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The year 2021 was quite a transformative one for Impact what with all the partnerships between AEW and NJPW to new stars appearing to matches that stand out as some of the absolute best in the entire year. 

While 2021 may have ended just a few months ago, that doesn't mean I can't take the opportunity to look back and see which of the four official Impact PPV's were good and not so good.

With that said, here are all of Impact Wrestling's 2021 Pay Per Views Ranked from Worse to Best; Also, I should mention that I will be doing an article like this about the Impact Plus Specials that occurred in 2021 as well but that is for another day.

The IInspiration with Harley Cameron at BFG

4. Bound For Glory 

There's been a persistent belief by many Impact fans that Slammiversary has pretty much surpassed Bound For Glory when it comes to feeling like the company's version of Wrestlemania out of the two and it's safe to say that prospective hasn't changed all that much as evident by that year's BFG event.

The preshow saw Jordynne Grace defeating Crazzy Steve, John Skyler, Fallah Bahh, Chelsea Green and Madison Rayne to become the very first Digital Media Champion in a match that was good but can basically be described as "Okay we only got five minutes, let's get all of our stuff in and wrap it up nicely".

The official card kicked off with Decay's Rosemary and Havok having a decent enough match with the debuting Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay with 'The IInspiration' becoming the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Speaking of new champions, both Trey Miguel and Mickie James became the new X Division and Knockouts World Champions respectively in matches that are often considered the best of the entire show.

Elsewhere on the card, you had two thirds of Violent by Design taking on the team of Heath and Rhino, which felt more a storyline reaching its obvious conclusion than a match, The Good Brother retained their tag team titles in a match that was hastily thrown together but had some solid action and the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match was pretty much by the numbers with special entries like Rocky Romero, Melina and Dale Torborg aka the WCW KISS Demon.

The main event world championship match between Josh Alexander and Christian Cage was really good but suffers from two things: 1. The outcome being predictable and 2. The match itself never really kicking into third gear; Regardless, Josh Alexander was able to become the new world champion whilst embracing his wife and son over his victory...and then it happens. 

Much like someone cashing in their money in the bank briefcase in WWE, Moose who won the gauntlet earlier in the night cashed in his opportunity and famously speared Josh whilst his son and wife were in the ring and just in seven seconds Moose ripped away the greatest moment in Alexander's career and made it his greatest moment.

Overall, this show wasn't terrible but aside from the Triple Threat X Division title match, the bout for the Knockouts Championship and a few key moments like the musical entrance for The IInspiration, Rhino and Heath officially reuniting and the final few minutes regarding the world title, Bound For Glory 2021 is basically a show that most wouldn't remember months afterwards but still enjoyable.

fire-n-flava-hard-to-kill 2021

3. Hard To Kill 

Impact's first pay per view of the year, Hard To Kill had a few big moments and matches while everything else was good except for one match but I'll get to that soon.

The preshow saw "The Most Professional Wrestler" Brian Myers pick up the victory against Josh Alexander and it also saw Madison Rayne announce her retirement from professional least until she came back months later because as we all know wrestling retirements don't really mean anything.

The show started off with Rosemary and Crazzy Steve beating Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K before Violent By Design picked up the win against Tommy Dreamer, Rhino and Cousin Jake in an Old School six-man tag match, both matches were good for what they were.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz aka Fire N Flava became the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions in nine years after beating Havok and Nevaeh in the finals to crown the KO Tag Champions after the belts were deactivated in 2013. Manik aka TJP with a mask and face paint retained his X Division title against Rohit Raju and Chris Bey, Matt Cardona made his shocking Impact Wrestling debut against Ace Austin in a match that ended in a DQ and Deonna Purrazzo showed off her ability to stretch and pick apart her opponents in her successful title defense against Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Championship.

The last two matches: Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards in a barbed wire massacre match and the six-person tag match between Swann, Sabin and Moose between the Good Bros and Kenny Omega demonstrated the violent and death-defying action that has come to be associated with Impact Wrestling for many years.

The only real stinker on the show was the Ethan Page vs Karate Man cinematic match, now it's a stinker not just because it features one half of the former Impact tag team champions taking on a Mortal Kombat inspired version of himself or that this actually happened on pay per view but the whole controversy that sprung up soon afterwards with "All Ego" Ethan Page going to Twitter to criticize the final product and the company itself before taking some time to off of social to say that Page didn't just burn his bridge with Impact but more like blow it up with a few sticks of dynamite.  

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2. Slammiversary

The first thing that makes this Slammiversary so special is the fact that this was the first Impact PPV to have fans in attendance since Hard To Kill 2020 and considering Impact fans having be waiting to get back on the road to watch these shows in person, it probably wouldn't surprise you to hear that the tickets for this event sold out in less than 30 less minutes.

Rosemary and Havok became the new Knockouts Tag Team Championship with them being the first wrestlers to ever win a championship or see a title change hands during the preshow.

The show officially kicked off the only way Impact Wrestling knows how and that is with some X Division action; The Ultimate X match for the X Division title saw Josh Alexander, Chris Bey, Rohit Raju, Trey Miguel, Ace Austin and Petey Williams was amazing from top to bottom with moments like all of the wrestlers putting each other in submission holds most notably Alexander putting the ankle lock on Chris Bey while stilling hanging from the ropes to a super Canadian Destroyer delivered by Petey Williams himself.

Matt Cardona brought back his significant other, Chelsea Green to beat his former tag partner and ex-girlfriend in Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood respectively in a mix tag match; W. Morrissey was able to keep his undefeated streak alive by scoring the victory over Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin shocked everyone when he pinned Moose in singles competition, Deonna Purrazzo successfully defended her title against a mystery opponent in the form of Thunder Rosa and Kenny Omega was able to escape the main event against Sami Callihan still the Impact World Champion.

Now this show was far from perfect with the impromptu match between FinJuice vs Shera and Madman Fulton basically being a minute long and also an excuse to bring back the NJPW tag team, the four-way tag title match felt overbooked plus the Good Brothers once again regaining the belts just a few months after losing them and No Way being Fallah's replacement partner was a thing and then of course you have that weird moment which saw David Finlay and Juice Robinson run to the ring to fight Omega, Gallows, Anderson and a debuting Jay White just as the end credits rolled and the commentary is still going.

Despite all of those flaws, Slammiversary was still a very entertaining show but there is just one more pay per view that in my opinion that tops them all in the year of 2021.


1. Rebellion 

To be honest, Rebellion 2021 was far better than anyone could imagine as the show was filled with debuts, returns, great action and a whole of history being made.

After preshow match that saw Rosemary and Havok defeat Susan and Kimbler Lee, the show got underway with a really great triple threat match between TJP, Josh Alexander and Ace Austin for the X Division title with Alexander surprising everyone by becoming the new X Division champion and capturing his first singles gold since the end of his partnership with Ethan Page. 

The eight-man tag team match saw Violent By Design picking up the victory but the biggest talking point during and after the bout was the debut of the VBD's partner in this match: W. Morrissey aka the former Big Cass in WWE. Matt Cardona lost to his former tag team partner, Brian Myers although that leg injury he suffered during the match certainly didn't help things and Trey Miguel showed that he had the passion for this business by defeating Sami Callihan in an impressive Last Man Standing match.

The random paring of Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering shocked everyone when they defeated Fire N Flava to become the New Knockouts Tag Team Champions, FinJuice retained their Impact tag belts against the Good Brothers and Deonna Purrazzo was able to keep her Knockouts title against a very gamed Tenille Dashwood, before getting into a face-to-face confrontation with the returning Taylor Wilde.

And in the main event, Rich Swann and Kenny Omega put their respective belts on the line in a cross-promotion title unification bout that saw Omega retaining his AEW Championship but also becoming the new TNA & Impact Wrestling world heavyweight champion.

Whilst the outcome of the main event may have left a bad taste in the mouths of Impact fans especially with how the partnership between Impact and AEW ultimately turned out, you can't deny that the image of Omega becoming a dual champion for two of the biggest wrestling promotions outside of the WWE and New Japan plus all the other action and surprises that occurred helps to make Rebellion a very solid event.

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