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Ask Dixie Carter Questions, Bully Ray Promotes TNA In Biloxi

Bully Ray

Ask Dixie Carter Questions on Twitter

Dixie Carter is taking over Cosmopolitan UK's Twitter account at the top of the hour (10 AM EDT). You can ask Dixie a question using the hashtag #AskDixie. Make sure you follow us @WNWNews.

Bully Ray Promotes TNA in Biloxi

The Sun Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from TNA Champion Bully Ray to promote Friday's TNA Wrestling live event in Biloxi, Mississippi. In true Ray fashion, he's completely in-character for the piece.

"I grew up watching Hogan and Sting," Ray said. "It's a sense of accomplishment when you step into the ring with them. Now, I get to manipulate and ruin their lives."

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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