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Austin Aries Comments On TNA Wrestling Letting The Fans Decide Which Ring To Use

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As we noted on the site yesterday, TNA Wrestling is asking their fans to vote on which ring the company should use moving forward. Should they use the four sided ring or the six sided ring? The winning win will be revealed this Friday and whatever one wins will be used at their New York City tapings next week and beyond.

The company is seeing lots of talk about the voting as at one point yesterday "#6sides" was trending in the United States. While there is a lot of debate on what ring the company should use, Austin Aries is speaking out on the situation on his official Twitter account. Below are his tweets:

Back in March when Austin Aries was off of Impact Wrestling for a month or more, speculation started to rise on Aries' status with the company. After I published an article about the situation on and sent it to him, he replied with the following,

"Seems to be some overanalyzing going on. I tweet more often about my personal, non-wrestling life, than not. Keep that in mind y’all…"

This should be brought up because he reveals he is more out of character on his Twitter page.

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