Eric Bischoff Thinks CM Punk Should Consider Impact Wrestling

On a recent episode of Eric Bischoff's podcast, he was asked about Impact Wrestling garnering some new stars in the coming weeks with Eric bringing up an interesting point. Eric stated (after noting that he had never met him in his life) that CM Punk and his business manager should really look at the financial benefits of Punk signing up with a company like TNA/Impact Wrestling. Eric said that Punk has so many fans still behind him that a tremendous amount of money could be leveraged out of the deal and made while another guest on Eric's podcast didn't think that it would ever happen in a million years.


  • “Another guest” is right. TNA has gone back to being a nearly worthless sinking ship. CM Punk (or anyone else, really) would be a fool to sign with TNA for any reason. Anthem with Jarrett at the helm once more is now low-balling talent and anyone who signs with them wouldn’t be treated fairly. Eric Bischoff has officially lost his mind.

    • Simon Veitch

      To be fair, half those guys were massively overpaid for what they did under Dixie, that’s part of why they were bleeding money.

      • Jade wasn’t overpaid. She’s amazing in the ring and deserves whatever they give her. The Hardys’ bank accounts deserved whatever TNA put into them because they were by far the most interesting thing on TNA television. Back when Hogan/Bischoff took over, THEY were responsible for the money hemorrhage. Dixie didn’t stop it because she was clueless. Anthem may be trying to correct it but they’re going about it all wrong. You don’t let the Hardys or Jade get away over money.

  • Zack

    For what reason? Punk has stated he doesn’t need the money, and even if he needed money WWE would offer him more. He would be a top guy in WWE if he wanted to come back so TNA does have them beat there either. There is zero reason.

  • Dave Barton

    It’s an interesting thought. He doesn’t need the money, but fans still dig him. If he really wanted to, he could sign with TNA and resume verbally crapping all over the WWE product. Yeah, WWE would be capable of offering him more money, but he doesn’t need it.

    It’d be a surefire boost for TNA, but they’d still need to follow it up with a solid promotion (good stories and good wrestling action) for it to make TNA a significant competitor.

    • …and no one would see it. They’re on a nothing network (Pop) so many can’t even get it if they want to.

  • S.A.M.

    If CM Punk ever returns to wrestling I doubt it would be in TNA. If he wanted money, not that he needs it it seems, he would go back to WWE. If he just wanted to come back to wrestling and not go to WWE, he would probably go to like NJPW or something

    • Agreed. He’s not gonna go to an indie promotion that 5 people are watching. He’s also not gonna go somewhere that would only pay him in Monopoly money and would then have no clue what to do with him.

      • Oldboymclane

        You mean entertainment, right?

      • Captain Howdy

        Didn’t Punk say if he wanted to wrestle again, he would go back to ROH?

  • Oldboymclane

    So he’s officially done with UFC?

    • Wouldn’t you be? LOL!!!

      • Oldboymclane

        If he indeed is done, then he is a liar. In his speech after his last match he kind of assured everyone he’d be back.

        • True. Still, I doubt he’ll have a choice. While he did get eyes on him first, he lost in such embarrassing fashion, I doubt he’d pull the same audience or interest he did the first time. Also, Dana is, I believe, through with him. It was a venture that didn’t work so he’s gotta be through whether he intends to be or not.