Eric Bischoff Says He's In The Middle Of Lawsuit With TNA Wrestling

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Eric Bischoff told Ryan Rider on Main Event Radio that he’s in the middle of a lawsuit with TNA Wrestling and that he doesn’t have any positive memories while working there. Bischoff stated his son, Garett, no longer wrestles and transitioned out of the business when he did. Garett has a career outside of wrestling and resides in Florida.

When asked if he would return to WWE as a General Manager or for a one-time appearance, Eric said it was highly doubtful and that he hasn’t been called.

You can hear the whole interview that was conducted at the Montreal Comic Con at this link.

Bischoff held various backstage roles in TNA from 2010–2014 in addition to appearances as an on-screen character. His production company, Bischoff Hervey Entertainment, handled production for TNA during his years there and a lawsuit was filed in May 2015 over non-payment. I'm unclear if the lawsuit Eric talked about in this interview is the same one or over something else.

TNA sent Eric Bischoff home in October 2013 even though he was under contract until 2014.

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  • Garret no longer “wrestles”. LOL!

    • jaykayDX

      When did Garrett ever truly start “wrestling” to begin with? All he did was stand there like an idiot in the ring and be an unwanted accessory that is only there by virtue of nepotism – which is a common trait among these ‘semites’ …..

      • He couldn’t work his way out of a disagreement, let alone work convincingly in a match.

  • Stoney

    Garrett Bischoff was the second coming of Erik Watts or David Flair

  • Ayat Persian

    Eric Bischoff is just creating buzz over here , he knows he has become irrelevant and wants to be in the limelight again , he is even gonna be making a one time appearance in WCPW too !
    but kudos to his production company though , their production were just great , you got to give him credit for that !

  • jaykayDX

    Classy, Bisch REAL classy. So first you call your buddies at Spike and ask them to bully TNA to give you and Hogan a job, then you use TNA to give your useless son and Hogan’s washed up buddies jobs and huge salaries at the expense of younger, more talented wrestlers WHO HAVE BEEN WITH TNA SINCE DAY ONE, then you nearly bankrupt TNA by taking it out on the road and forcing it to compete with The WWE and lastly after you’re ousted from TNA you ask your buddies at Spike to force Dixie to fire Vince Russo who is their MAIN WRITER for most of the angles there (Bischoff did the same thing when we was fired from WCW; he got his stooge Sonny Oono to sue WCW claiming ‘racial discrimination’ in an effort to get Russo fired then – yeah you heard right, Russo the guy who made Booker T champ was sued for ‘racial discrimination’!) in an effort to make life difficult for TNA and now he’s suing them. If THIS doesn’t convince you that Hogan/Bischoff was planted by Vince to ruin TNA I don’t know what will.