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Nowadays the independent wrestling scene is loaded with talent female athletes who are looking to get their break into the big leagues and Impact is certain the place to be for that big break.

Many of these names have already appeared on Impact programming and others haven't be introduced to mainstream audiences, but one thing is for sure these 10 picks could elevate their career while at the same time help to make Impact's Knockouts Division grow in the process.

So with that said, here are Ten Female Athletes That Impact Wrestling Should Consider Signing.


10. Alexia Nicole

Alexia Nicole also known as "The Bubblegum Princess" has had few recurring appearances in Impact Wrestling under the Scott D'Amore/ Don Callis regime where she's been in the ring with names like Madison Rayne, Rosemary, Taya Valkyrie and Jordynne Grace (the latter of which has up to 17 million views on Impact's YouTube page making it the most viewed wrestling match/video to involve the young Canadian pro wrestler).


She's also managed to let some of her personality show on Impact television as she along with Jordynne Grace, Tessa Blanchard and Jessicka Havok appeared on a special episode of Impact on November 26th 2019 where the four came out as "The Rough Riders" (a group based off of the Four Horsemen) where the members would wear dark sunglasses and sometimes made some sexual innuendos in their promos.

Much like a lot of Canadian wrestlers who've performed in Impact Wrestling, many fans want see Alexia Nicole to be given a contract so she can show everyone what see can do in the ring, plus considering she's appeared in promotions like Border City Wrestling (the same promotion that Impact Executive Scott D'Amore owns and operates) she could be the next home grown talent for the promotion if she's given the opportunity.

Jordynne Grace DESTROYS Alexia Nicole! | IMPACT! Highlights May 10, 2019 - YouTube

Madison Rayne TRIUMPHS over Alexia Nicole! | IMPACT! Highlights Nov 12, 2019 - YouTube

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Alexia Nicole vs Jazz - 2 out of 3 Falls NWA Women’s Championship | Greektown Wrestling - YouTube

Alexia Nicole vs Shotzi Blackheart (NXT) - Free Women's Wrestling - Greektown Wrestling - YouTube


9. LuFisto 

One of the most recognizable names in the independent wrestling scene, LuFisto has been wrestling longer than most modern fans and wrestlers have been alive.

Wrestling since late 1990's at the age of 17, LuFisto has wrestled in numerous promotions with the most popular being CZW, Shimmer and Shine Wrestling where she's wrestled both women and men during her career and achieved many accolades.

Given that the Knockouts Division has always prided itself by having some of the best unsigned talent outside of the WWE machine, it's shocking that LuFisto hasn't been on Impact Wrestling but it's not because the fans don't want her as a matter of fact both Impact fans and her old tag team partner, Jordynne Grace have been clamoring on social media for the company to sign her already. 

Whether the company has any interest in her remains unknown but her work as a seasoned veteran in wrestling can only help the division's growth and if recent episodes of Impact have proven anything, the company doesn't seem to have a problem being in those veterans like ODB and Jazz so why not bring another one who has some much to offer this business.

(FREE MATCH) 08/09/19 - LuFisto Vs Jordynne Grace - YouTube

LuFisto vs Mercedes Martinez (Women's Wrestling) - YouTube

[Free Match] LuFisto v Shotzi Blackheart | Women's Wrestling Revolution (SHIMMER SHINE RISE Stardom) - YouTube

LuFisto vs Kimber Lee (Women's Wrestling) - BCW Queen of the North - YouTube

(FREE INTERGENDER MATCH) 2019 - LuFisto Vs Josh Alexander - C4 Championship - YouTube


8. Renee Michelle

Most know Renee Michelle for her marriage to former X Division Champion, Rockstar Spud and a few appearances on Monday Night Raw however it wasn't until November of 2020 when she was announced to appear for Impact Wrestling and later All Elite Wrestling in 2021 where she got a whole lot of new eyes focused on her.

As part of a tournament to crown new Knockout's Tag Team Champions, Michelle was partnered with former NXT UK star, Killer Kelly in the first round and the duo grabbed the attention of Impact fans thanks to their contrasting but at the same time complimentary styles with Renee looking a sultry valet to her partner's prizefighter like appearance.

hqdefault (1)

Renee and Kelly lost in the first round of the tournament to the makeshift tag team of Jordynne Grace and Jazz despite this, Michelle made mores appearances for Impact on Xplosion where she took on and lost to Tasha Steelz and former Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie.

Michelle could easily fit into the new crop of Knockouts who are currently inhabiting the division, in fact she could feud with someone like Alisha Edwards in a multi month feud which could help to give both ladies the screen time needed to further their characters from an in-ring and personality standpoint or Renee could play a role similar to Scarlett Boudreaux as a temptress who could make most of the male's in the locker room do whatever she wants...the possibilities are endless.

 Kiera Hogan vs Renee Michelle (aka Renee Maverick) - Ladies Night Out: East Coast Invasion - YouTube

Impact Wrestling Xplosion 2020 - Taya Valkyrie Vs Renee Michelle. 12/12/20 - YouTube

Impact Wrestling Xplosion 2021 - Tasha Steelz Vs Renee Michelle. 09/01/21 - YouTube

Shaul Guerrero vs Renee Michelle (Women's Wrestling) Diamond Cup - Title Match Network - YouTube

Heather Monroe vs Renee Michelle (Women's Wrestling) Hurricane Pro, Impact, AEW - YouTube

Renee Michelle Theme Song and Entrance Video | IMPACT Wrestling Theme Songs - YouTube


7. Jody Threat

Jody Threat definitely stands out from some of the other on this list thanks in large part to her long red hair, skateboard that brands her last name, and exuding a brash but rebellious demeanor inside the ring.

Known as the "Wild Child" of pro wrestling, Threat has wrestled in a number of promotions both in and  outside her country of Canada like Divine Pro Wrestling, CLASH, Limitless Wrestling and AAW.

One of Jody's standout moves involves riding her skateboard and hitting a hurricanrana on her opponent outside of the ring.

She's also a hard hitting style of wrestler which makes sense as Jody Threat looks like the type of person who would be at home competing in street fights, Monster's Ball and Last Knockout Standing matches.

In short, Jody Threat is just the kind of person that Impact wrestling would need if they want a female wrestler who can not only stand out from the rest of the locker room but also put on a good match inside the ring...Plus, the current Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo even said in a recent interview that she would like to Jody Threat join Impact, need I say more.

Kris Statlander vs. Jody Threat - Limitless Wrestling (AEW Dynamite, Beyond, AAW, Dark) - YouTube

[Free Match] Leyla Hirsch vs. Jody Threat | Beyond Wrestling (Women's, All Elite, AEW Dark, SHIMMER) - YouTube

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6. Lana Austin

We head to England for this next entry as Manchester's own Lana Austin is also someone who has also appeared in Impact Wrestling during the D'Amore/Callis regime and she also made quite an impression on many fans in the UK and in the United States during her seven years as a pro.


Some Impact fans might remember her when she went up against former Knockouts Champion, Su Yung at the 2018 Mediacon event where the two ladies had an impressive bout that was as physical as you can possibly imagine.

In addition to her expertise as a wrestler, Lana Austin is also known for having some sexual moments in her matches whether it's rapidly kissing former WWE wrestler Melina Perez or showing off her...assets before many of her matches, Lana certainty isn't afraid to show off what she's got but once she starts wrestling in the ring she proves to be more that just a pretty face but a very tough competitor inside the ring.

Impact would need someone like Lana Austin on their roster because she's a perfect blend of experience, international appeal and simple just a good wrestler who likes to show off some TNA in her matches much like Katie Forbes or the Beautiful People. 

Su Yung Blasts Lana Austin with RED MIST | IMPACT Wrestling on Twitch - YouTube

Lana Austin Vs Mel Price | Unstoppable Wrestling - YouTube

Kat Von Kaige vs Lana Austin - YouTube

Sadie Gibbs Vs Lana Austin - YouTube

Lana Austin Vs Ruby Radley @BWEWrestlingUK Christmas Carnage - YouTube

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5. Heather Monroe

Impact is known for hiring female wrestlers who have a great combination of looks, style and athleticism so it only makes sense that independent wrestler, Heather Monroe would be a perfect fit for the Knockouts Division.

Monroe has wrestled in promotions like Shimmer and Alternative Wrestling Show (AWS) where she excelled as a wrestler before making a few appearances in the WWE, AEW, NWA and of course Impact.

When it comes to Impact Wrestling, she most notably took on Su Yung and Allie in a couple of matches on Impact television in 2019 and by all counts she held her own against the two former Knockouts Champions but was unsuccessful in defeating them.

Heather has also appeared alongside former Knockouts Champions, Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary in a few segments on Impact and her inclusion onto the roster would be good fit as Monroe could easily be a stand alone heel wrestler in the Knockout's Division with a bodyguard or manager by her side or perhaps she could team up with Tenille Dashwood and go after the Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

Heather Monroe vs Taya Valkyrie - Women's Wrestling (Impact, AEW, Hurricane Pro) - YouTube

Rok-C vs Heather Monroe (Women's Wrestling) Ladies Night Out 9 - Title Match Network - YouTube

Allysin Kay vs. Heather Monroe | NWA Women's World Championship (2019) - YouTube

A Demonic Allie BETRAYS Kiera Hogan! | IMPACT! Highlights Nov 15, 2018 - YouTube

A Changed Allie DECIMATES Heather Monroe | IMPACT! Highlights Dec 6, 2018 - YouTube

Penelope Ford with Kip Sabian vs Heather Monroe | AEW Dark 8/25/20 - YouTube

kc-spinelli (1)

4. KC Spinelli

Yet another Canadian who's had some recent experience in Impact, KC Spinelli has had some range in regards to her appearances in Impact and she looks like the type of person who would be perfect for the company to sign.

Like Alexia Nicole, Spinelli also wrestled in various Canadian promotions like Border City Wrestling and she's also taken on names like Courtney Rush (aka Rosemary in Impact), Tessa Blanchard and Allie but in her brief showings on Impact she also wrestled names like Laurel Van Ness, Madison Rayne, Hania The Huntress and Sienna while at the same time putting on some performances that have manage to increase her stock and reputation in wrestling.


However when she isn't wrestling as herself in Impact she's also play the role of one of Su Yung's many bridesmaid as the Undead Maid of Honor which is stark difference from the persona, KC shows in her previous appearances.

Spinelli is also quite the athlete as she's had participated in numerous sports like gymnastics, hockey, Karate and amateur wrestling among many others. She's also done a couple of interviews with Josh Matthews on Around The Ring that has allowed fans to get to know her better while also showing off more of her personality.

Overall, she is talented in many trades and although rumors of WWE being interested in her haven't really lead to anything, Impact could seize the moment and sign KC Spinelli to an exclusive contract.

Tessa Blanchard vs KC Spinelli (Full Match) - YouTube

KC Spinelli Goes Around The Ring w/ Josh Mathews | Around The Ring Jan. 3rd, 2018 - YouTube

KC Spinelli Goes Around The Ring w/ Josh Mathews Part 2 | Around The Ring Jan. 10th, 2018 - YouTube

Impact Wrestling Xplosion Kc Spinelli vs Hania Huntress - YouTube

Rosemary Strikes Fear into KC Spinelli | GWN Sneak Peek | One Night Only: Canadian Clash - YouTube

Laurel Van Ness v. KC Spinelli v. Madison Rayne Knockouts Tournament | #IMPACTICYMI Nov. 30th, 2017 - YouTube

KC Spinelli vs Chantal vs Wraith - FREE WOMENS WRESTLING - YouTube

FREE MATCH: KC Spinelli vs. Heather Monroe - YouTube

Allie Wins Big at BCW | #IMPACTICYMI November 9, 2017 - YouTube


3. The Sea Stars

Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo are a pair of real life sisters who have risen in the ranks of pro wrestling's independent scene with some of their early work occurring in promotions like CHIKARA, Queens Of Combat and Shimmer Women Athletes (which they currently are the Shimmer Tag Team Champions as of the writing of this article).

The duos biggest break occurred towards the end of 2020 they and a number of other female competitors were chosen to participant in a tag team tournament in Impact Wrestling that would lead to the final two teams competing for the newly revived Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

Sadly for the Sea Stars they were eliminated in the first round by eventually winners of the tournament, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz.


This wouldn't be the last time Vox and Exo appeared for Impact as they competed and lost to another team who were in the tournament, Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh at the December Impact Plus Special, Final Resolution.

Much like some of the ladies on this list, the Impact fans were impressed by the Sea Stars performances in the brief time and many would like to see them return but as full time members of the Knockouts roster; With their ability to work well as a tag team and even adapt in wrestling in intergender matches are good enough reasons to have them on the Impact roster plus the KO Tag Team Division could use some teams.

Madi Maxx & Renee Michelle VS The Sea Stars (Full Match) - YouTube

Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo (Sea Stars) vs Violette & Masha Slamovich (Women's Wrestling) - YouTube

Sea Stars vs Santana & Ortiz (Intergender Wrestling) Battle Club Pro "Anything You Can Do" - YouTube

Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo (Team Sea Stars) vs Solo Darling & Leva Bates - Battle Club Pro - YouTube

NEW KNOCKOUTS Challenge Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz! | IMPACT! Highlights Nov 24, 2020 - YouTube

Havok DESTROYS Ashley Vox! | IMPACT Plus Final Resolution 2020 Highlights - YouTube

Sea Stars Theme Song and Entrance Video | IMPACT Wrestling Theme Songs - YouTube

hyan (1)

2. Hyan

Another talented female that Deonna Purrazzo recently suggested Impact should sign appears on this list.

First introduced to wrestling fans as part of Booker T's Reality of Wrestling promotion and appearing in other companies like WWE, RISE, AAW and Shimmer, Hyan has shown herself to be one of the future stars in women's wrestling and with less than 10 years in the business by the way.

A self proclaimed Renaissance Woman and an Jack of All Trades, Hyan has been in the ring with names like Jordynne Grace, Nia Jax, Amber Nova and Kylie Rae just to name a few and she's shown herself to be quite a formidable wrestler and is certainly not afraid to break the rules if the opportunity is given.

While most mainstream fans may not know who she is, becoming a part of the Knockouts Division is certainly the first step in getting more attention onto yourself plus it's not to difficult to imagine Hyan being a mainstay within the Knockouts Division and perhaps becoming one of the promotion's newest home grown stars.

Hyan vs Rok-C [FULL MATCH] Reality of Wrestling - YouTube

Kylie Rae vs Hyan vs AQA (Reality of Wresting) - YouTube

Jordynne Grace vs Hyan (Women's Wrestling) Ladies Night Out 3 - YouTube

Hyan vs AQA - Steel Cage Match - (Reality of Wrestling) - YouTube

Kylie Rae vs Hyan (Women's Wrestling) Ladies Night Out - Title Match Network - YouTube

Hyan vs Raychell Rose [FULL MATCH] Reality of Wrestling - YouTube

Killer Kelly

1. Killer Kelly

If you took the badassery of Samoa Joe and Shayna Baszler and combined it with the intensity of Low-Ki in a Portuguese wrestler, then you might get Killer Kelly.

Known more in the independent scene, Killer Kelly's work has seen her win championship like the wXw women's championship and has face off against many wrestlers like Toni Storm, Dakota Kai, Valkyrie (not Taya Valkyrie), LuFisto and more.

Her biggest exposure in mainstream wrestling say her take part in the Mae Young Classic Tournament and WWE's The United Kingdom Tournament in 2018, however she's didn't do much in her time in the WWE as she left the promotion in January of 2020 before appearing a couple of times on Impact in November of 2020 alongside the previously mentioned Renee Michelle.

So why should Impact management consider on signing Killer Kelly? For starters she has a look that screams "Cool Factor" in addition to her technical and smash mouth style of wrestling; Furthermore her presence onscreen and the company's experience in introducing new stars has been second to none as of late which could get fans interested in seeing her wrestle in Impact and that's not even to take into a count the number of dream matches she could have with names like Deonna Purrazzo, Rosemary, Su Yung and the list goes on.

Plus could you imagine the crowd constantly chanting "Kelly's Gonna Kill You!" in all of her matches and the company could make a pretty awesome t-shirt or hoodie designs with that phrase on the front or yeah you'd have an impressive female athlete on your roster, a built in chant that the fans will say every time she comes out and the chance of making some profit off of t-shirt and hoodie merch is right their for the pickings.

LOW BLOWS VOD FREE MATCH: Valkyrie vs Killer Kelly (PWU Celtic Cup 2018) - YouTube

KILLER KELLY vs ROXXY #WrestleQueendom 2020 - YouTube

Killer Kelly DEBUTS in Clash with Kimber Lee! | IMPACT! Highlights Nov 24, 2020 - YouTube

JAZZ Debuts in Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament! | IMPACT! Highlights Dec 1, 2020 - YouTube

Killer Kelly vs Baby Allison - YouTube

FULL MATCH — Killer Kelly vs. Aoife Valkyrie: GWF Women's Wrestling Revolution 8 - YouTube

Killer Kelly Theme Song and Entrance Video | IMPACT Wrestling Theme Songs - YouTube

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