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Whether you know them best as TNA or Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett's former company has certainly exceeded most people's expectations when it comes to their longevity and their ability to make stars out of wrestlers who would've been underutilized elsewhere.

But back in the day, there was a time when most people didn't think wrestlers who did well in Impact would find the same success in other companies as the WWE's usage of former TNA talent has shown over the years. That being said, there have been a few who've been able to accomplish a lot following their departure with Impact and today I'll be listing 10 of them.

I'm excluding any former Impact stars who found success in All Elite Wrestling because that's a list for another day. 

Honorable Mentions


Trevor Lee/Cameron Grimes

Rockstar Spud/Drake Maverick

Eli Drake/LA Knight

Samoa Joe

Bobby Roode

Kiera Hogan

Angelina Love


10. James Storm

The Cowboy James Storm is by all rights a legend in the history of TNA/Impact Wrestling, from his years as a tag team specialist with America's Most Wanted and Beer Money to his time as a singles star to his often underrated work as a heel.

Of course, like all of the TNA Originals before and after him Storm wasn't going to stay in the company forever and after wrapping things up with the promotion in late 2017, he went on to compete in the indies before making his way to Billy Corgan's NWA promotion in 2019.

During Storm's time in the NWA, he would get in the ring with names like Aron Stevens, Nick Aldis and Chris Adonis with many of them being championships matches. In June of 2019 during a Ring of Honor show in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the cowboy defeated Colt Cabana to become the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion with his reign lasting 94 days...kinda short, maybe but longer than his time as TNA World Champion that's for sure.

After losing the National Heavyweight title, Storm would team up with fellow TNA alumni Eli Drake (aka LA Knight in NXT 2.0) and at the Hard Times pay per view in January of 2020, they became the new NWA Tag Team champions until Storm's contract expired in September but continued to work with the promotion until they dropped the belts in November ending their reign at 291 days.

While his success post TNA/Impact may not be as long as some others on this list, his work with the NWA proved that James Storm could achieve major success outside of the company that made him famous.


9. Tango Loa 

Unless you were watching TNA in the mid 2010's, then you probably don't remember Tango Loa's time in the company and it's easy to see why.

Debuting under the name of Micah, the son of Haku first wrestled in TNA in early 2015 and soon became a part of the short lived faction called 'The Rising' which consisted of Micah, Eli Drake and Drew Galloway/McIntyre. Aside from the Rising's feud with the Beat Down Clan, Micah spent much of time fighting the future LA Knight after the Namer of Dummies turned heel on his fellow tag mates but Micah was unsuccessful during this feud.

Upon leaving Impact, Tango Loa joined New Japan Pro Wrestling in March of 2016 where he became a member of the newly created Bullet Club and alongside his brother, Tama Tongo created the tag team known as the Guerillas of Destiny or G.O.D. for short.

A month after joining NJPW, the G.O.D. won their first of seven IWPG Tag Team Titles and went on to battle with The Briscoe Brothers, War Machine, Evil and Sanada and FinJuice with all of their reigns adding up to a combined total of 755 days having the third longest time with the belts in NJPW history.

Tango Loa also won the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship with his brother, Bad Luck Fale and Taiji Ishimori before returning to Impact as part of the Bullet Club in early 2022.

Sienna NWA Women's Champion

8. Allysin Kay/Sienna 

Known to Impact Wrestling fans as Sienna, the real-life Allysin Kay competed in numerous promotions before making her way to Impact in 2016 and became the muscle to Maria Kanellis Bennett's faction 'The Lady Squad'.

During her Sienna/Allysin's time in Impact she defeated Gail Kim, Mia Yim, Allie and even ended the in-ring career of Velvet Sky (kayfabe wise) before winning the GFW Women's Championship and later the Knockouts Championship against 'The Demon Assassin' Rosemary before leaving Impact in early 2018 to take part in the second annual Mae Young tournament.

Much like James Storm, Allysin would jump ship to the NWA where she further achieved success after becoming the new NWA Women's Champion at the 2019 Crockett Cup after the title was held up as vacant and Kay defended the belt against Marti Belle, ODB, Heather Monroe and more until her 272 day reign was ended by Thunder Rosa.

Allysin would bounce around and compete in places like AEW, UWN Primetime Live and Ring of Honor before returning to the NWA with Marti Belle as 'The Hex' where the two became the new NWA Women's Tag Team Champions and the first team to win those belts since the tag straps were retired in 1984.

lance archer

7. Lance Archer 

Starting off in TNA as the kayfabe relative, bodyguard and tag team partner to Kid Kash, Archer would win championship with Kash on two different occasions before transitioning into a singles career where Archer then known in the company as Dallas took on Monty Brown, Abyss and Team Canada before forming a memorable tag team with the late great Jimmy Rave as part of the Rock N' Rave Infection.

Archer would leave TNA in early 2009 and after having a blink and you miss it run in the WWE from 09-2010, the former tag team champion would go to GFW, New Japan and Pro Wrestling Noah where he would establish himself as a dominating force whilst winning a handful of championships in both singles and tag divisions.

In 2020, Lance Archer signed with the newly created All Elite Wrestling and soon had the legendary Jake "The Snake" Roberts as his manager while also competing for the TNT and AEW Championships and wrestling against names like Marko Stunt. Jon Moxley and Adam Page.

Aside from the WWE, Archer has achieved success in terms of recognition and championship gold in almost every major wrestling organization both in and outside of the United States.

Mickie James

6. Mickie James 

This may come as a surprise to many but Alexis Laree aka Mickie James first started off her mainstream wrestling career in the early days of TNA appearing on the very first event in the company's history before competing sporadically for against names like Jeff Jarrett, Stephanie Trinity and Kid Kash in the early 2000's.

After getting an opportunity to work in WWE's then developmental brand Ohio Valley Wrestling, James made her debut on Monday Night RAW in October of 2005 and the obsessive lesbian stalker of then Women's Champion, Trish Stratus. After beating the blond haired Canadian at Wrestlemania 22 for the title, Mickie would go from RAW to Smackdown winning the Women's and Divas Championship numerous times before leaving the company in 2010 and returning to Impact later that year.

After her second run with the promotion, James returned to the WWE where she competed against names like Asuka and Becky Lynch whilst teaming with Alexa Bliss and taking part in number of multi women tag matches.

Mickie's second run with the WWE ended with the infamous Trash Bag Incident in April of 2021 and went on to work with the NWA as a wrestler/executive producer for the NWA Empowerrr event and later returned to Impact Wrestling for the third time.

cropped-pic-e1556200270928 (1)

5. Jessie Godderz 

Jessie Godderz's early years in wrestling started of rocky when he debuted at BFG 2012 as Tara's new boyfriend and was pelted with chants of "Who Are You?" and "Boring".

Despite this, Jessie would team with Robbie E to create the tag team known as "The Bro Mans" where they became a highlight for TNA's tag team division and won the tag team titles on a few occasions.

After turning heel on Robbie, Jessie would go on to show his improvement in the ring and by the time he left the company he was seen not only as a homegrown talent but a beloved wrestler in the eyes of the fans.

Post-Impact, Godderz would show up in Ohio Valley Wrestling where he currently stands as one of the pillars of the brand even winning the OVW World Title and holding for an impressive 577 days.


4. AJ Styles 

Okay...I wouldn't waste any time mentioning AJ Styles' career in Impact because it's pretty well known by most wrestling fans, plus for the majority of this time there AJ was the literal heart, soul and face of the company.

After leaving Impact, Styles would return to NJPW where he would become the newest member of the Bullet Club and later defeat Kazuchika Okada to become the new IWGP Heavyweight Champion and the first American born wrestler since Brock Lesnar to win the belt.

AJ's time in New Japan would also see him taking on stars like Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi, Yoshitatsu and of course Shinsuke Nakamura before the phenomenal one appeared at the 2016 Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant. 

While Styles' time in the WWE did have a few stumbling blocks most regarding his booking, his since defy what a former Impact wrestler can achieve in the WWE winning not only the U.S. and Intercontinental titles, feuding with and beating John Cena in singles matches and even won the WWE Championship not once but twice making him the only former TNA wrestler to win the WWE's most prestigious prize and the only wrestler next to Kurt Angle to become a Grand Slam champion in two different promotions.


3. Jay Lethal 

So now we've reached the point in this list where the wrestlers in questions achieved so much success that it's basically overshadowed their time in the former TNA Wrestling such is the case with are next entry.

Jay Lethal is best remembered by some for his run in TNA where he not only became a six time X Division Champion, Plus his classic bouts AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Sonjay Dutt, Team 3D and his feud with the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

Jay Lethal's time in also memorable for his time as "Black Machismo" which was his alter ego inspired and later endorse by the Macho Man Randy Savage.

Upon his departure from Impact in 2011, Lethal would return to Ring of Honor where he would redefine his legacy for a new generation of fans.

After spending much of his second run as a babyface, Lethal would turn heel in 2014 become the new ROH TV Champion, a title he would hold for 567 days and during that he also won the ROH World Title making him the first black man in Ring of Honor history to do so.

In the final years of ROH's original run, Lethal would win the tag team titles with Jonathan Gresham in 2019 and helped to create the faction known as 'The Foundation' which lasted until ROH went on hiatus in late 2021. 

king xavier woods

2. Xavier Woods

When people talk about wrestlers whose success has surpassed there previous work elsewhere this man often ranks high in that discussion.

Xavier Woods first started out in TNA where he would be known for his work as an X Division and tag team wrestler as "Consequences Creed".

The biggest win for Creed during his TNA tenure was when he and Jay Lethal won the TNA World Tag Team Titles from Beer Money in 2009; Creed would continue to be involved in the X Division until his departure in 2010.

Creed made his way to WWE where defined his legacy as the trumpet playing, booty O's eating and ass shaking member of the trio known as "The New Day" which also saw the group winning championship gold a number times while also having classic feuds with countless team both on RAW and Smackdown

Outside of the ring, Woods host the Video Game centric YouTube channel: Up Up Down Down allowing himself and other wrestlers on the WWE roster a chance to show off some character and their gaming skills 

1_Nick-Aldis-02 (1)

 1. Magnus/Nick Aldis

Next to Xavier Woods, Nick Aldis is another prime example of a former Impact star achieving major success that has eclipse their time in TNA which is really saying something.

Aldis started off in TNA as Brutus Magnus (later shortened to Magnus) and during his time in the Company he would win the World Tag Team Titles on few occasions and become the first British born wrestler to win the company's world title.

While his since criticized his former promotion in interviews he did meet his current wife and mother to his child Mickie James during his tenure before making a leap to the NWA...apparently if this list has proven anything NWA is hub for former TNA wrestlers to succeed.

Anyway would join the NWA where he challenged for the NWA world Championship and eventually become two time champion with his second reign lasting an incredible 1,043 days the longest championship reign in modern pro wrestling history.

Aldis would take on wrestlers like Tim Storm, Cody Rhodes, Trevor Murdoch, Matt Cardona and countless others all while giving his career, the world title and the brand itself much revitalization. 

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