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There has been so many talented athletes to come through TNA/IMPACT over the years and many of those talented athletes are women. The Knockouts Division has been touted for over a decade as the best women's divisons in professional wrestling. They are herald for being the original Women's Evolution.

Today I start a series entitled "Best Of TNA/IMPACT" it will take a look at some to have come through the doors of the IMPACT Zone. First up I take a look at the Best Of The Knockouts.

Here are some of the best Knockouts matches since the inception of the division back in 2007.

Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo (Knockouts Championship):

Here is a snippet of the match from my Slammiversary LIVE Coverage:

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Jordynne powers Deonna into the corner. They break up and Deonna goes to the floor to compose herself. Deonna trash talks Jordynne. Deonna comes bsck in and they lock up again with Jordynne getting control of the wrist but Deonna hits a standing switch and gains control but Jordynne fights back and sends Deonna to the floor. Deonna comes back in and hits a standing switch and eats a back elbow and Jordynne Grace picks up the pace and sends Deonna to the floor where she follows her and ground and pounds her. They slide back in as Jordynne props Deonna on the top rope but she fights back and kicks and stomps the arm and should of Jordynne. She then drops the leg on the shoulder for a two count.

Rosemary vs Su Yung vs Havok vs Taya Valkyrie (Monster's Ball):

The bell rings and here we go. Taya and Havok go at it with Havok looking to have the power advantage and she muscles Taya into the corner. On the other side of the ring Rosemary and Su Yung are slugging it out as Rosemary is choking out Su in the opposite turnbuckle. Both Taya and Rosemary are able to turn things about and Taya lays in the foream strikes to the face of Havok. Taya then lays in the stomps to the midsection of Havok knocking her down in the corner while Rosemary traps Su Yung in the upside down on the opposite side of the ring. Rosemary finally relinquish the hold and slips to the outside of the ring opening the door for Taya to hit a running meteora to Su Yung. Rosemary slides back in the ring and gts taken out by a big boot from Havok. Havok then turns her attention to Taya and looks to take her out with a clothesline but Taya ducks it and sends her into Su but Havok puts on the brakes. Su, Rosemary, and Taya all slip out to the floor and grab steel chairs while Father James Mitchell hands Havok a trash can full of toys. All four Knockouts are in the ring now and we have ourselves a four way staredown. Rosemary and Su collide with their chairs while Taya grabs her staple gun and ducks the cookie sheet from Havok. Taya looks to staple the face of Havok but she puts a stop to that. Havok makes Taya drop the staple gun as Su comes flying in with a strike to the face of Taya as Rosemary hits a forearm strike to Havok. Rosemary tries to send Havok into the chair she set up in the corner but Havok puts on the brakes. Taya then whips Su in the corner while Havok charges Rosemary with a cookie sheet but Rosemary ducks and pulls down the ropes as Havok spills onto the apron. Su is able to sidestep Taya and kicks her in the midsection and lays in the stomps. Rosemary on the other hand knocks Havok off the apron with a trashcan. In the end Taya would retain her Knockouts Championship after Havok hit a Tombstone Piledriver from the top rope on Su into thumbtacks and Taya hits Havok with a steel chair to steal the pin. 

Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong (No Disqualifications):

Before Gail could even enter the ring Kong blast her off the ring apron to the floor. The bell finally rings and Gail comes back and looks to grab the ankle of Kong but Kong just shoves her off into the steel guardrail with her other boot. Kong then meets Gail out on the floor and looks to drag her somewhere but Gail fights back with kicks to the midsection of Kong looking to break free and slow her down. Kong then chops Gail in the chest but Gail answers back with multiple forearm strikes and a kneelift to the midsection of Kong. Awesome Kong answers back with a HUGE clothesline laying of Kim on the concrete. Kong then turns her attention to the announce table as she bullies Mike Tenay and Don West who are on commentary. Kong then turns her focus to Gail and looks to hit her with the Awesome Bomb through the announce table but Gail fights free. Kim then hits Kong with a melee of forearm strikes to the face. Kim then continues the attack with kicks to the midsection but Kong is able to drive Kim back first into the ring apron. In the end of this brutal match Gail Kim was able roll up Kong as Kong was about to powerbomb the second referee to pick of the win and retain her title. After the match Kong and Gail were still brawling with each other as officials, security, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love came into the ring to break them up.

Rosemary vs Jade (Steel Cage KO Title):

The bell rings and here we go. Rosemary charges at Jade with a shoulder block into thr ropes before the cage door can even close. Both Knockouts spill to the outside of the cage and begin to trade blows back and forth. Rosemary seems to get a slight advantage with an uppercut to Jade but Jade fights back with a shot to the midsection of Rosemary and a forearm to the face. Rosemary is able to fight off Jade with a shot to the face followed up eith driving her face first into the steel steps. Rosemary then grabs a trashcan from under the ring and tosses it and Jade into the ring. Rosemary finally reenters the cage and th door can now be shut. Jade then comes bsck with multiple palmstrike and kicks to the face and body of Rosemary and gets a nearfall. Jade then mounta Rosemary and lays in the forearm strikes and punches before getting back to her feet and kicking Rosemary in the ribs. Jade then hits a gutwrench suplex for a nearfall. We then see Jade hit Rosemary with a forearm strike sending her into the ropes as Jade looks to irish whip her but Rosemary counters sending Jade into the ropes. Jade comes off the ropes and ducks a clothesline then hits the ropes again and comes off with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedown to Rosemary. In the end Rosemary hits Jade with the yellow mist then the red wedding for the pinfall victory and becomes the new Knockouts Champion.

Gail Kim vs Taryn (Last Knockouts Standing):

The bell rings and here we go. Both Knockouts get right up in each other’s faces and begin jawjacking with each other. Gail then slaps Taryn which leads to a series of forearm stirkes from Terrell that backs Gail up to the ropes and corner. Kim fights out though with a kick to the midsection of Taryn then a forearm strike to the face. Gail then drives Taryn face first into the turnbuckle followed up with a kick then a series of forearm stirkes. Taryn then catches Gail with a back elbow and looks to drive her face first into the top turnbuckle but Gail puts the boot up to stop it from happening. Gail then hits Taryn with a kneelift and drives her into the opposite turnbuckle before choking her with boot in the throat. Gail thn hits a running forearm splash on Taryn in the corner but then decides to gloat which opens the door for Taryn to take her down with multiple running clotheslines before hitting the ropes and knocking her down with a shoulder block. Taryn stays on the offensive as she comes off the ropes with a spinning neckbreaker into a suplex. Gail crawls to the corner and nails Taryn with a back elbow then locks in an octopus stretch as ODB begins the count. In the end Taryn counters a piledriver attempt from Gail and hits her with a bulldog off the ramp as Taryn makes it to her feet before the count of ten for the victory.

Jordynne Grace vs Lacey Ryan(Knockouts Championship):

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Lacey is matching Jordynne in the strength department here as no one came seem to get the advantage as they toss each other around the ring. They make it to a corner but continue to hold onto each other as they move to another ring. Jordynne finally breaks the hold with a kneelift to the midsection and we get a not so clean break as Lacey pushes Jordynne. They lock up again and this time Jordynne has the advantage as she hits a sideheadlock takeover but Ryan counters with a head scissors. Both Knockouts make it back to their feet as Jordynne locks in a sideheadlock but Ryan immediately shoots her off into the ropes and gets taken down with a HUGE shoulder block from Grace. In the end Jordynne Grace was able to hit the Grace Driver to retain the title.

Tessa Blanchard vs Taya Valkyrie (Mexican Street Fight):

Before Taya can even make her way to the ring Tessa charges at her with a steel chair and Taya takes her down sith a right hand. Taya then lays in the punches to Tessa as the bell rings. Taya then throws Tessa down the entrance ramp and begins stomp on her. Taya then throws Tessa into the ring and grabs a steel chair from under the ring. Tessa then catches Taya coming back in the ring with a kick to the face. Tessa then clubs the back of Taya multiple times before setting the chair up between the turnbuckles. Tessa then turns her attention back to Taya and connects with a forearm shot to the face. Tessa then looks to irish whip Taya into the chair but Taya puts on the brakes and hits her with a german suplex. Taya then rains down shots on Tessa beforw kicking her in the back twice. Taya then goes for one last kick before making the cover for a one count. Taya then englufs Tessa and rains down forearm stirkes before tossing her to the floor. Taya then gloats and panders to the crowd which gives Tessa time to recover and hit her with a cookie sheet as Taya went for the suicide dive. Tessa then dives Taya face first into rhe rinpost before throwing her into the guardrail and throwing a chair at her face. The finish of the match sees Taya hit a double stomp off the top onto Tessa through a table to retain her title.

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