Eric Bischoff: Women's MITB Rematch Is A 'Really Bad Idea'

Money in the Bank left a lot of people upset, especially at the way in which the first-ever Women's Money in the Bank match ended. Not only was it a non-clean finish but it was the one man who wasn't in the match in James Ellsworth that did all the hard work. A lot of fans responded by criticizing WWE for sending a dangerous message with that booking and the company responded by booking a rematch on next week's Smackdown Live. However, that didn't satisfy everyone either.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Eric Bischoff voiced his opinion that the Women's Money in the Bank rematch is a 'really bad idea.' He explains further:

I think it’s a bad move. It’s a mistake I’ve made in the past. Sometimes you learn from your mistakes. At least, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. When you build up to a big event on PPV and you build up the stakes and you build up the expectation and you basically deliver a screwed finish and then re-match it on free tv… it diminishes the long-term expectation of future big event matches on PPV when that happens. I think it’s a really bad idea. By the way, I’ve done it and the results were always negative.

Does Eric have a point? He makes reference to some of the finishes he booked in WCW in the 90s, particularly when it comes to the nWo and all the run-ins that plagued many of the PPV main events at that time.

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  • David Carey

    He’s 100% right.

    WWE is going the route of WCW with short term booking and putting Shock before payoffs.

    • Vomkrieg

      The lesson from WCW is “get heat on performers, not on the company”

      This is company heat

  • Christen

    Just proves my point that no one will ever be satisfied in wrestling. To be honest it should be redone maybe not on tv but it should be redone. The finish having Ellsworthless grabbing the case shouldn’t have happened. These women work extremely hard to try to be taken serious as competitors just like the men. They went through hell and back trying to get Vince and the writers to see these women are great athletes. Yes it is gonna suck to have it on TV cause it is gonna be a short match but they deserve to have a chance. No matter what decision was made no one would be happy. At least Smackdown is doing right with the women unlike Raw.