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2017 is rightly regarded by Impact fans and journalists alike as the worse year in company history; Through a combination of problems like questionable behind the scenes decisions, waning interest in the product at the time, a large amount of wrestlers leaving, financial and production issues all topped off by the less than stellar Global Force Wrestling merger.

This, combined with the fact that the Internet Wrestling Community was more than happy to make the company the joke of the wrestling world, left the promotion formerly known as TNA Wrestling in a downward spiral.

Perhaps the greatest example of these problems in 2017 would have to be that years Bound For Glory; An event filled with issues and flat finishes showed just how tired and directionless the company had become.

With that said, it did produce some interesting facts and today I'm gonna be mentioning 10 Interesting Facts About Bound For Glory 2017.

Bound For Glory 2017

10. It's The First BFG To Occur In November

Since 2005 Bound For Glory is an event that usually happens in October, it's become an official tradition for Impact's biggest pay per view not named Slammiversary to take place in the month of October but because 2017 was such a messed of a year for the company, those in charge decided to do something different.

The date for Bound For Glory 2017 was November 5th 2017 making this PPV the only BFG to take place in November instead of October.

While there has been no information revealed as to why those in charge decided to put BFG 2017 in November instead of October, it certainly helps to make this event stand out from all the other BFG's that came before it or after it because the next couple of Bound For Glory's after this would occur back in the month of October.

Edwards GHC

9. Eddie Edwards Won The GHC Championship Months Before The Event

Former TNA tag team and world heavyweight champion Eddie Edwards competed at Pro Wrestling NOAH's Summer Navigation Volume 2 event which was an eight night event and saw Edwards compete nonstop in various matches but the most important match occurred towards the end.

On August 26th 2017, Eddie Edwards defeated Katsuhiko Nakajima for the GHC Heavyweight Championship and in the process became the first American pro wrestler to have won the championship since the belts inception back in April of 2001.

Edwards would defend the belt against names like Marufuji and El Hijo del Fantasma (aka Santos Escobar in NXT) before teaming up with James Storm and EC3 to take on Fantasma, Texano Jr. and Pagano The Clown in an interpromotional six man tag team match at Bound For Glory as the GHC champion.

Eddie's reign would only last just 118 days but as of the timing of this article he is still recognized as the only American pro wrestler to have held that championship.

NOAH - Eddie Edwards vs Katsuhiko Nakajima - YouTube

Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake Face The Japanese Press | #IMPACTICYMI Oct 12, 2017 - YouTube

Eddie Edwards Wins GHC Heavyweight Championship Japan | #IMPACTICYMI Dec. 28th, 2017 - YouTube

Eddie Edwards vs. Marufuji at Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan | #IMPACTICYMI October 26th, 2017 - YouTube

Eddie Edwards Retains His GHC Heavyweight Championship | #IMPACTICYMI November 9, 2017 - YouTube

Kenou vs Eddie Edwards(c) - GHC Heavyweight Championship - YouTube

BFG 2017

8. The Company's 1st Major PPV To Take Place In Canada In Nine Years

Nowadays Impact Wrestling tends to travel to Canada to host many of their shows but before the Don Callis/Scott D'Amore era that wasn't the case.

Months before the actual pay per view, Impact announced that Bound For Glory would take place at Aberdeen Pavillion, a exhibition hall known for being the oldest ice hockey venue in history and it's located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

No Surrender 2008

This would be the first time in nine years that the company hosted an event in Canada with the last pay per view being No Surrender 2008 which took place at the General Motors Centre in Oshawa Ontario Canada in front of 3,500 screaming fans.

No Surrender 2008 is also remembered for being the first pay per view that the company hosted outside of the United States...The More You Know.


7. King Mo Wrestled His First Match For Impact On This Night

Muhammed Lawal better known as King Mo was an MMA fighter for promotions like Bellator, W-1 Global and Strikeforce with a win/loss record of 21 wins, 10 loses and 1 no contest. 

He also happens to be a big wrestling fan as King Mo once trained with one of WWE's development promotions, OVW before later signing with Impact Wrestling back in 2012 where he was the special guest enforcer in the match between Bobby Roode and James Storm at that year's BFG event.

At Bound For Glory 2017, Mo along with fellow MMA specialist Bobby Lashley represented the MMA group known as American Top Team when they took on Moose and former UFC fighter, Stephen Bonnar in a tag team match inside a steel cage which was actually King Mo's first officially match for Impact wrestling since he first appeared in 2012.

King Mo would make a few appearances on Impact and this of course was due to Mo's MMA career which prevented him competing in the ring and eventually Mo was gone from the promotion in July of 2015.

Since this match, King Mo has appeared and competed in promotions like House of Hardcore and MLW.

Moose & Stephan Bonnar vs Lashley & King Mo: FULL MATCH (BFG 2017) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

untitled (4)

6. A Planned Match Between Taya Valkyrie  And Rosemary Was Cancelled

On September 7th 2017, former Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie debuted for the company where she established herself as a heel by attacking Rosemary in the ring and dropping her on her face with Taya's signature move 'The Road To Valhalla'. 

In the months that followed, Taya and Rosemary would try to get the better of each other leading into Bound For Glory where the two were scheduled to take part in a 'Red Wedding match' (because Game of Thrones); Unfortunately due to issues regarding her work visa, Taya was unable to attend the show on time.

In order to make up for this lost match, the company instead put on a match between Tyson Dux and Taiji Ishimori which went on for about almost 5 minutes. 

Taya would return in early 2018 and would go on to have that blow off match with Rosemary on April 12th 2018, which ended their feud; Meanwhile Rosemary would appear on BFG and get herself involved the monster's ball match...Speaking of which

Taya Valkyrie Has Arrived in GFW on IMPACT | #IMPACTICYMI September 7th, 2017 - YouTube

Taya Valkyrie RETURNS to IMPACT, Lays Out Rosemary! | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments - YouTube

Rosemary vs Taya Valkyrie: DEMON'S DANCE MATCH (April 12, 2018) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

c7e63-1509946729-800 (1)

5. Problems Regarding The Monster's Ball Match

Sweet Baby Jesus...This Match! The Monster's Ball Match between Abyss and Grado can best be describes as a hot mess and not the LVN/Chelsea Green kind of hot mess.

From a convoluted storyline that the paved the way for this match, a graphic showing Allie's name instead of Abyss during the monster's entrance, the crowd sounding uninterested with what they were seeing, the inclusion of Rosemary in this match for some reason and the action itself being sloppy are just a few problems regarding this match.

As it turns out there was a more lot of problems going into this match, for example Abyss was coming into this match hurt as 'The Monster' was still recovering from a knee injury so he wasn't too mobile and taking part in a match that calls for the use of weapons certainly didn't help.

As if all of that wasn't bad enough, it was later revealed that neither Grado and Abyss where happy about this bout and both men where reportedly upset about the match backstage.

Impact News: Details on Grado vs. Abyss From BFG, Update on Grado’s Future With The Company, Santino Turned Down Doing Promo With Grado | 411MANIA


4. Taryn Terrell Was Removed From The Knockouts Championship Match

Going the Knockouts Championship match, the card originally advertised Sienna, Gail Kim, Allie and Taryn Terrell in a fatal four way match, however much like the previously mentioned Taya vs Rosemary match things didn't go as planned as one of the participants couldn't attend the show.

Back in August, Taryn made her return to Impact and was looking to continue her feud with Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship in the lead up to BFG 2017 but after a segment in which Gail slaps the taste out of Terrell's mouth, Taryn was soon dropped from the match and subsequently gone from the company with the storyline reasoning behind this being that Taryn had suffered a 'nervous breakdown' and never came back...So what happened?

Well way back in 2011 Taryn was married to Drew Galloway (aka Drew McIntyre in the WWE) but the relationship didn't ended pleasantly with both Drew and Taryn soon filing for divorce after a reported domestic violence incident which led to the police showing up.

According to an article by the Bleacher Report back in 2012, this incident would lead to Taryn being suspended from the WWE and Drew's mega push on Smackdown coming to an end which explains why he ended up losing some much throughout the rest of his first run in the WWE until his departure.

This story is very important to this entry because it was due to the domestic violence debacle that would prevent Taryn Terrell from entering Canada (which is where BFG 2017 was taking place) and as a result she would leave pro wrestling behind until her return back to the sport in 2021 as part for the NWA brand.

WWE: Drew McIntyre Is Too Talented to Be Punished for His Choice in Ex-Wife | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights


3. Three New Employees Debuted On This Night

Say what will about Bound For Glory 201, but there was something good that came out of it all and that's the debut of three new faces to the company.

The first one is former Ring Of Honor star, Jimmy Jacobs who made a quick cameo appearance alongside Josh Matthews and Jeremy Borash at commentary; Jacobs for those who might of forgotten was a writer for the WWE, mostly notably helping with the creation of the 'Festival of Friendship' segment on RAW in 2017 until his was released from the WWE in October of that same year because he was seen in a photo with good friends and fellow pro wrestlers, The Young Bucks...That's right, he was fired from the WWE for taking part in a selfie with friends.


The next person making their debut for the company was Brandon Tolle, who was a senior referee for a number of Independent promotions like EVOLVE, AAA, WXM and PROGRESS before being called up to referee for the up-and-coming Bound For Glory although he allegedly was not signed with the company around this time.

The final person who appeared at this event is someone Impact fans have been well associated with over the years in form of Sami Callihan.


Before he adopted the ICU gimmick and winning the Impact World Championship on the very first episode of Impact on AXS TV, Sami Callihan arrived by helping Jake and Dave Crist retain their tag team titles in a match with Santana and Ortiz of LAX.

While the crowd was dead silence for the whole thing, both of the Crist Brothers would turn heel and join Callihan making oVe even more dominate.

Since this event, Jimmy Jacobs has gone from being a manager to a member of Impact's creative team, Brandon Tolle has become a mainstay in the company as one of their main referees and Sami Callihan has become one of the most recognizable names in the company along with names like Rosemary and Eddie Edwards.

WWN senior official Brandon Tolle set to debut for Impact Wrestling tonight at Bound For Glory (w/Radican's Analysis) - Pro Wrestling Torch (

Sami Callihan VICIOUSLY Assaults LAX in His Debut (Bound for Glory 2017) | Classic IMPACT Moments - YouTube

maxresdefault (4)

2. The Story Behind A Planned Match Between Alberto El Patron And Rey Mysterio

Even before 2017 came to ahead, Alberto El Patron had become persona non grata in pro wrestling with El Patron getting into problems which would lead to him getting suspended and stripped of the world titles he won back in Slammiversary...but did you know that a match was supposedly on the table between Alberto and an old rival of his from the WWE?

Allegedly, the plan was going to see Jeff Jarrett and El Patron getting into some kind of storyline beef at that year's Triplemania which would eventually lead to a match between the TNA Founder and "The Pride of Mexico" at Bound For Glory...yeah because nothing sells a pay per view in 2017 like Jeff Jarrett vs. Alberto El Patron, right?!?

jarrett (1)

While at first this looks like Jarrett trying to insert himself in a feud with the company's top star and possibly main eventing the pay per view as well, however the idea was going to see Alberto waiting for Jarrett in the ring at BFG only for Jarrett to come out and swerve Alberto and the fans by informing them that it wouldn't be him wrestling but instead it will be someone else and that someone was going to be Rey Mysterio.

Those plans fell apart for a number of reasons like Alberto being suspended, Mysterio and the company not being able to reach a mutual agreement during negotiations and of course the fact that Jeff Jarrett was dismissed and soon let go from Impact by Anthem Sports & Entertainment for erratic behavior among other things.

Alberto would appear at Bound For Glory anyway, cutting a promo in which he turns his back on the fans and ruining that year's Bound For Glory main event with a screwy finish that made no one look good coming out of it. 

Rey Mysterio reportedly no longer in talks with Global Force Wrestling | Fanbuzz

Alberto El Patron

1. It's The Least Attended Bound For Glory Of All Time

As mentioned in the beginning, 2017 was not a good year for the company and this event certainly showed how bad the year was by it's attendance numbers...bare in mind this info comes from Dave Meltzer so whether you want to believe it or not is entirely up to you.

According to the Wrestling Observer, the attendance figures for this event had about 650 people...that is ridiculously low for an event that the company has referred to over the years as it's version of Wrestlemania.

To give you an idea of how bad this attendance number is, the previous year's event, Bound For Glory 2016 had 1,100 people and that was the event that some predicted would be the last pay per view in company history. 

In fact, the lowest attended Bound For Glory before 2017 was the very first BFG event back in 2005 where the show reportedly had around 900 people in the Impact Zone meaning BFG 2005 would hold the record the lowest attendance for a Bound For Glory pay per view for next 12 years. 

Allegations of fans being paid to attend the show and the rest of the tapings in Canada certainly don't help this show's reputation either, but the bottom line is that this show is the encapsulation of all the problems that plagued the company for years all wrapped up into one pay per view...fortunately, the next Bound For Glory will be a whole lot better.

Attendance for Bound for Glory, Videos after 11/9 Impact on Pop TV - WWE News and Results, RAW and Smackdown Results, Impact News, ROH News (

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