Eva Marie Is Done With WWE

It has come to our attention that Eva Marie may be calling it quits very shortly. WWE will pay out the rest of her deal with her Total Divas contract but as many of us speculated a few months ago, she is in fact done with the company.

Eva had an interesting start, being introduced to audiences via the Total Divas reality show before fans turned on her almost immediately upon the start of her live appearances. She then took it upon herself to go down to Florida to receive more wrestling training from Brian Kendrick before going to NXT to hone her skills. Despite her best efforts, fans were still not receptive to the idea so they attempted to play off that when she was called up to the Smackdown brand.

On Smackdown, she seemed to have a little bit more success with an over-the-top introduction and her constant postponement of matches due to seemingly ridiculous reasons. It looked like she was poised to do something big but a wellness violation ended that and she has not been seen on TV since that time.


  • Vomkrieg

    *tumbleweed rolls past camera*

  • Terra Ryzing

    I’m sure she’ll be fine. She’s not my favorite and I commend her trying to hone her skills but there was just no way she’d be able to keep up with the latest crop of women wrestlers today.

  • Spyder

    I’m sure she’ll be sorely missed on smackdown programming….how will they ever fill her spot??

  • Splat

    Bye Felicia.

  • live1213

    It seems everyone wants to wrestle what ever happen to just being the diva that interference in matches I mean the Miz wife is a Great wrestler (to n honest in her day better than Charlotte) but she barely wrestles so…… couldnt she b like that.

  • Avalanchian

    Nooooooooo I’m gonna miss you Eva. You were the light to the darkness.

  • ldb

    finally something positive happening for wwe!

  • rise8604

    WWE introduced me to her hotness, so the whole thing was ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL worth it

  • Bruce Graves

    Gonna miss the hottest woman alive!!!!!

  • Mandy

    Not surprising, she never seemed to have that passion the other women had for the business. Eva seems to be doing well for herself though, movie roles and her fashion line. Good luck to her

  • Cyrus Khan

    she is gonna leave wwe just like wade barrett. he didnt renew his wwe contract

  • Kaylista

    At least she doesn’t have to look ridiculous with the fake hair anymore. Her entire career with WWE was a joke. The only thing she ever did was make season 1 of total divas interesting. She was always very insincere even for a plastic. I am sure she likes the money but I would be disappointed with the reputation she has. I would say it was a huge waste but not really. Good riddance.