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Valentine's Day is almost here, that's right the time in which we tell our significant others that we love them while also buying them materialism things like chocolates, flowers, very expensive but charming dates, earrings and so much more.

But here at Wrestling News World, we decided to play the role of TMZ for this occasion as will be talking about couples...wrestling couples or more specifically those wrestling couples that the majority of fans have either forgotten about or didn't even know was a thing. 

Many of these couples included names who have gone on to be legends in the business or names you'd never would have expected to see together as a kayfabe item...Nevertheless, here are ten On-Screen Wrestling Couples You Forgot Existed.

Trish and Jeff

10. Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus 

The Charismatic Enigma and Mrs. Stratusfaction, two wrestling legends who have redefined what tag team and women's wrestling in the WWE were once a couple on two different times.

The first time occurred in July of 2001 when Jeff saved Trish from the Big Show after the two lost a tag match to Matt Hardy and Lita on an episode of RAW; Soon afterwards Jeff would lose a singles match to the Big Show, but he would get kissed by Trish, who was at ringside in support of Hardy.

The storyline was canned after Trish suffered a knee injury that same year, but it was revived in March of 2003 when Jeff saved Trish once again, this time from Victoria and Steven Richards with Jeff kissing Stratus after the action.

The relationship continued on via backstage segments and the occasional tag match with Matt Hardy, Lita and even The Rock (during his Hollywood Heel days) were perplexed over their kind of relationship as it wasn't made clear by neither Trish or Jeff if they were dating but their actions together tell a different story.

After Jeff was fired from the WWE in April of 2003 due to his personal demons, the angle came to an end and was the two times it occurred were never brought up again.


9. Erik Watts and Goldy Locks 

We're going all the way back to the early years of TNA Wrestling for this next entry as it sees a second-generation wrestler being with a backstage interviewer.

Erik Watts, the son of the legendary Bill Watts came to TNA back when it was still partnered with the NWA where he played a cocky self-entitled heel who feuded with names like Jeff Jarrett, Raven and Dusty Rhodes but apparently, he found time to romance the female backstage interviewer and the original knockout, Goldy Locks.

The relationship so to speak, saw Watts chatting up to Goldy whilst bringing up some of their previous times together in private with Goldy sometimes being engaging or uninterested to talk to Watts as she was busy doing her job as an interviewer.

By the time Kid Kash decided to slap around his valet, Trinity for being more over with the crowd them him, he also took his frustrations out on Goldy Locks which spurred Erik Watts to protect his lady.

The relationship came to an end after Goldy Locks hit a low blow to Erik during his match with Don Callis for managerial control of TNA and it ultimately led to Goldy going from interview to heel manager for names like Abyss and Alex Shelley who would beat up Watts on her behalf.

After Goldy was let go from the company, the relationship was quickly swept under the rug. 

daniel-bryan-gail-kim-645x370 (1)

8. Gail Kim and Daniel Bryan 

Another case of two legendary wrestlers being thrusted together into a relationship.

Back in 2010, a short haired, clean faced Daniel Bryan was the eye of affection for both Nikki and Brie Bella aka The Bella fact, it was this storyline that ultimately led to the real-life Bryan Danielson and Brie Bella becoming a married couple with children.

Anyway, the flirting and kissing the Bella Twins would do to Bryan would come to ahead on an episode of RAW in early 2011, when both Nikki and Brie headed into Bryan's room and discovered that he was kissing someone else on his lap, that person was former Knockouts Champion Gail Kim.

The relationship would lead to Gail feuding with the Bellas and Melina whilst accompanying Bryan to his matches and the occasional intergender tag team match, but it didn't last long as Gail would famously eliminate herself during a battle royal on an episode of RAW before going to social media announcing that she'd quit the WWE.


7. Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes 

During the final year of WWE's version of ECW, Matt Cardona aka Zack Ryder got into a relationship with WWE Diva, Rosa Mendes who debut on ECW in October of 2009.

Their relationship began with Rosa being the eye of affection for Ryder with the former distracting Ryder during many of his matches; This would eventually lead to Rosa becoming his manager and love interest with the two becoming a pretty convincing power couple.

The Ryder/Rosa 'IT Couple' helped in making Zack Ryder a rising star during the final months of ECW with the former WWE Tag Team Champion, scoring one of the biggest wins of his entire career up to that point when he defeated Tommy Dreamer in a match with the stipulation being that if Dreamer lost, he would be gone from the WWE.

Ryder would also get a number of title opportunities against ECW Champion, Christian and even though he was unsuccessful his performance in those matches really helped to establish himself as an up-and-coming star.

Both Zack and Rosa headed to RAW following the end of WWE's ECW but the two would be broken up due to the 2010 draft with Rosa being sent to Smackdown, but their relationship was rekindled one last time on an episode of Superstars when Ryder scored a victory over Primo with Rosa in her corner.


Bram and Rosemary

6. Bram and Rosemary 

"The Chesterville Plague" and "The Demon Assassin" that sounds like a couple only the Undead Realm could produce but in fact the former Knockouts Champion, Rosemary was once in a relationship with currently NWA wrestler Bram back when he was a part of Impact Wrestling.

In mid 2016, several backstage segments begin to show Rosemary interacting with Bram before his up-and-coming matches with the two twisted wrestlers exchanging words, flirting and even kissing each other from time to time with Crazzy Steve and Abyss wondering what was up with Rosemary and Bram.

According to the Demon Assassin herself, she wanted Bram to join Decay, but Bram was hesitant at first; Things culminated in the two of them enjoying a romantic stroll during which Rosemary explains her life and backstory to Bram but even after all of that it's not enough to win him over, so Steve and Abyss abduct Bram and drive off with him in the back of a truck in the middle of the night.

By the time, Bram returned to the company, he was a part of the short-lived Death Crew Council or DCC with the relationship never being mentioned again.



5. Teddy Long and Kristal Marshall 

Oh, look it's another wrestling relationship that didn't reach its conclusion because one of the two parties got released...This seems to be a running theme when it comes to wrestling romances.

In 2007, Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long got into a relationship with a woman by the name of Kristal Marshall and soon enough the pair hit it off, however because Long needed someone to be in charge of Smackdown while he was spending time with his new lady, so he hired an assistance to be in charge of Smackdown and that assistance was none other than Vickie....EXCUSE ME!...Guerrero.

The relationship between Kristal and Teddy reached its apex when the two were scheduled to get married on the September 21st, 2007, episode of Smackdown and things look to be going well...until Teddy suffered a kayfabe heart attack thus postponing the weeding and eventually leading to the couple coming to an end after Kristal left the WWE over creative differences.


In a surprising twist, Kristal would go on to marry another bald head African American male who has a history with the WWE in the form of Bobby Lashley; The two got married in 2007 and two years later, Lashley would have his first run in Impact Wrestling with Kristal being the eye of affection for the company's resident Big Booty Daddy, Scott Steiner thus leading to a feud with Lashley eventually coming out on top.

Both Lashley and Marshal would divorce in 2010 with Lashley became a megastar in his second runs in both Impact and WWE whilst Teddy Long would continue to be an authority figure in until 2014, but not before getting paired up with names like Tiffany (aka Taryn Terrell) and Aksana.

Grado and LVN

4. Grado and Chelsea Green 

Before she won the Knockouts Championship and returned to the company in 2020, Mrs. Cardona aka Chelsea Green also known then as Laurel Van Ness was a kayfabe spoiled rich girl who famously got left at the alter by Braxton Sutter (Blade in AEW) on an episode of Impact in early 2017 which eventually led to Laurel/Chelsea wearing her wedding dress all over the place albeit completely messy while also competing barefoot and drinking out of a champagne bottle thus leading to the rise of her 'Hot Mess' gimmick.

Meanwhile Grado around this time needed to find a wife if he was going to stay in the U.S. and ultimately, he decided to marry Laurel but he would constantly be stopped by Kongo Kong until an episode of Impact in August when Laurel came to ring all cleaned up and looking amazing when she told Grado that he was the whip cream to her twinkie among other things and proposed to him which he accepted and the two shared a big ass kiss in the middle of the ring.

Things were all set in place for a wedding between these unlikely souls until Grado and his lawyer, Joseph Parks learned some very crucial piece of information...Laurel is Canadian, not American.

This led to Grado (who remember only agreed to marry LVN because he thought it would help him stay in America) decided to tell Laurel that the weddings off and broke up with her to which she accepts without any problems...

Just Kidding

Just Kidding

Laurel would get her revenge on Grado at that year's Bound For Glory pay per view when she hit her would-be husband in the balls and then hit the unprettier on him thus confirming the relationship was over.

Thankfully for Chelsea Green, she found much more success in the next Impact star she goes on to marry in form of Matt Cardona.

Spike and Molly

3. Spike Dudley and Molly Holly

We go back to the WWF in 2001 for this relationship between two underrated wrestlers who found love after being the odd ones in their respective families.

During the much maligned Invasion storyline, Spike Dudley and Molly Holly began to have a relationship which makes Bubba Ray and Devon of the Dudley Boys and Hardcore and Crash Holly aka The Holly Cousins very upset as both sides can't trust the other but neither Spike nor Molly care and that is shown clear as when Spike catches Molly, who's going through a table courtesy of Bubba Ray on an episode of Smackdown.

The relationship leads to both Molly and Spike fighting their respective wrestling family members and despite suffering an injury in midst of all of this, Spike continues his relationship with Molly until a black and green colored superhero known as The Hurricane aka Shane Helms begins looking for a sidekick and he has his eyes set on Ms. Holly.

After beating Spike in a match on RAW in September, The Hurricane ran out of the building showing off his new vehicle called "The Hurri-Cycle" and also introduces his new sidekick 'Mighty Molly' which is Molly Holly in a bright pink outfit and cape before driving off to fight crime or something.

While it's never explained as to why Molly turns on Spike to join the Hurricane, the debut of Mighty Molly following the match signaled the end of the relationship between the two of them, however on a positive note Molly Holly called her on-screen relationship with Spike the best in her career.

Santino and Tamina

 2. Santino Marella and Tamina Snuka 

One is talkative and over the top while the other is the strong silent type, one comes from a well-respected wrestling family, the other won the intercontinental championship on their debut...all these things and more can describe the characteristics of one of WWE's most unique odd couples: Santino Marella and Tamina Snuka.

The relationship begins on the August 8th 2010 episode of Raw when Tamina comes out and confronts Santino who's standing in the middle of the ring before eventually slapping him on the ass which leaves the former IC champion both intrigue and blushing all at the same. 

In the months that followed, Santino and Tamina would go back and forth with their affection for one another whether it be blowing kisses after matches, serenading each other in backstage segments or even teaming up to take on other wrestlers. 

Like many on this list, the relationship between Santino and Tamina ended abruptly as part of the latter being drafted to Smackdown but ended up being one of the more enjoyable aspects of Raw in 2010 and helped to give the relatively new star in Tamina Snuka some personality before eventually adapting the gimmick of the silent enforcer who wears black all the time.

Styles and Karen

1. AJ Styles and Karen Jarrett

Boy, Kurt Angle's on and off-screen relationships have been pretty messy I mean when his former wife, Karen isn't getting married for real to Jeff Jarrett leading to a storyline feud that lasted for almost 8 months, she was busy getting it on with "The Phenomenal One". 

On an episode of Impact in 2008, Kurt Angle who was having some martial problems with Karen decided to renew his wedding vows with his wife, but things began to break down when Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash broke up the proceedings resulting in a brawl and the priest who was knocked silly finishes the ceremony by announcing that the two people in the ring are now husband and wife as those two people were AJ and Karen with AJ planting a kiss on her much to the commentators, the crowd and Kurt Angle's bewilderment.

Despite both Styles and Karen mentioning that there wasn't any affair and that "the wedding" between the two of them didn't mean anything it didn't take long for feelings to blossom between the two them with AJ taking Karen on a honeymoon date which included Styles giving Karen gifts, going to Gator Land to see a bunch of gators named Willie and Samantha even attempting to get his new wife to eat gator nuggets which apparently are a thing.

The relationship surprisingly had a couple of sweet moments and both AJ and Karen committed to the angle well but of course Kurt wasn't too pleased with all this, and it led to a rivalry between AJ and Kurt with AJ defeating the Olympic Gold Medalist two times of pay per view but the relationship between Karen and AJ was quickly dropped and soon enough Karen herself would be gone from the company until she made her return to TNA with her new husband Jeff Jarrett during his feud with Kurt Angle in 2011.

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