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A couple of years ago, I wrote an article on the 10 Female Athletes That Impact Wrestling Should Consider Signing and from the amounts of comments, likes and retweets I've gotten over social media following that articles publication...I guess it's time for the sequel.

Now much like the previous article, I will be choosing wrestlers who have had previous experience with Impact or wrestlers who are known for their work on the indies but haven't gotten the mainstream recognition they need.

With all that said, here are Another 10 Female Athletes That Impact Wrestling Should Consider Signing.

Ray Lyn

10. Ray Lyn

Rachel Kelvington also known as Ray Lyn has appeared for numerous promotions like OVW, RISE, Warrior Wrestling, AAW, WWE, Impact and AEW where she's competed with names like Lady Frost, Nia Jax, Taya Valkyrie, Abadon, Renee Michelle, and Tessa Blanchard just to name a few.

Being able to play the valiant babyface or the boisterous heel just as good as anyone else and the fact that she's taken on some the best female wrestlers of the modern era, perhaps the time has come for one of the major wrestling promotions to give her another opportunity and maybe that promotion is Impact.

The former TNA Wrestling is no stranger to females who come out to the ring with bright and colorful attire and who are not afraid to get involved in intergender wrestling which is something Ray Lyn is familar with.

Blonde Force Trama

Not only that, Ray Lyn is also known for her partnership with fellow indie wrestler Heather Monroe as part of Blonde Force Trauma with the duo using Twitter to show off their comedic side while also promoting themselves to any promotion looking to book them.

With Impact Wrestling currently looking for more ladies to add to their Knockouts Tag Team Division, Monroe and Lyn would be a good team for the company to sign up and Lyn herself could also be big star on her own if given the chance.

(1) Heather Monroe ✌🏻 on Twitter: "Book Blonde Force Trauma now! Make boat loads of money 🤑 #tagteamtuesday @Ray_lyn" / Twitter

Renee Michelle vs. Ray Lyn | Womens Wrestling 2022 - YouTube

Renegade Twins vs Heather Monroe & Ray Lyn (Women's Wrestling) CCW "Battle of the Throne" - YouTube

Ray Lyn vs. Gia Scott w/ Special Guest Referee Mickie James | Womens Wrestling 2022 - YouTube

Ray Lyn vs Leila Grey Women's Wrestling | First Time Ever Match - YouTube

Ray Lyn vs Drew Blood in an Intergender Pro Wrestling Match - YouTube


9. Vita Vonstarr 

Mysterious but deadly are just a few things that can describe this next entry as Vita Vonstarr is no stranger to the macabre and unusual.

Best known as a member of the unpredictable group called 'The Righteous' during her time in Ring of Honor, Vonstarr has proven her worth in the following years thanks to her athleticism, toughness and wrestling ablity which has been on display in matches with the likes of LuFisto, Mercedes Martinez and Lady Frost.

She most recently resurfaced alongside The Righteous at the 2022 ROH event, Death Before Dishonor where she made her mark hitting a moonsault from the top rope onto the outside, but it appears that the former ROH star is looking to bring her talents elsewhere.


In recent months, Vonstarr has posted a tweet mentioning some potential interest in coming to Impact Wrestling and it's kinda easy to see why.

Even going back to the early days of the promotion, Impact has always been the island of misfit toys and Vonstarr certainly does look like a misfit that could fit perfectly in Impact Wrestling whether as a member of a group, a valet or branching out on her own in a single career... the possibilities are numerous.

(1) Vita Vonstarr vs. Adeena Steele I Women's Wrestling 2022 - YouTube

(1) [FREE MATCH] Lady Frost vs Vita VonStarr - YouTube

(1) Vita VonStarr vs Sumie Sakai on Women's Division Wednesday! - YouTube

(1) LuFisto vs Vita Vonstarr (Women's Wrestling) CCW "Battleground" - YouTube

(1) Mercedes Martinez vs Vita Von Starr 7/24/2022 - YouTube

(1) The Righteous' Cryptic Message from Vincent! - YouTube


8.  Allysin Kay 

Best known for her work in TNA Wrestling from 2016-2018 as Sienna, the real life Allysin Kay has accumulated a number of accomplishments following her departure with most of them revolving around championship gold.

In TNA/Impact, Allysin became a two time Knockouts Championship, a one time GFW Women's Champion, competed against names like Allie and Gail Kim and she also ended Velvet Sky's in-ring career within the company....not bad in terms of achievements.

Outside of Impact however, Kay has kept herself busy as she's been able to take part in the first Mae Young Classic in 2018 and then a tournament to crowd the first ever ROH Women's champion in 2021. She's also won singles and tag team gold in places like AAW, Pro Wrestling EVE and the NWA between 2019-2022.

Not to mention that Allysin has competed against some the top female stars of the day like Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb in AEW, Mia Yim and Rosemary in Impact, and even Killer Kelly during Josh Barnett's Bloodsport event with Game Changer Wrestling. 

With her previous experience in the company and the fact that Impact allows many of it's contracted wrestlers to compete with other promotions, maybe it's time for Impact management to get the former Sienna back into the their company and continue the success she previous had except this time against women like Jordynne Grace, Gisele Shaw and Masha Slamovich or perhaps she and her tag team partner/former TNA star, Marti Belle could show up in an attempt to take over the Knockouts Tag Team Division.

[1080p] Kris Statlander vs Allysin Kay - AAW Women's Championship - AAW Pro United We Stand 2021 - YouTube

(1) FREE MATCH: Women's Wrestling - Allysin Kay vs. Kimber Lee - YouTube

Taya Valkyrie vs. Allysin Kay - World's First Ever Savage AF Match from RISE - LA ESCALERA - YouTube

TNA iMPACT Sienna w KM vs Rosemary - YouTube

Allysin Kay & Marti Belle vs Angelina Love & Mandy Leon - NWA Women's Tag Team Championship - YouTube

(1) Cage Match 🔴 Thunder Rosa vs Allysin Kay - Mission Pro Wrestling - YouTube

(1) Allysin Kay & Marti Belle vs Angelina Love & Mandy Leon - NWA Women's Tag Team Championship - YouTube

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7. KiLynn King

Starting her wrestling career training in the Team 3D academy in 2018, KiLynn King's career hasn't even scratching the surface yet and already things are looking up for the young wrestler.

King's in-ring career has seen her compete against women like Savannah Evans, Hyan and Trish Adora with her most notably time in the spotlight seeing her in All Elite Wrestling against Nyla Rose, Alexia Garcia and Toni Storm on places like AEW Dark or Fyter Fest.

In the NWA, she's competed in touranments for the women's tag team titles and the Mildred Burke Invitational, plus she's compete against Natalia Markova, Chelsea Green and Kamille with the latter being for the NWA Women's Championship.

It really says a lot about the 20 something year old competitor that she's been able to wrestle on and off between AEW and the NWA just a few years into the business, but with her career still relatively fresh and not being under contract with a major promotion, the door is more than open for KiLynn King to make an Impact (no pun intended) with the former TNA Wrestling.

Whether this opportunity comes in the near future or later on down the road remains to be seen, but with the attention she's garnered in the last several years anything could happen.

Ray Lyn vs KiLynn King (Women's Wrestling) Mission Pro Wrestling - Title Match Network - YouTube

(1) Hyan vs KiLynn King - Rise of the Vixens III - VWR Championship (Women's Wrestling) - YouTube

(1) FULL MATCH - Kilynn King vs Natalia Markova | NWA Powerrr S8E4 - YouTube

(1) Savannah Evans vs KiLynn King - Ladies Night Out | Women's Wrestling - YouTube

(1) Trish Adora vs KiLynn King - CCW Championship Match (Women's Wrestling) - YouTube

Session Moth Martina

6. Session Moth Martina

Another former ROH star makes it onto this list as we look at the Irish wrestler who might as well be the female verision of ECW's The Sandman.

A mutliple time champion in various promotions across the pond, Moth Martina stands out for her cheetah inspired ring attire and coming out the ring with an alcholic beverage in her hand, but she's also a brawler when it comes to the square circle as she's gone to war with wrestlers like Piper Niven (aka Doudrop in the WWE), Su Yung, Jordynne Grace and even against the men like Brian Cage and 'Speedball' Mike Bailey.

While her history with Ring of Honor and her recent appearances on AEW Dark might give you the idea that she'll probably be signed by Tony Khan in the future, what if instead she decides to take that talent and kayfabe drunken antics to Impact Wrestling as the promotion is no stranger to having an over the top drunk female wrestler brawling with both the guys and ladies as former TNA Knockouts ODB is a prime example of that.

(1) FULL MATCH - DOUDROP Piper Niven vs. Martina - ICW Women's Title Match - YouTube

(1) Gender Neutral Championship Match - Speedball Mike Bailey vs "Session Moth" Martina vs Jay - YouTube

(1) [Free Match] Jordynne Grace & Brian Cage v Session Moth & Orange Cassidy (Intergender Tag Wrestling) - YouTube

(1) DO NOT WATCH IF YOU'RE SQUEAMISH! Su Yung vs Session Goth Martina - YouTube

(1) [FULL MATCH] Session Moth Martina vs Lizzy Evo vs Lana Austin - Three Way Dance (26/1/20) - YouTube


5. Raychell Rose

Like a few names on this list, this Texas native has only been in the wrestling world for only a handful of years, but that doesn't mean her work up to this point hasn't been impressive.

Predominately wrestling in her homestate, Raychell Rose has taken on names like Holidead, Laynie Luck and Mariah May, she's also compete against current Knockouts and ROH Women's Champions like Chelsea Green and Rok-C (aka Roxanne Perez in NXT) in many Texas centered promotions like Reality of Wrestling.

While she's best known to some Impact fans as one of many wrestlers who were decimated by Masha Slamovich during the Russian wrestler's undefeated streak in 2022, her work outside of that one match is quite good and her rivarly with female wrestler, Hyan across various promotions have helped to establish both as the future of women's wrestling.

She undoubtably could make a nice addition to the Knockouts Division as it relates to becoming a home grown talent for Impact much like fellow Texas star Jordynne Grace was able to do.

(2) Laynie Luck vs Raychell Rose - Vixens Wrestling Revolution (Women's Wrestling) - YouTube

(2) ROK-C vs Raychell Rose [FULL MATCH] Reality Of Wrestling - YouTube

(2) Chelsea Green vs Raychell Rose (Women's Wrestling) GCWA Does Dallas - YouTube

(2) Raychell Rose vs Holidead - Rise of the Vixens III - Women's Wrestling - YouTube

(2) Raychell Rose vs Hyan (Women's Wrestling) DFW All Pro - Texas Mania - YouTube

(2) Raychell Rose vs Hyan - Vixens Wrestling Revolution Championship - YouTube

(2) Raychell Rose (C) vs Hyan 2 - New Texas Pro Women’s Title Match - YouTube

(2) Hyan vs Raychell Rose 3 - No Holds Barred Match - YouTube

(2) Raychell Rose vs Mariah May - New Texas Pro Women’s Championship Match - YouTube

(2) Masho Slamovich Vs Raychell Rose #shorts #impactwrestling #femelwrestlinghighlights - YouTube


4. Miranda Alize 

Man for as short as Ring of Honor's women's division was before being bought out by Tony Khan, it certain did see a number on talented ladies take part in it and Miranda Alize is no exception.

Much like the previously mentioned Raychell Rose, Alize rose to promience with Booker T's Reality of Wrestling before taking her talent to other companies like SHIMMER, RISE, Stardom, WWE, AEW and Women's Wrestling Army with Alize's star continuing to rise with many seeing her as a must-have talent.

While her time in Impact is relatively short as she's only had two bouts with the company, her matches with Jordynne Grace in 2020 and Deonna Purrazzo in 2022 prove that she can hold her own with some of the best within the Knockouts Division.

With a young career that has already seen her competing in some of the best promotions in the United States, maybe the time has come for Scott D'Amore and Gail Kim to give Alize more opportunities to shine within the company but this time under an long term Impact Wrestling contract.


(1) FREE MATCH: Miranda Alize vs Heather Reckless | Women's Wrestling Army - YouTube

(1) Miranda Alize vs Tenille Dashwood - YouTube

(1) Tessa Blanchard Returns vs Miranda Alize 🔴 HPW Women's Wrestling - July 16, 2022 - YouTube

(1) Taya Valkyrie vs Miranda Alize (Women's Wrestling) Hurricane Pro - YouTube

(1) Deonna Purrazzo vs Miranda Alize - Women's Wrestling (Impact, AEW, Hurricane Pro) - YouTube

Max The Impaler's  debut

3. Max The Impaler

Just her appearance alone is enough to make her stand out from everyone else on this list, but when you combine it with the brute strength and athleticism she possesses then it makes you wonder how a major promotion hasn't signed Max The Impaler to a contract already.

Beginning her pro wrestling career in 2018, the "Non-Binary Nightmare" as she's been nicknamed made her presence known on the independent circuit before competing in places like Ring of Honor, NWA, All Elite Wrestling and in Japan with her most high profiled matches seeing her take on names like Nyla Rose, Kamille, LuFisto and Aja Kong.

Impact fans will especially be familiar with Max thanks to her match with Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace at the 2022 Victory Road event which saw the Impaler throwing around Grace like a ragdoll which is quite an impressive feat considering that most of Jordynne Grace's matches see her tossing people around, so to see someone else do it to her is quite something.


In addition to her power and intimidation, Max The Impaler is also no stranger to being a part of a tag team as she's teamed up with fellow indie wrestlers: Leon Ravage and Heidi Howitzer to create the faction known as Wasteland War Party.

Considering how much Impact's Knockouts tag division needs more teams, perhaps the duo of Max and Heidi could join the company along with Blond Force Trauma in order to inject some new blood and intrigue to the division.

Plus, if Father James Mitchell is the manager of both Max and Heidi or just Max herself (as he did during Max's match with Grace) then it will be all the more better.

WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Kamille v Max The Impaler! Cyon! Pretty Empowered! | NWA PowerrrSurge S10E1 - YouTube

FULL MATCH: Max the Impaler & Heidi Howitzer vs Kenzie Paige & Ella Envy (New South Pro Wrestling) - YouTube

(3) Blonde Force Trauma Vs Wasteland War Party MAW Grand Slam 3!!! 11/13/21 - YouTube

Hyan vs Max the Impaler on Women's Division Wednesday! - YouTube

[Free Match] Willow Nightingale vs. Max The Impaler | Beyond Wrestling (AEW Dark, All Elite, ROH) - YouTube

FULL MATCH: Max the Impaler vs LuFisto | Women's Wrestling Army - YouTube

(3) [Free Match] Megan Bayne vs. Max The Impaler | Beyond Wrestling (Intergender Mixed Women's ROH AEW) - YouTube

Mariah May

2.  Mariah May

One of the youngest wrestlers on this list, Mariah May has already competed in places like NXT UK, performed in front of sold out arenas and won championships in a few promotions...and she's done all of this before her 25th birthday.

May first started in wrestling 2018 but it wasn't until a year later when she began competing in the ring with names Nina Samuels, however it wasn't until the world began to lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic when the British wrestler would go on to appear in countless promotions and wrestle ladies such as Raychell Rose, Lana Austin, Gisele Shaw and Lady Frost with the latter taking place in the legendary 2300 Arena, the former home of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

She's also acquired fame outside the square circle as she's also dabbled in the work of acting and modeling, worked with various fashion brands in the U.K., and in 2017 and 2020 she's started her own YouTube and Twitch accounts which she has used regularly to promote herself and her matches.

Considering how Impact Wrestling was able to draw in a good amount of numbers on a weekly basis when they were Twitch and the fact that she could vlog much of her experiences working for Impact on her YouTube channel, plus the fact that having an up-and-coming international star could open more doors for the company in the U.K., it would be insane for Impact to not jump on this and sign May to a long term contract.

(1) Raychell Rose vs Mariah May - New Texas Pro Women’s Championship Match - YouTube

(1) #CZW FREE MATCH : Mariah May vs Zoey Skye - CZW All Night Long 3/27/22 - YouTube

(1) FULL MATCH: Mariah May V Lana Austin | DNA Wrestling - YouTube

(1) Mariah May VS Claudia Bradstone - EWE | FULL MATCH - YouTube

(1) Mariah May VS Lady Frost - 2300 Arena - BCW | FULL MATCH - YouTube

fg0rfafxiauzsdc (1)

1. Alex Windsor

Full disclosure...when I decided to make another one of these kinds of articles, this woman was the first person that came to mind and rightfully so because she combines many of the attributes that so many of the women on this list have.

Another British born wrestler who found success during and after the Covid era of wrestling, Alex Winsdor was trained by Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya, names that might not be well known to those in the U.S. but it many interest you to know that Ricky and Saraya's daughter is none other that former WWE superstar and pro wrestler Paige, so you know that being trained by the parents of the first British born wrestler to have held the NXT Women's and Divas Championship is a big deal.

Windsor is super athletic in the ring as her matches with Riho, Hyan and countless other have proven this, but it's her match with Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace at a 2021 Wrestle Carnival event that got her the most attention in the United States and she's also a pro when it comes to wrestling touranments as she's compete in a large number of them both in the U.K. and Japan winning a few championships along the way.

She's also sponsored by Graps Apparel which is a well known European Clothing brand that provides pro wrestling merchandise, she's also not afraid show the more humorous side to her personality as seen in interviews for TNI UK and a post match interview following a Japanese tournament match in 2022 where she's frequently reminds her intrepreter to mention her name over and over when giving comments about her recent match.

In short, while all of the ladies on this list are names that Impact Wrestling managment should be looking at when it comes to finding the next crop of Knockouts for their women's division, Alex Windsor is certainly a woman that would be tailor made for the company especially if your going against ladies like Deonna Purrazzo, Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich.

[Free Match] Jordynne Grace vs Alex Windsor (Women's Wrestling, IMPACT, TNA Wrestling ) - YouTube

Alex Windsor vs. Safire Reed | Full Match - YouTube

(1) [FREE MATCH] Alex Windsor Vs Mercedez Blaze - Iron Women of Resurgence Tournament - YouTube

(1) [Free Match] Alex Windsor (C) vs Lucia Lee vs Kara (Women's Wrestling ) - YouTube

(1) [Free Match] Hyan (C) vs Alex Windsor -Heart Of Shimmer Championship (Women's Wrestling) - YouTube

BISON TALKS WRESTLING | Alex Windsor Interview | TNI-UK - YouTube

TNI-UK | Can Eddie & Sami Co-Exist? Special Guest: Alex Windsor! | IMPACTED #48 - YouTube

TJPW 東京女子プロレス on Twitter: "大田区大会試合後コメント🎙 ウィンザー「アレックス・ウィンザーが世界を席巻するぞ! イギリスで敵なし。日本でも一発でタイトルを獲った。東京女子が防衛戦をやってくれっていうなら戻って来るけど、世界中どこでも行ってアレックス・ウィンザーがやりたいようにやる!」 #tjpw #tjpwSSP22" / Twitter

(1) [FREE MATCH] Alex Windsor Vs Rhio - Iron Women of Resurgence Tournament FINAL - YouTube

So what do you think? Which female athletes do you think Impact should give a chance? Let me know in the comments section below

Also if you didn't see a name you think should be on here, be sure to check out the first list I made on this topic, link to which is down below:

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