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The State of AEW Women's Division

It has been almost a year since AEW burst on the scene. When they were launching they promised they would have the best women’s division wrestling has ever seen. Their first signee for the women’s division was Britt Baker. Their first champion was crowned on the premiere episode of AEW Dynamite on October 2. The first champion was Riho and since then they have only had one other champion in Nyla Rose.

I, Eva, have found that AEW has overpromised and under-delivered when it comes to their women’s division. In this article, John and I will be discussing the two things that AEW needs to fix right away and on Thursday we will release how we would book the AEW Women’s Division moving forward.

Needing a Women’s Champion who will consistently be on Dynamite.

The biggest issue with AEW is that their two champions of Riho and Nyla Rose have not been on the show consistently after their wins. Riho’s championship reign was 133 days long after she won the title on October 2. Nyla Rose who is the current champion as of this article won the championship on February 12 and her reign is of 74 days and counting. However, both women have had a limited number of appearances on Dynamite.

We have seen both women on AEW Dark but we have not seen them featured as often on AEW Dynamite. The importance of Dynamite is that it is the show on cable tv. In order to build momentum for the entire division, it is important for the audience to see what the women are fighting for. The title has to be featured week to week and by extension, we have to see the champion who is holding the title.

Last week’s appearance by Nyla Rose was the first appearance on AEW Dynamite since March. While we can give a little leeway due to what is going on during this pandemic this does not excuse AEW from not having Nyla Rose promoting the show or on the show in a creative way as they have with other wrestlers such as Scorpio Sky.

When we look at NXT in comparison, the only times their champions are not featured on a show is when the match at the upcoming pay per view is to determine their next competitor. Charlotte Flair won the title during WrestleMania 36 and has been in every show since her title win. In order to build a women’s division that can be amongst the best in the industry, we have to be invested in the current champion.

A great heel is only made better when there is a great champion. While the best champion isn’t necessarily a face, we have to be invested in who the champion is. This means that AEW should be showcasing the women in promo packages, interviews just like they did on May 7 with Britt Baker, Big Swole, and AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose. The role of a champion is to promote their company and their division.

AEW Needs to Give More Time to their Women on Dynamite

An equally important issue is that AEW does not showcase their women as much as they do the other divisions in AEW. In the May 7th episode, they dedicated 5 minutes for the division. When you look at them in comparison to NXT, it is rare for NXT to dedicate anything less than 20 minutes per show to their division.

My question to AEW Creative is how do you expect us to care about the women’s division when you don’t give them the time to grow on your main show. Most of the best women’s matches that have happened so far have been shown on AEW Dark. While that is great that is not enough to make us care about the women when they are on the main show. Interestingly enough when I looked at their Youtube numbers almost every week the clips of the women’s segment get the least amount of views. AEW now is where WWE was 7 years ago with their women’s division. They need to #GiveTheWomenAChance. 

It is time for the women of AEW to have their own revolution and evolution. 

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