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The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to having a myriad of stories about wrestlers disliking the people they work or travel with; It often stems from backstage politics, ego, accidents, misunderstanding or someone using their position within the promotion to make sure that a wrestler gets blacklisted and their reputation is all but destroyed.

TNA/Impact Wrestling is no exception as issues between wrestlers and coworkers have become known to the general public, much to the dismay of the company's reputation.

So, here are eight times the stars of TNA/ Impact Wrestling hated each other     


 10. Ivelisse Velez vs. Tessa Blanchard


Although this feud between Tessa and Ivelisse didn’t actually started in Impact, the tension between these two could be seen as a possible factor to why the former Gut Check participant was not brought back into the company.

During a 2018 interview, Ivelisse was set to make her long awaited return back to Impact after a brief time with the company back in 2013. However, at the last minute she was told that she would no longer be needed and any communications between her and the company had ended. While a reason for the last minute cancellation has never been confirmed it can be speculated that her previous beef with third generation wrestler and former Knockouts Champion, Tessa Blanchard may have something to do with it.

According to a documentary that chronicles Tessa’s life and career upon joining Impact Wrestling, she mentions that a certain individual told her that "I never had a family name. I had to work for everything I have from the streets". Tessa also mentions that she felt unsafe working with this individual during their time in Lucha Underground.

Many believe the individual Tessa was referring to was in fact, Ivelisse and that Tessa may be responsible for Velez's cancellation to Impact.

Considering that the locker room morale within Impact has been spectacular under the Don Callis and Scott D’Amore regime, it’s possible that Ivelisse’s sudden cancellation from returning was likely due to the possibility that the two could not only create more problems for the company but intensify their already lukewarm animosity.

But when you consider the recent allegations surrounding Tessa Blanchard's bullying and blacklisting of female have to wonder, does this story have any legit merit?

9. Angelina Love vs. Brooke Tessmacher


Angelina Love and Brooke Tessmacher had a lot of similarities in their careers as both ladies had short and uneventful runs in the WWE, both went to TNA, both won the knockouts title multiple times and both were top stars during their time in the Knockouts Division, however there is one thing that these two lovely ladies completely disagree with and that is having tattoos on certain parts of your body...allow me to explain.

In 2013, Brooke Tessmacher was responding to fans comments on Twitter when a fan asked Brooke on her opinion on having tattoos on your hands; Brooke responded in a now deleted tweet where she said "On ladies no. Tats should be coverable. Classy not Trashy."

Somehow this tweet caught they attention of Angelina Love, who is a very tattooed women in her own right and responded by saying on Twitter "Laugh of the day! Ppl who don't know the difference between "classy & trashy" giving opinions on what's "classy & trashy" LOL".

The situation started to intensify when Brooke responded back with a vicious tweet saying "Eating is important, save the surgeries 2ur face when they are actually needed, age gracefully, don't over tan (leather skin) b proportioned". She then liked a tweet that was made by a fan over how Angelina was "butt hurt" about the whole thing.

Love, who reportedly had weight issues growing up took major offense to this comment but she would get help in the form of her tag team partner and best friend, Velvet Sky who showed her support by posting a photo of her hands that had a thumbs up tattoo on it.

It's unclear if or when this issue between Angelina Love and Brooke Tessmacher was ever resolved but considering the fact that Velvet and Angelina would wrestle Brooke in a number of matches between 2013-15 it's a safe bet that the physicality and tension was certainly there and it's a wonder how things didn't get worse between Angelina and Brooke in the process following their verbal catfight on Twitter.

8. Chris Sabin vs. Velvet Sky and Bully Ray


Having a stable relationship in the world of professional wrestling can be a very tricky thing to do; Names like Kurt Angle and Karen Jarrett, Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, Matt Hardy and Lita, Paige and Alberto El Patron are some of the most infamous cases of relationships ending up disastrously and this next entry on this list is no exception.

In 2013, Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky were a couple both on and off screen with the duo sharing a love of wrestling and video games, however Sabin would turn heel not too long after there relationship became public via storyline. In the early parts for the storyline Velvet was being painted as a clueless if not friendly but attractive girlfriend to Sabin while Chris was being portrayed as an egotistical and possessive boyfriend.

Unfortunately, just like what happened during the infamous Matt Hardy/ Edge/Lita love triangle, Chris Sabin's girlfriend fell in love with another wrestler on the roster, the former TNA world champion Bully Ray.

By the time Bully began seeing Velvet, the angle involving herself and Sabin was leading more to Velvet being booked more stronger as the conquering hero at almost every turn, leaving the former X Division champion looking foolishly in the process.

If the rumors are to be believed, Bully Ray used his standing within the company to convince those in charge of the booking at the time to make Velvet look stronger throughout all of this angle (something I'm sure Sabin wasn't too happy with when he found out).

But the issues didn't stop there as Sabin and Velvet would get into heated discussions on social media with Bully Ray coming in to support his new lady and not to long after this Sabin was gone from the company.

Although he has a return to Impact Wrestling as a producer and will played a key part in up-and-coming TNA: "There's No Place Like Home" event, Bully Ray and Velvet Sky would departed from the company in 2015 & 2016 respectively and as of March of 2020, the pair are still together with the duo current wrestling in Ring of Honor.

The moral of the story: If you're a wrestler and you find out that a romantic storyline will be involving you and your significant other, be sure to voice your displeasure about the angle right away. 

 7. Austin Aries vs. Sami Callihan 


The self-proclaimed “Greatest Man that Ever Lived” is no stranger to having quarrels with his fellow coworkers but today I’ll be taking about the issues between the former Impact World champion and the current World champion, Sami Callihan.

In February of 2019, a war of words were exchanged between Aries and Callihan with the latter accusing the former of "taking his ball and going home" following the controversial conclusion to Bound For Glory 2018 as well as mentioning him by his real name.

Aries took offence to this by calling Sami a 'mark' and the feud went on from there with the two men continuous making references to the 'taking you ball' line to Sami mentioning how his wrestling in three different promotions before Aries responded by calling Callihan a grunt boy before asking what major TV channel is the promotions his working for on and calling him out of shape for wrestling in a T-shirt during a match these two had in Ring of Honor.

The insults continued onward but since then neither man has made any comments about each other since their early 2019 Twitter war; Many believe the issues involving Aries and Callihan stem from Slammiversary 2018 after Aries called out Callihan on Twitter for having his match with Pentagon Jr. go longer than expected.

  6. Dixie Carter vs. Billy Corgan


In 2016, Impact Wrestling was going through a financial crisis which allegedly led to wrestlers being paid later than expected and various amounts of cost cutting which began to derailed the company’s momentum.

One of biggest examples of this would have to be Bound For Glory 2016, where the biggest issue wasn’t if the wrestlers would be paid but if they would have enough money to run the show in its entirety. 

Thankfully the company would be saved by Smashing Pumpkins Frontman, Billy Corgan (of all People) and the show went on without a hitch. However the celebrations were short when it was revealed that TNA president Dixie Carter had swindled Billy Corgan out money in exchange for the promise of having creative control of the company. When this happened a lawsuit was filed by Corgan against Dixie leading to more problems within the company.

Though the suit was settled and Corgan went on to take control of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), the lawsuit and scandal behind it all resulted in bad blood between the two parties.

  5. Scott Steiner vs. Hulk Hogan


From Ric Flair to Triple H to Vince McMahon, Scott Steiner has had his far share of feuds and rivalries with some wrestling's most influential figures.

One of the most infamous would have to be Hulk Hogan, a man Steiner hates for a myriad of reasons all stemming from Hogan's run as an authority figure in TNA. Steiner has accused Hogan of ruining the careers of many young and talented stars in TNA well as putting his real life daughter, Brooke Hogan in a position of power in the company.

In 2015, the feud went from bad to worse as Steiner was accused by Hulk Hogan for harassing his wife in an airport but a lack of camera footage supporting these claims led to Steiner not being charged of anything.

Steiner would then go on to make remarks about Hogan being racist after his sex tape scandal revealed that the Hulkster was using racial slurs against African Americans in regards to his daughter dating a black man not to mention that Steiner threatened to kill Hulk Hogan at one it's a safe bet that these two wouldn't be resolving their issues anytime soon.

 4. Reby Sky Hardy vs. Awesome Kong


Reby Sky has been notorious for her remarks on Twitter which has seen her step over the line or go too far when it comes to matters involving herself or her husband, Matt Hardy. While Reby's tweets about Jeff Jarrett's drunken history and the "F### that Owl" comment have resulted in her being demonized in the eyes of many Impact fans, it's her infamous backstage confrontation with TNA Knockout and legend, Awesome Kong that gets her on this list.

The issues between Reby and Kong go back to 2013 when the Awesome one made a comment referring to Sky as a 'Ho' during an interview with "Youshoot" and Reby Sky calling out Psycho Sid for no showing an indy event and calling Awesome Kong a lot of horrible names.

In 2016, during an Impact taping in the UK, Reby Sky got into an altercation with Awesome Kong after the two ladies were made to share a locker room together; The story has it that Kong threw Reby's bag out of the locker room and led to Kong either making an unsuccessful run for Reby or Kong choking her up against a wall before a road agent for TNA attempted to break it up...Oh yeah and Rebys/Matt Hardy's son, King Maxel was there to see the whole thing.

Kong was released from TNA not too long after they altercation but would return to pro wrestling in 2019 as the bodyguard of Brandi Rhodes' faction, The Nightmare Collective in All Elite Wrestling.

 3. Jeff Jarrett vs. Anthem Sports and Entertainment


Okay so this is more like feud between a wrestler and the promotion's financial backer than a wrestler hating another wrestler. However, problems involving the former TNA/Impact Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett and the promotions current parent company, Anthem Sports and Entertainment is about as messy as the year in which it all started.

In 2017, Anthem Media Group which is a Canadian based broadcasting and production company acquired the assets of TNA Wrestling and became it's new parent company on January 4th 2017.

Around the same time Anthem was buying stake in the company, Jeff Jarrett alongside his wife Karen returned to the company and attempted to rebrand it GFW Impact (which was a way of combining both TNA Impact Wrestling and Jarrett's other wrestling promotion Global Force Wrestling together).

The new sense of direction came in early 2017 with things slowly looking up after the success of the company's yearly PPV Slammiversary, unfortunately the issues between both parties began to show following a number of reports that revealed then TNA/GFW world champion, Alberto El Patron was accused of domestic abuse against his former fiancé' and WWE wrestler Paige with even audio footage being leaked by TMZ.

These shocking turn of events resulted in Anthem's Sport and Entertainment department looking to fire Alberto and strip him of the title, however Jarrett disagreed with this as Double J not only wanted Alberto to be the face of the company but also had some big plans for him leading up to that year's Bound For Glory event.

However, those plans wouldn't come to furwishen as a number problems regarding Jarrett's behavior both backstage and in the ring would result in the higher-ups for Anthem Sports suspending the former TNA founder before eventually terminating his position within the company all together, but not before Jarrett allegedly went out to say that: "Anthem is losing Money".

Following the dismissal of El Patron in early 2018 after no showing an event featuring Impact and Lucha Underground stars, both Impact and Anthem began to turn there lucky around following the introduction of Don Callis and Scott D'Amore as executive VP's to the company which resulted in a major resurgence in popularity for Impact...that is until a certain individual from the past came back with a vengeance.

In late 2018 Jeff Jarrett attempted to sue Impact and Anthem Sports believing his was wrongfully fired but it didn't go the way Jarrett had suspected.

Undeterred by this, Jarrett again attempted to sue both companies after footage of his previously taped shows called 'GFW Amped' had supposedly disappeared after asking for the tapes back as well as suing the company for the trademark of his promotion, Global Force Wrestling.

While questions regarding as to why Jarrett never made a master copy of his previously taped GFW shows have brought up by many, the fact still stands that the court battle between the two parties are still going on but as of July of 2020 it doesn't look like things will be going Jarrett's way any time soon as no reports have been made about this topic in months.


2. CM Punk vs. Teddy Hart


CM Punk's short run in the early days of TNA has become well known to many fans thanks to various videos on the internet. However Punk's run in the company is best remembered for one thing and it's about CM Punk's infamous fight and hatred for Teddy Hart.

In the 2000's Teddy Hart, the nephew of Bret Hart was wrestling in TNA around the same time as Punk but according to former Impact employees and even Teddy Hart himself, the fight between the two stars happened at an eating establishment when a fight sudden broke out with Teddy Hart delivering a takedown maneuver to Punk; The fight didn't last long as many who saw the fight including ECW legend Sabu was there to break it up, but the general consensus is that the fight was absolutely one-sided with Teddy getting the upper hand and Punk never having a chance to fire back.

The origins of these issues between Hart and Punk can be trace back to their time in ROH when wrestlers like CM Punk and Samoa Joe began to despise Teddy for a number of reason but the biggest would have to be an infamous moment that occurred at a Ring of Honor show in Elizabeth New Jersey which saw Hart do multiple moonsaults off the top of the cage before vomiting both in and outside of the ring on the final attempt which angered not only fans but also Samoa Joe, who was scheduled to wrestle next.

Punk's friendship with Joe in ROH not to mention his opinions on Hart, only helped to escalated the animosity the two men would have for one another before culminating in the short but infamous brawl that has stood the test of time. 

    1. Vince Russo vs. Jim Cornette


Undoubtedly the most well known and infamous case of hatred between coworkers in TNA would have to be the one involving Jim Cornette and Vince Russo.

Much like the Tessa/Ivelisse feud, Russo and Cornette's problems began way before the crossed paths in TNA but became problematic by time it resurfaced. In 2007, Jim Cornette signed with TNA as an on air authority figure however his issues with Russo occurred backstage with Cornette having to constantly deal with the wild and crazy booking of Vince Russo which caused a large amount of stress and weight gain for Louisville Lip.

Jim Cornette wasn't any better as he would get into shouting matches with almost anyone and everyone in the locker room with names like Dutch Mantell, Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter getting involved either as peacemakers or witnesses to the numerous arguments that happened behind the scenes.

Eventually in 2009 Jim Cornette's complaining finally saw him get released from the company following a disagreement with the booking of Eric Young.

Since then both Vince Russo and Jim Cornette have become blacklisted in almost every major wrestling promotion in the world whilst continuing to antagonize one another via social media, restraining orders and on various podcasts.

Cornette has even gone as far as to say that he will live long enough to take a piss and shit on Vince Russo's grave when he dies...I could go on but how do you surpass saying or doing something like that.

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