Billy Corgan On A Warpath - Threatened To Sell To "PW Titan"

Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan is on the warpath with TNA Wrestling and as we reported, is doing it on the public platform of Twitter.

He corrected a fan meme and said he is owed $2.7 million, not the reported 1.8 million. This is money he loaned the company to continue operating. Remember, he was trying to use the money he loaned the company as a way to purchase control. The deal fell apart and now it's a mess.

Corgan formally requested repayment today and threatened to take what he is owed to court and convert it into company stock or sell the options to the highest bidder. He teased a pro wrestling titan, which obviously could have been a WWE tease.

To catch you up on the situation, here are all the tweets:

Corgan is out of the picture as far as his role in TNA Wrestling but he’s still owed money and his lawsuit remains open.

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