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Austin Aries Discusses Highlights Of His Year, Slammiversary In Boston

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Austin Aries

Marvel has a new Q&A online with Austin Aries, below is an excerpt: This year has been huge for you. You became World Champion and one of the top stars at Impact Wrestling. What have been some of the highlights?

Austin Aries: Well, obviously, the World Championship would be the highlight of anyone’s career. But I think the whole journey in general and also where it’s going to continue to go in the next couple of years. I’m appreciative to get to go on the stage, to go out there and do something I love to do. Slammiversary is being held in Boston this year. Is that a fun city to work in?

Austin Aries: Bostonians are passionate people. It’s a lot more fun to perform there than it is to navigate their street systems. I’ve gotten lost more than once in Boston, and it’s easy to do.

Obviously coming to Boston had a little extra meaning this year, and we can give them a night of entertainment.

Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

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