Full Bracket For The Number One Contenders Tournament For the WWE Tag Team Championship

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For those that missed it on this week's Smackdown, a number one contenders tournament for the WWE Tag Team Championship has started. Here's a look at the bracket:

  • First Round A: Rhodes Scholars beat The Usos
  • First Round A: Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel vs. Santino Marella & Zack Ryder
  • First Round B: The Prime Time Players vs. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston
  • First Round B: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Epico & Primo
  • Semi-finals A: Rhodes Scholars vs. winner of Kidd & Gabriel vs. Santino & Ryder
  • Semi-finals B: Winner of PTP vs. Truth & Kofi vs. Winner of Mysterio & Cara vs. Epico & Primo
  • Finals: Winner of bracket A vs. Winner of bracket B

The winner of the tournament will face Daniel Bryan & Kane for the WWE Tag Team Championship at Hell in a Cell next month.

  • bcrescen

    Not going to lie…. I’m interested in the tag teams again.

    • Chapinb0yy

      Yes it’s getting preety interesting.

    • kevin


  • pocco

    I still think Kofi Kingston and Justin Gabriel would make a better team. R Truth is better as a singles guy. Its so painful to watch his partners pretend to be ok with him having an imaginary friend. And Kidd could team with Alex Riley. If any one can teach Riley it would be Kidd.

    • Ian D.

      Unfortunately, Riley is out on Injury. Evan Bourne would be a better suit.

      • Goliath

        Too bad Bourne is out too with an injury too and will be out for a lot longer then Riley 🙁

    • Kyle

      R truth is better as a single competitor but much better as a heel. The things he would do and say we’re pure genius and always had me laughing. “I got okie doked by little jimmy” or his fear of spiders during the mitb

    • Dunstan

      I think Kofi's character is one of the very few that could (and is) successfully pull off being accepting of R-Truth's imaginary friend

  • Anand

    Finally some genuine interest in the tag team division. Am impressed and looking forward to some great matches 🙂

    I am kind of hoping – Bryan & Kane Vs Rhodes & Sandow or Sin Cara & Mysterio

  • Logan_Walker

    I just realized this is similar to the tournament they did when the WWE Tag Team titles debuted at No Mercy 2002 which was 10 years ago.

    • Bishop

      During that time, they put together a lot of makeshift, and a couple awesome teams…Edge/Mysterious and Angle/Benoit

  • Rodrigo

    I want mysterio and sin cara to win

  • DirtyDeeeee

    Well that’s what it’ll probably go down to because they want the blockbuster tag match

  • Blake

    Kofi needs a push

  • Kanewty

    My prediction is finals is Mysterio/Sin Cara vs. Rhodes/Sandow then P.T.P. cost MystCara the match, thus we get Kane/Bryan vs. Rhodes/Sandow at HIAC…just my predictions…

    Regarding Kofi/Truth..I would not be opposed to see them go back into singles action. Either of them could go against Miz for the IC title, and I can actually see a R-Truth/Cesaro US Title feud.
    again, just my thoughts

  • Bishop

    They have foreshadowed the entire tournament, unless Cara/Mysterio somehow pull a Holly/Kidd on the Rhodes Scholars

  • AnacondaVise

    Rhodes Scholars FTW!!!

  • Joe

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes……Finally the tag team division has come back….Home

  • thebops

    I… AM… LOVING… THIS!!! I’ve been waiting for tags to get awesome again. Maybe we should do an NCAA type bracket pool. 🙂

  • MonsterMike42

    It seems kinda predictable how this could turn out, but I'm fine with that since most of these matches look very entertaining.

  • Bill

    I don’t think it really matters who wins. The tag titles aren’t gonna change hands. Too predictable.

  • unknown

    could WWE actually be paying attention to the tag team division and making them relevant again? if so thank god

  • ChrisH

    Didn’t Kidd and Gabriel have a ridiculous fan chosen name too?

  • diddy

    The suprising thing is they have not included jinder mahal and drew mcintyre.

  • Orion

    Man the usos gets screwed everytime.