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Bound For Glory has always be touted as one of the biggest pay per views in Impact Wrestling history do to many of the iconic moments and matches that have occurred at this year early event.

But as it turns out, some pro wrestling's most well regarded figures have also appeared at Bound For Glory and in some cases they've even competed on Impact's grandest stage put on matches that are either a foot note or a high mark within their legendary careers and today I'll be talking about 10 of them.



10. Larry Zbyszko

"The Living Legend", Larry Zbyszko has had a career that spans for almost 40 years in the business and during that time he infamously turned on his mentor Bruno Sammartino, joined groups like Paul Heyman's  'Dangerous Alliance" and the York Foundation, wrestled name like 'Superstar' Billy Graham, Abdullah The Butcher, Killer Kowalski and won numerous titles while being in numerous promotions like the WWWF/WWF, WCW, NWA and even TNA. 

Zbyszko's work in TNA was first seen during the NWA TNA era where he confronted a young AJ Styles on the idea of respecting the tradition of professional wrestling, to which AJ responded by slapping Larry in the face. This would led to a match between the two where if AJ was unsuccessful, then Larry would be his manager which he became until the angle was cancelled by head booker/writer Vince Russo.


Larry would make a full on return to the company in 2005 where he would feud with Raven for the majority of his time as a heel authority figure until his lost his position of power. By October of 2006, Zbyszko interfered in a match where the loser (in this case Eric Young) would be fired; Following this a match was made by then authority figure, Jim Cornette that at Bound For Glory Zbyszko would wrestle EY and the loser of that match would be fired from TNA. 

The match itself was nothing to special as most of it was pantomiming before the action actually started and when it did start it culminated with EY hit the living legend in the nuts before using the weapon that Larry brought in to get the three count thereby saving his job and send Zbyszko out the company. 

Eric Young vs. Larry Zbyszko (Bound For Glory 2006):


9. The Great Muta and Tajiri

Two of the most legendary names in Japanese Wrestling, Tajiri and The Great Muta competed in the main event of Bound For Glory 2014 which took place in the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo Japan.

Tajiri, who is best known for his work in the WWE paired with Muta to take on the team of 'Cowboy' James Storm and The Great Sanada, who was an imitation version of the Great Muta after Sanada turned on his mentor (Muta) to join James Storm's new faction "The Revolution" on a special episode of Impact.

The match itself was serviceable but not exactly what you would consider to be a traditional main event match for Bound For Glory, but at the very least the audience in attendance enjoyed the bout as Muta and Tajiri were able to pick up the win after hitting a red and green mist combination followed up by a 'Shining Wizard' running knee from Muta.

Storm and the rest of his Revolution stable went to the ring and attack Muta and Tajiri before being saving by former tag team champions and TNA Wrestling Hall of Famers, Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D.

Tajiri and The Great Muta vs. James Storm and The Great Sanada (Bound For Glory 2014):


8. Dr. Wagner Jr.

Wagner's name may not be recognizable to fans who have never watched Mexican pro wrestling from companies like CMLL, AAA and Lucha Underground but his considering a icon in the sport and in 2019 he would make his wrestling debut in the United States at Bound For Glory.

During a set of tapings in Mexico, it was announce that Dr. Wagner would wrestle at the up-and-coming Bound For Glory along with fellow Hispanic wrestler's Aerostar and Taurus against Dezmond Xavier, Zachery Wentz and Trey Miguel of The Rascalz.


The match itself (for those in attendance) was a good bout that some of the best of the X Division and the Lucha Libre style of wrestling that Mexico is known for; The six man tag match didn't air on the official PPV but as one of many preshow matches but for those who missed it, the company aired a special episode called "This is Impact" where they aired the six man tag team match and the other preshow matches in it's entirety. 


7. Ken Shamrock

The most recent entry on this list, the world's most dangerous man is indeed going to be competing at this year's Bound For Glory event but as of the timing of this article, that match hasn't happened yet so Shamrock is legible to included on here thanks to his match with Moose at BFG 2019.

In August of 2019, Shamrock was seen on social media going at it with then Impact World Champion, Brian Cage when Moose suddenly decided to interrupt which led to Shamrock and Moose going at it on Twitter before the former WWE Intercontinental Champion announced that he would be at the up-and-coming Las Vegas tapings making it the first time Shamrock had appeared for the company since 2004.

The company announced that Moose would be taking on Ken Shamrock at Bound For Glory in one the most anticipated and highly publicized bouts in recent BFG history.


The match itself was a bit underwhelming but the fact that Shamrock could be able to still go in the ring was remarkable and it led the World's Most Dangerous Man making more appearances for Impact Wrestling with one of them being the announcement that Shamrock would be the next inductee into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame. 


6. Rikishi

Yes, believe or not Rikishi was in TNA for a short amount of time but apparently in that small window of time he was there he had a match at Bound For Glory. 

The dancing Samoan with the large ass will forever be remembered for his work in the WWF (now WWE) during the Attitude Era and The Ruthless Aggression Era where would the Intercontinental and tag team titles, became a part of the most entertaining group not named DX, "Too Cool" and he allegedly ran Stone Cold Steve Austin all for The Rock...I mean Triple H.

But in July of 2004, Rikishi was fired from the WWE after management had repeatedly told him to lose weight; After spending some time in the independent scene, Rikisihi now going under the name  of "Junior Fatu" appeared in TNA on the September 13th 2007 episode of Impact where he wrestled against former NWA and WWE World Champion, Christian Cage in a loss effort.

After few multi man tag team matches with names like Samoa Joe, LAX and Kurt Angle, Fatu took part in the reverse battle royal (a unique if not convoluted idea by Vince Russo) at that year's Bound For Glory. Throughout the match Fatu bulldozed over much of the other wrestlers and even managed to do his trademark 'Stink Face' maneuver before being eliminated by a large majority of the participants.

By late October, Fatu/Rikishi would be gone from TNA after negotiations regarding a pay raise fell through.



5. Spike Dudley

The small but overactive member of the Dudley Family, Spike Dudley's career has seen him taking high risks and win championship gold in the original ECW and the WWE, but he also had stint in the successor to ECW, TNA Wrestling.

On the April 14th 2006 edition of Impact, Spike made his debut by helping Team 3D with their rivals at the time Team Canada; Spike now known as "Brother Runt" would continue to aid Brother Ray and Brother Devon before completely moving into a feud with 'The Monster' Abyss which would later include the likes of Samoa Joe and Raven into the rivalry.

At Bound For Glory 2006 Abyss, Brother Runt, Samoa Joe and Raven would compete in fatal four way monster's ball match with legendary wrestler, Jake "The Snake" Roberts as the special guest referee.

The result was a car crash style of match that the monster's ball is known for and it included various moments most notably Abyss lifting Brother Runt over his head and throwing him square into the crowd. 

 Abyss vs. Samoa Joe vs. Brother Runt vs. Raven (Bound For Glory 2006):


4. Naomichi Marufuji 

A living legend in his homeland of Japan Vice President to Pro Wrestling Noah, Naomichi Marufuji is no stranger to Impact Wrestling as his made numerous appearances for the promotion in last couple of years wrestling.

During his sporadic appearances in Impact, Marufuji has wrestled against names like Santana and Ortiz, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander, Eddie Edwards and Moose but at Bound For Glory 2019 the VP of Pro Wrestling Noah took on a challenger who is an expert in the 'Strong Style' of wrestling that places like Noah and NJPW are legendary for.   


Former NJPW star, Michael Elgin took on Marufuji in a match that wouldn't be out of place in Japan with both men delivering stiff blows via knife edge chops, lighting fast kicks as well as forearm and elbow shots to the head.

In the end, Big Mike Elgin was able to pick up the victory at Bound For Glory but Marufuji would appear on Impact TV soon afterwards taking on Josh Alexander in the ever first match for Impact Wrestling on AXS TV and wrestled alongside Eddie Edwards against The North (Page and Alexander) for the tag team titles.


3. Rick Steiner

Speaking of tag team titles, the next entry on this list has a lot of experience in not only being a tag team champion but one of the best tag team specialists in professional wrestling.

Rick Steiner (The brother of Scott and one half of the famous Steiner Brothers Tag Team) reunited with his more famous sibling after Scott lost the tag team titles with his previous partner to Team 3D. 

A rematch for the titles was set to take place but a trachea injury Scott suffered in Puerto Rico postponed those plans but that didn't stop Rick Steiner who went and got fellow legendary tag team specialist, Road Warrior Animal to be his tag team partner against Team 3D at Slammiversary 2007 but they were unsuccessful.

A few months later Scott Steiner would reunite with his brother to take on Team 3D in a 2 out of 3 falls tables match at Bound For Glory 2007 (meaning you must put your opponents through a table two times in order to win).

The match was chaotic from start to finish as the first half of the bout saw both teams fighting on the outside of the ring using garbage cans and throwing drinks in their opponents face; The rest of match saw both teams attempting to put the other into the tables with the Steiner Bros coming out victorious after Big Poppa Pump hit a frankensteiner to get the first win for his team and the second and deciding fall for the Steiners came after a diving bulldog tag team maneuver which allowed them to put Team 3D away.

Scott Steiner Hits A Frankensteiner On Bully Ray (Bound For Glory 2007):



2. Jerry Lynn 

Following the demise of the original ECW and brief period in the WWE, Jerry Lynn would join TNA Wrestling from it's very first show and become fixture within the company's X Division from 2002-07 where helped to establish the X Division style of wrestling that was best seen in ECW, WCW and in other areas like Japan and Mexico. 

Despite his long tenure with the promotion, Lynn was never able to compete at Bound For Glory during the company's golden era for one reason or another but it wasn't until 2011 when the former TNA X Division and Tag Team Champion would compete on Impact's grandest stage. 

In the summer of 2011, Jerry Lynn was seen wrestling inside TNA/Impact Wrestling ring once more as he spent the majority of that time feuding with his longtime rival from ECW, Rob Van Dam on pay per views like Destination X and even on television before another match was set up at BFG 2011.

Van Dam and Lynn faced each other in Full Metal Mayhem match in front of large and energetic crowd in Philadelphia Pennsylvania (the home of the original ECW); the bout was as great as you can possible imagine with both men putting on another classic similar to their matches in ECW with one of the most memorable being RVD hitting a Van-Terminator across the ring onto Jerry Lynn with help of a steel chair and a ladder set up in the corner.  

RVD Hits A Van Terminator On Jerry Lynn (Bound For Glory 2011):


1. Jushin Thunder Liger

Another Japanese legend appears on the list and safe to say it's one of the all time best ways to kick off a pay per view never mind Bound For Glory.

Jushin Thunder Liger has been wrestling long before many of us were born and his body work inside the square circle is remarkable, however when most fans think of Jushin Liger's work in the U.S. they either think of his time in WCW or that time he wrestled Tyler Breeze at Takeover: Brooklyn in 2015 but what you may not know is that Liger has actually also wrestled in TNA.

In the first of his many appearances for TNA, Jushin was advertised to be at the Inaugural Bound For Glory where he was set to take on the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe in the opening contest for BFG. The match was great way to kick off the show as it helped to set the tone for the rest of matches that would come after it and helped to show the popularity TNA had at that time, if you haven't seen this match or some of the other matches I've mentioned on this list, do yourself a favor a what watch wouldn't regret.      

Samoa Joe vs. Jushin Thunder Liger (Bound For Glory 2005):

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