Austin Aries Pushes Back On TNA Problems; Richard Reacts, Road Trip To BFG


- Austin Aries has been on a limitless media tour leading up to Bound for Glory as we have two more articles to mention. He spoke at this link with Gordon Holmes and at this link with One thing that caught my attention was the following from Aries' interview with Holmes:

Holmes: TNA seems to be undergoing somewhat of a shift lately with some big names leaving the company and other rumored problems. As a performer is it hard to block that out?

Aries: A lot of reports about problems with the company are from journalists who are trying to get clicks on their website. It seems like there’s a certain core of pundits who like to take any news with TNA and make it negative. The fact is, the things going on in TNA, whether you’re talking about talents that are coming and going, that’s all part of a growing business.

Holmes: So everything is business as usual?

Aries: I think there’s almost a certain group of people who root for the company to go out of business just so they can say, “I told you so.” Unfortunately for those people, I think TNA is going to be here for a long time to come

Richard Reacts: A lot of this falls right along with what I discussed in Friday's installment of Ask WNW. There is a certain segment [of fans and pundits] that are negative no matter what and I absolutely see what Aries is saying when he points towards a "certain group of people who root for the company to go out of business." However, it would be naive to believe that it's just "business as usual."

I for one want TNA to succeed. I pushed back for as long as I could push back on the "TNA financial problems" because honestly, none of us really know because we don't have access to the financials. However, there comes a point where we also have to come to the realization that it's more than an agenda or a segment of TNA naysayers. Cutting workers with no storyline or direction is one thing but canceling live events and television tapings leading into the company's biggest show of the year, is another. There are problems and I for one am rooting for a turnaround.

- While I don't think we've been following this episode-by-episode, you can watch episode 8 of "Road Trip to Bound for Glory" with Eric Young and Joseph Park at this link.

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