Richard Reacts - Dixie Carter, The IWC & The Fate Of TNA Wrestling

The fate of TNA Wrestling…

At the end of the day this story will be told… it's playing out right in front of our eyes. I believe the truth of this story is in the middle. Have we reached the climax and are we headed towards the conclusion or are we still very much in the middle? I don't know.

What I do know is there are people on both sides. There are those that feel TNA can do no wrong and is a growing and prosperous company and there are those that feel TNA can do nothing right and is just one move away from bankruptcy.

Regardless of where you land, or if you're in the middle just like me, it's important to remember what's behind the story. And that's people - very hardworking people - that depend on this company to make a living. The lowest form of humanity is on display when people root for the demise of other people

When evaluating this story, or any story, never root for someone's demise. This story will be told and the truth will lie in the middle.

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  • Peter Brian Hoover Jr

    Great article, Richard!

  • BIG M

    I know TNA have never released any financial stuff so we will never really know if they have ever turned a profit.
    All I know is if you go by the “released” numbers New Japan Pro wrestling is the most profitable wrestling company in the world behind WWE.
    And for that reason I don’t consider TNA the second biggest wrestling company in the world and in my opinion no one should.

  • Justin Lal

    Great job on page 4 Richard. That was well said.

  • Scott Davies

    TNA should go back to what made them famous & that’s with the X Division. The X Division was the hottest thing in Wrestling & TNA killed their own money drawer. That’s one part I think TNA has gone wrong. I also feel cashing in that title like a mitb brief case diminished the title. The De-Push of Samoa Joe, who is better then an upper mid-carder like he has been booked since 2010. I don’t hate TNA I want to see it succeed, but TNA needs something interesting, besides a stolen CM Punk angle. To me that makes TNA look bush league.

  • David Jr.

    Best Line “As with most stories, I think the truth is found in the middle.”

  • LeftyTosser

    Richard, I don’t always agree with your view of things, but I will take my hat off to you and your work on this piece. Good reporting, not a ton of bias and well written. Thanks!

  • mike

    Wow the whole next page thing is making me want to stop reading the articles. Why was it changed to thus?

  • Basima

    What is the big idea about spreading articles on multiple pages? Are you on a per click rate? It makes of the articles presentation look amateur and annoying to read! it has heavily degraded the quality of your site! Kind regards.

  • Eddie Edwards

    Can we please get rid of the pages?

  • gianni

    great article. i really like this site because its not so negative and whiny like other wrestling sites/forums. keep it up

  • Michael

    I was going to read this article but the length of time it takes to go from page to page I can’t really be bothered