lot of work here, and medicine, with all of the top notch physicians and researchers currently working here.. Edge made the right decision in coming here.