According to Impact Wrestling's website, January is Knockouts Month on the Impact Plus App meaning that all the way through this month fans can experience some of the best matches and moments to occur in the Knockouts Division.

However many of the ladies who have gone to become knockouts in Impact's women's division actually got their first bit of screen time on Knockouts Knockdown, which for those who don't know was a one night only event that the company would run from 2013-17 and the majority of those events saw the knockouts taking on ladies who would go on to become successful elsewhere and in other cases become future Knockouts later down the line.

In some of cases it's shocking to look back and see what these ladies where like back then when they first appeared to where they would be years later; So in honor of Knockouts Month for Impact Wrestling, here are 10 Knockouts Who First Appeared At Knockouts Knockdown.

Also I'll be ranking these knockouts on the matches they had during their first appearance as well as what they would go on to do as official members of the Impact Wrestling roster.


10. Reby Sky Hardy

Reby Sky Hardy is known to mainstream wrestling fans for a number of reasons but non of the include her wrestling ability or the amount of matches she's had in her career which is unfortunate as she's a very good in-ring competitor as evident by her first appearance on Impact

At the second annual, Knockouts Knockdown event back in 2014 Reby Sky took on one half of The Beautiful People, Velvet Sky in a very competitive contest to see who would compete in the main event for the title "Queen of the Knockouts" and thanks to some miscommunication between Angelina Love and Velvet, Reby was able to pick the biggest win in her entire career but sadly she didn't the crown in the main event.

reby-matt-jeff-hardy-broken-dispute-interview (1)

About a year later, Reby would be seen helping Matt Hardy in his pursuit for the TNA World Championship and even turned heel with her husband in process thus leading to the creation of 'Broken Matt Hardy' and allowed Reby to demonstrate her skills at playing the piano.

Reby vs V. Sky - video Dailymotion

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9. Scarlett Boudreaux

The wrestling fans of NXT have been introduced to Scarlett Boudreaux over last number of months as the black leather wearing valet to real life partner Killer Kross aka Karrion Kross where the two manage to both frighten and intrigue the locker room and the fans respectively.

However, years before she made appearances on Raw, NXT and officially on Impact as part of the D'Amore/Callis regime, she participated in the second Knockout Knockdown event in 2014 as a red headed party girl who came out to the ring with cup and pretended to drink out it while trying to rock out.

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Her opponent on this night, was former Knockouts Champion and one half of the Beautiful People, Angelina Love. Before the match even started Angelina would get on the microphone and ask the fans if this new girl should be the newest member of the Beautiful People, which considering what Scarlett's character would be eventually become on Impact she probably would of have made a great addition to the group.

Angelina would attack Scarlett seconds before the bell rings and would spend time kicking her opponent while also calling her "gullible and drunk"; Most of this match saw Love getting the better of Scarlett before getting the three count and putting a paper bag over her head.

Four years later and Scarlett would return to Impact nicknamed "The Smokeshow" and became a sultry temptress for most of the male locker room where she wrestled names like Rohit Raju, oVe, Disco Inferno and even wrestled in a knockouts gauntlet match before getting released from her contract on June 18th 2019.

Scarlett Bordeaux vs Angelina Love - YouTube

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8. Santana Garrett/Brittany

In the mid 2010's a lot of female athletes would show up on Impact programming only the leave a year or two later with almost little to no fanfare, such is this case with Santana Garrett who had multiple stints within the company from 2010 until 2017.

In March of 2013, Santana Garrett would make her first in-ring appearance for the company at Knockouts Knockdown 2013, where she took on former Knockouts Champions and Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Brooke Tessmacher.

The match went around 5-6 minutes and both ladies put on a good showing with Brooke obviously being the fan favorite, while Santana was looking to make the best out of her opportunity by focusing her offense on her opponents arms and head area but in the end Tessmacher was able to pick up the victory.

Also a year later in early 2014, Santana would make her return to Impact Wrestling as the newest member of the Knockouts roster but under a new ring name 'Brittany'.

shawbrittany (1)

During her time with the promotion, Santana/Brittany would get involved in storylines involving The Beautiful People, have a handful of matches against names like ODB, Madison Rayne, Gail Kim and during the final months of her time with Impact she's turned heel and became the psychotic love interest to the equally deranged, Samuel Shaw before leaving on December 5th 2014 but returning sporadically under her real name until 2017 and then becoming an official part of the NXT brand in 2019...oh yeah and spoiler alert this wouldn't be the last time a future knockout who takes on Tessmacher at these events will be mentioned on this list.

Knockouts Knockdown PPV: Brooke Tessmacher vs Santana Garrett - video Dailymotion

marti-belle (1)

7. Marti Belle

Marti Belle had wrestled in various indie promotions for almost a decade before rising to mainstream stardom in the mid to late 2010's thanks to her appearances on WWE, NWA and mostly notably Impact Wrestling.

At the second annual Knockouts Knockdown event in 2014, Marti Belle made her first Impact appearance wrestling ODB with Marti's "Boyfriend" Rockstar Spud...yes at one point in time Spud and Marti were in a kayfabe relationship.

The match was nothing to special however it did end with Spud assisting Marti which enabled her to score the surprising three count on ODB; Moments after winning the match, Spud raises his 'girlfriends' hand but unsurprisingly Marti dumps Spud in front of everyone and the 'romance' is never spoken of again.


Marti Belle would debut a year later as part of the stable known as 'The Dollhouse' which included names like Taryn Terrell, Rebel and another name that I'll talk about in just a minute; During the groups run they helped Taryn retain her title to the point were she became at the time the longest reign Knockouts Champion in company history plus they competed in tag team matches with names like Gail Kim, Brooke Tessmacher and The Beautiful People before the faction disbanded in 2016 and few months later Marti herself would be gone by 2017.

Marti Belle vs OdB - video Dailymotion

jade (2)

6. Mia Yim/Jade

Speaking of the Dollhouse, Marti's tag team partner and later enemy, Mia Yim or Jade as she was called in TNA/Impact had a couple of great achievements in her short time on the roster but before she did all of that, she was competing at Knockouts Knockdown 2013 against a former WWE Women's and Impact Knockouts champion: Victoria aka Tara.

In a few second video package, Mia informs the audience that she's only been wrestling for three years, she's toured Japan at least six times and she's has no problem wrestling both women and men but still the more seasoned veteran, Tara didn't take her opponent too seriously as evident by all the posing and pandering she did to the crowd plus she even calls Mia a "rookie" and tells her to go back to the indies.


After two more appearances on the 2014 and 15 Knockouts Knockdown events, Mia would go by the name of 'Jade' and debut with the Dollhouse until she went on her own and had impressive matches with Sienna, Gail Kim and Rosemary while also winning the Knockouts Championship before leaving in early 2017 to join the WWE (more specifically NXT)…not bad for a 'rookie' wouldn't you say.

Knockouts Knockdown PPV: Tara vs Mia Yim - video Dailymotion

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5. Alisha Edwards

Today Alisha Edwards has become an enduring figure on Impact television thanks to her backstage and in-ring segments with Tenille Dashwood, Sami Callihan, Eric Young and of course with her husband, Eddie but you probably didn't know that Eddie's wife had a couple of stints in TNA/Impact before officially joining the company.

On the September 17th 2008 edition of Impact, Alisha wrestled against Awesome Kong under the name of 'Mercedes Steele' well I say "wrestled" but it was pretty much a squash heck even the fans knew it as within seconds of the match starting the fans could be heard chanting "Kong's Gonna Kill You"; While this may have been her first appearance in the company, she did it under the name of Mercedes Steele which makes her eligible for inclusion on this list.   


Alisha wrestled under her real name at Knockouts Knockdown 2015 against Madison Rayne but unfortunately for Mrs. Edwards she was unsuccessful, however flash forward two years later at Victory Road-Knockouts Knockdown (which ended up being the last Knockdown event by the way) and Alisha returns by picking up a shocking win over Sienna to advance to the main event and by the end of the night she would get signed to a contract by Karen Jarrett and we all know what came after that for Eddie's wife.

One Night Only: Victory Road 2017 (Knockouts Knockdown 2017) · Main Event - YouTube

Mercedes Steele vs. Awesome Kong (25.09.08) - YouTube


4. Jessicka Havok

Havok's two runs in Impact Wrestling have seen this Ohio native become a star in mainstream wrestling due in large part to her matches with former Knockouts Champions Gail Kim, Su Yung and Rosemary; At Knockouts Knockdown 2014, A different looking Jessicka Havok first made her appearance on Impact programming wrestling against multi time Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne.

The match between Havok and Rayne was good one with Havok using her strength and height to her advantage while Madison, being the crafty veteran that she is was able to outsmart her opponent in various parts in the contest which ultimately helped her out in the end as Madison picked up the victory over Havok to advance to the main event and even would the title of "Queen of the Knockouts".


While she may of come up short in her first outing on Impact, the higher ups at the time must of been impressed by her performance as she would debut for the company a couple of months later and even won the Knockouts Championship shortly thereafter before leaving in 2015 and then late returning in 2019 where she's become fixture for the Knockouts Division and looks set to become one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions at Hard To Kill 2021.

Madison Rayne vs Havok (TNA Knockouts Knockdown 2) - YouTube

Madison Rayne Crowned Queen of the Knockouts (ONO Knockouts Knockdown 2014) | Classic IMPACT Moments - YouTube

Havok vs Gail Kim Knockouts Championship Impact Wrestling 1 10 2014 - YouTube

Havok of TNA Impact Wrestling Feb. 2015 - YouTube

suyung (1)

3. Su Yung

Since arriving in early 2018, "The Undead Bride" has freaked out everyone from the fans to the knockouts to even those in the male locker room and that's if she's not playing her other personalities like the sweet but still terrifying Susie.

Back in 2015 Su Yung appeared at Knockouts Knockdowns without the make up, the bridesmaids and her other personalities and competed as her regular self and it's safe say that she was more than excited to be wrestling for the company if her promo that she cut in the ring is any indication.

Su's opponent was Taryn Terrell and the two ladies had a pretty basic match but it also became unbearable thanks to the "commentary" of Jeremy Borash and Rockstar Spud; In various parts of the match you can see Su having an angry expression on her face and it does look like she showing glimpses of her undead character but it doesn't do her much as Taryn Terrell was able to pick up the victory.

screen-shot-2020-11-03-at-7 (1)

Since then Su Yung has become a major part of the Knockouts Division with the Undead Realm storyline, plus she's won the Knockouts championship several times, feuded with Havok, Rosemary, Allie and Deonna Purrazzo and has even been able work with her husband and World Champion, Rich Swann along the way.

Taryn Terrell vs Sun Young - YouTube

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2. Sienna/ Allysin Kay

The former NWA Women's Champion, Allysin Kay was first introduced to the mainstream thanks to her work in Impact Wrestling from 2016-18 where she became a multiple time TNA and GFW women's champion and wrestled some of the most talented and popular knockouts at the time but many might forget when Allysin made her first appearance on Impact related media.

At Knockouts Knockdown 2016, Allysin was set to take on Gail Kim in a tremendous match with sadly ended in a screwy finish as Maria Kanellis-Bennett (who was doing commentator for this match and Gail Kim's rival at the time) interfered and costed Gail Kim the contest leading to Allysin Kay winning via countout.

Little did fans know at the time that events that took place in this match would become the unofficial start to the Maria/Allysin partnership as Maria would introduce the Impact fans to Kay now known as Sienna on an episode of Impact in 2016 where Sienna would play the muscle and enforcer to the first lady of professional wrestling. 

hqdefault (1)

Eventually this would soon lead to the creation of "The Lady Squad" an all female stable which included: Maria, Sienna, Allie and Chelsea Green aka Laurel Van Ness; Fun fact this stable as far as I can figure out is the only female faction in company history where all four of it's member would win the Knockouts Championship during the group's existence  before breaking up officially following the departures of Maria and Laurel Van Ness in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Allysin Kay vs. Gail Kim - video Dailymotion

Sienna Fight Network Adaptation | August 1st, 2017 - YouTube

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1. Deonna Purrazzo

Well if you have been watching Impact wrestling since 2020 then this shouldn't  be a surprise to see Deonna Purrazzo being on this list as her appearance at Knockout Knockdown is arguably the most well known.


Deonna's first appearance on Impact and for major wrestling promotion came when she was a shy 19 year old wrestler who was scheduled to compete against former Knockouts Champion, Brooke Tessmacher; Before the action starts, Brooke begins to verbally tear into her much inexperienced opponent by criticizing her ring gear, calling her a loser and mentions that she's hotter than her and that she could out wrestle her (boy does that last part sound funny with the ability of hindsight).

The match was pretty basic as it lasted for only a couple of minutes and saw Tessmacher picking up the win.

Purrazzo would return at 2016's Knockouts Knockdown event where she lost to Madison Rayne before making a few sporadic appearances competing against, Awesome Kong, Laurel Van Ness and losing in a rematch against Tessmacher on the January 19th 2017 edition of Impact.


A three year run in Ring of Honor, wrestling and traveling all over the world, a failed WWE run which wasn't her fault and being let go during the infamous "Black Wednesday" as a cost cutting measure and you the rest the story folks, Deonna would return to Impact and win the Knockouts championship at Slammiversary, compete in the first 30 minute iron man match for the Knockouts title (which she won) and would go one to represent the company while battling names like Jordynne Grace, Rosemary, Su Yung and Taya Valkyrie...proving once again that WWE's lost is Impact Wrestling's gain.

Brooke vs Deonna - video Dailymotion

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