Flair's Irrational Ranting

Richard might not disrespect Ric Flair, but Richard is a better man than I. I think what Flair said was reprehensible, and he exactly proved why he should never be handed an open mic, unless you're ready to clean up after his drunken diatribes. I've rarely held back on my feelings toward Flair, and how I've disliked the man for as long as I can remember. While he used to be good on mic, his matches were more formulaic than Cena's ever were, and he didn't even have five moves of doom. The man had a look and the same catchphrases and 'Woooooooo!' that he used since the year I was born. Other wrestlers catch crap for using the same lines and phrasing for more than a couple years, but Flair is considered to be so great in a sea of guys who were so much better than him – as wrestlers, and as human beings. I know that professional wrestling, or, sports entertainment, as they like us to call it now, is all about suspending disbelief and the characters they portray, but there're times that the human being behind the character is too hard to get past, and the character crumbles for it.

I've never been able to suspend my disbelief when it comes to Flair, and I think that's something more and more fans are agreeing with me about. Flair has been such a mess every time he's been on TV that the WNW populace has come up with increasingly more creative ways to describe just how drunk Flair is each time he's seen or sticks his foot in his mouth.

How the mighty have fallen? Personally, Flair was never very mighty in my eyes, but I know he was in the eyes of many, and I think that's what makes this that much sadder. Between the alimony, the drugs and alcohol, and his ability to run off at the mouth about things he really doesn't have a clue about, added onto the way he couldn't give up the ring until way after his body said he shouldn't be in there, and the lame antics he does to get attention, he's become more pathetic and sad than anything else. You'd think that his good friend Triple H would realize that he was only making a fool of himself being ringside with his daughter, but Triple H was the one who took the responsibility for Flair when McMahon didn't think Flair should be out there. That's not much of a friend in my book.

Just looking at Wikipedia for the numbers, which are not always accurate, but are easy to find, I wanted to see where various wrestlers who have been top champions have been billed to weigh in at.

Yokozuna – 589lbs
Andre The Giant – 520lbs
Hulk Hogan – 322lbs
Undertaker – 305lbs
Brock Lesnar – 286lbs
Roman Reigns – 265lbs
Rocky – 260lbs
Triple H – 255lbs
Steve Austin – 252lbs
Ric Flair – 242lbs
Kurt Angle – 240lbs
Shawn Michaels – 225lbs
Dean Ambrose – 225lbs
Chris Jericho – 224lbs
Chris Benoit – 220lbs
Eddie Guerrero – 220lbs
Dolph Ziggler – 218lbs
Seth Rollins – 217lbs
Jeff Hardy – 215lbs
Finn Balor – 190lbs
Rey Mysterio – 175lbs

I tried to show what a huge weight range the WWE Champions have been through the years, and Flair saying that Rollins is a believable Champion but Balor isn't is one of the daftest things I've heard in a long time, even from Flair! Some of the WWE's greatest Champions have been of Cruiserweight size, while some of the worst were some of the biggest. Personally, I'm speaking of Brock Lesnar and Yokozuna, both for very different reasons. I've always thought Yokozuna was too big to be agile or believable in the ring, and Brock Lesnar has proven that he doesn't care about anything more than his paycheck, but that's another article for another day.

I'm sorry if this seemed a bit of a tirade, but I've been over Flair's drunken spewings for years now, and I think it's time he steps away from the spotlight and focuses on himself, physically and mentally. Flair hasn't been relevant for quite a long time, other than the bonkers babble that he thinks makes him look smart and in the know, when in reality I know of many fans who are thrilled to see Rollins vs Balor at SummerSlam for this new Universal Championship. Their match will be fresh and exciting, something many of us didn't expect to see happen in the WWE for quite a while, but are thrilled they're pulling the trigger on so quickly. The WWE is really stepping up and giving the fans great wrestlers in high stakes matches at the biggest PPVs, which is exactly what we've been asking for, and for Flair to try to put a damper on that just shows how out of touch he really is.

Queen of WNW

  • Zack

    Let’s not also forget that it was one of Ric’s drunken tirades that got Jim Ross fired because he wasn’t “able to reel Ric in.” Which is bullsh*t. I agree with you KB, it might get me heat but I just don’t think Ric was that great. People treat him like he is wrestling royalty but his matches were never more than fine. People say all the time “well Flair used to wrestle 60 minute matches!” Which sounds impressive until you see how slow paced those matches were. Guys work 10x harder now in 15 minute matches than Flair ever did in one of his 60 minute matches. It’s ironic that people say that Charlotte’s talent is genetic because in reality she can wrestle circles around Ric. She shows more talent in the ring in one match than Ric did in his whole career.

    When Ric was given a retirement angle like no other, and a truly epic send off on Raw, how did Ric return the favor? He left WWE, even after they gave him an ambassador role, to go to the competition and wrestle there. The movie The Wrestler should have just been named Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan’s career. John Cena shouldn’t just beat Flair’s championship record, he should smash it.

    Not to mention, every woman who has ever met Ric says he hit on her. Not in a cute flirty way either. One of my friends interviewed him over a business dinner when she worked at Maxim (as a journalist) and during the interview Ric told her “I promise you’ll move up the ranks faster if she had dinner AND breakfast with him. *wink*” He’s a dirty man with an ego based around a character he made up, who has friends in high places. When he’s not being an “I can’t believe you’re still drinking this much at your age” drunk he’s just an a**hole. Don’t believe me? There are literally hundreds of stories to pick from. How about the time he used the NWA Championship as collateral for two different loans he took out? Or the time he showed lil’ Ric to a flight attendant? Or the time he got into a drunken fight with his son? Or the time he got into a drunken fight with his daughters boyfriend? Or the road rage incident? Or any of the other hundreds of stories.

  • Vomkrieg

    You are not the only one Kendra. I mute or fast forward when he is on screen because I never really liked him as a performer (I didn’t loathe him like I did Hogan), and without the nostalgia blinders many people have, hes just a stumbling, slurring, red-faced drunken grandpa using up TV time.

  • Patrick

    Amazing how people say others are out of touch… just because they don’t believe a certain wrestler can be a top star especially a cruiserwight like Balor or other guys like Mysterio, Daniel Bryan or even HBK who is concidered a small guy..

    no where is it written in stone that “EVERYONE” has to like a wrestler just because the majority of Fans do. wiether it be Flair or any other past Generation star ( during Flairs time ).. and have to feel the same way about someone like Balor.. who is talented no doubt about that. but doesn’t mean he will have success as a Heavyweight Champion..

    his top hardcore fans who know what he can do outside WWE are just a small majority of fans in the entire world. your average fan down the street may not have heared of him , seen his work or know anything about him. and they will either be impressed with his work or not at all remains to be seen.

    you can’t force anyone to like someone Kendra. Flair and others of his generation come from a time where the Big man ruled and the wrestling at that time was obviously different and they had a system that worked for over 50 or 60 years dateing back to Lou Thez and before that and the promotors back then knew the big guys back then drew not the smaller guys even if they were talented.

    bottom line you can’t change the mind set of the older generation….. plus any wrestler weither it be back then or right now over time has does have a Clue how the bussiness works. which is why back in the terriory days you had different small promotions…like NWA, WCCW, UWF, AWA that were run by Wrestlers who were smart to the bussiness and for a time had success with their promotions.. that many fans back then wish was still going on today..

    Times may change but weither it’s the past or future your going to have those who can be successfull and have more knowledge of the bussiness then your average fan. and knows what works and what doesn’t.

    many fans think just because they heared , read about how the bussiness works they think they are experts and they are not… some toss ideas how they would do things…. and chances are it might work and then again it might not…. being on the outside of any bussiness looking in ( not just wrestling ) doesn’t make you a expert … since many fans have never been in the bussiness backstage or in the ring it’s self.

    yet they think they know better then those who have the experience in the bussiness. I find that line of thinking to be arrogant.

  • Alex Thorn

    I understand where flair is coming from and actually agree with him. Simply because when a small guy is the champ. I don’t Care. The last championship matches I actually cared to watch were the ones with Triple H, Brock Lesnar and Rock. Guy’s who in my opinion are ;larger than life both in stature and personality…. But as great as valor is or rollins. They aren’t interesting to look at or listen to on the mic. Too many high spots. Not enough, Damn that must of hurt moves… It’s always “oh that was cool” or “That was fast” I don’t think those performers deserve Heavyweight title runs. A guy like Ziggler could be champion but he’s missing something and no one has been able to figure out what that is…. The other guys in the top tier now such as rollins, ambrose and finn… Just don’t cut it.

    In my opinion WWE is in a troubled state. Right back to that New Generation BS that made them so uninteresting in the mid 90’s. But then again my interest in wrestling went away the moment Eddie Guerrero and chris benoit won the titles in 04. Everything has been downhill ever since.

  • obediah

    Bravo! I’ve always thought Flair was way overrated and quite Frankly an a$$hole. A delusional one at that. This is the man who once looked mick foley in the face and told him he stayed past his welcome. Such a moronic thing to say from someone who had to be forced into retirement decades past his prime…. then continued to wrestle and make a mockery of himself in TNA. You left Daniel Bryan off the list. Flair Also said he couldn’t believe they put Bryan over HHH and that he wasn’t expecting that at all. Talk about out of touch. Bryan has more class and talent in his little finger. He’s a caricature of himself. I’m glad this was written and someone is able to call a spade a spade.

  • “BIG M” Adams.

    W.O.W. That was vicious…but 100% true.

  • Ayat Persian

    wow , I did not know Chris Benoit was a cruiser weight too
    typical KB , respect is earned not given , whenever someone gives a backhand chop we woo , because he made it famous , but we still disrespect him , he has issues and I guess has short term memory too , he said he will be proven wrong so what is the big news ? age is not on his side either , you know when you are in your 60’s then you could say something like that , even JR said BL did nothing wrong which is BS , but you know the difference ? IWC loves JR so nothing bad for him , The Fake Queen of WNW just had to rant because of her big ego , nothing else and yes I still have beef with her and it goes a long time back , so now that I am back I will criticize her especially if I feel she is wrong , ric flair wrestled for a long time , in WCW , WWE and TNA , even when he was very old , he lost both of his sons and still is mourning and crying when he thinks of them , look at the darker side too , just saying whatever you want is easy , this dude is very sensitive , so stop ranting , give your opinion , but do not bury a person who has given more into this biz than you can ever give for WNW , thank you

    • Matthew Cerda

      So because the man has “given so much to the business”, he’s above reproach? That’s horse crap. Flair has been on a down hill slide for YEARS. He’s drunk in all of his appearances which also casts a negative light on the company, he speaks about things he shouldn’t, and he’s stuck in the old days. Kendra is the Queen of WNW and apparently the only one who feels she has an ego is you. This is an opinion piece. It’s meant to be her opinion and based on the comments, the majority agree with her. Ric Flair needs to step away before he ruins anyone else’s career. Hopefully he doesn’t drag Charlotte down like he did J.R.

  • The Bops

    Awesome article Ken. I’ve never been a fan either. If anyone else used his wrestling style (including the face first fall that never made sense), they would be told they look horribly phony. Add that to his arrogance and sense of entitlement. Please go away Flair.

  • Gage

    We get it, you hate Ric Flair. Now please, stop trying to force your opinion down others throats. Its sad you feel the need to bring up how much you hate the guy every chance you get.

    • Moose

      First and foremost, we do not tolerate any attack on any staff member. That being said, we appreciate opinions other than our own. However, the way in which those opinions are conveyed can mean the difference in an adult debate vs. a closed minded ban from the site. I have taken in consideration your previous posts and see that you are not being a “troll” as others have been.

      We welcome a friendly debate here and we also know we are not going to agree with everyone in our opinions. Again, you are not being banned for this single comment based on other contributions to this site, but in the future, you should choose your words wisely as an attack on any staff member usually results in an instant ban from the site. Thank you for understanding and for being a contributor to our comment section.

      • Gage

        I can understand a healthy debate based on opinions, but when the opinion is trying to be forced onto others like the person giving the opinion thinks it’s a fact is where I get pissed. I think everyone now knows that she hates him to the point of irrationality, so why does she feel the need to bring up the hate all the time?

        When someone is that biased against a single person, how is there any chance of a healthy debate when they’ll just write off everything you say as wrong?

        I never meant for this to be an attack, but I’m honestly tired of browsing just to see “blah blah hate him blah”. I enjoy reading the comment section on RAW but almost every week its like there has to be a jab thrown in. Gets annoying to see after a while. I come here to read comments on RAW as it plays delayed here in NZ, not to see comments on how bad a person Ric Flair is.