Austin Aries & Alex Shelley Star In A New Music Video; Watch It Here


- TNA Impact Wrestling sent out the following this morning:

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING superstars Austin Aries and Alex Shelley star in the new music video from critically acclaimed British act "Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly." The video for GCWCF track ‘The Real McCoy’ made its worldwide television debut on Xplosion and TNA IMPACT WRESTLING.

Fans can watch the full video below, or share it with friends at this link:

The seemingly unlikely collaboration is in fact something that front man, Sam Duckworth, has been working very closely on for two years.

As a huge wrestling fan, the English songwriter has immersed himself in the world of the sport, attending events around the globe and becoming a big advocate of it inside the world of music.

Teaming up with one of the UK’s newest and most acclaimed film-makers, the BAFTA Award nominated Luke Snellin, TNA IMPACT WRESTLING and GCWCF have produced an incredibly tight, stylish and moving piece of film.

The video was shot at Nottingham Capital FM Arena and has the full wrestling experience, from backstage to in the ring and details movements and emotions that wrestlers go through when preparing for battle.

The soundtrack fits perfectly with a steady upbeat tempo that accompanies the silent narrative of the fighters and gang vocals that splice through the tension of the scenes portrayed through the eyes of the main protagonists.

Sam explains his love affair for the sport and the video by exclaiming: “This video has been two years in the making and hopefully goes someway to show the art of professional wrestling. Life would be a more boring place without the squared circle. I hope you enjoy this celebration of it.”

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING X Division champion and star of the video itself, Austin Aries, commented: “It was a pleasure to take part in the Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly video for The Real McCoy. And really, there isn't a more fitting band name, as I actually do have cape, wear cape and fly.

"As for the band, I'm sure they will agree it was an honor and privilege to have such a great talent like myself join forces with them to create a one of a kind video. It may have gone down as The Greatest Video That Ever Lived if it wasn't for the inclusion of Alex Shelley.

"I'm the X Division Champion of the World and The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. I got my cape. I'll wear my cape. And I will fly."

The Real McCoy is the opening track on the new Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly album Maps, which will be released through Cooking Vinyl on May 7. GCWCF tour the UK in May 2012, with international dates to be announced later this year. For more information go to

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