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Bobby Lashley On Difference Between WWE & GFW, Changes In Personnel

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley took part in an interview with ESPN and talked about the transition from WWE to Impact Wrestling (soon-to-be GFW):

“When I came over [to Impact Wrestling] from the WWE, I didn’t know what to think. Wrestling is wrestling. WWE is the flagship program, of course. But there’s just so much incredible talent [here]. …When I came over and worked with Bobby Roode, we did two matches together, I thought he was amazing. Amazing. The guy is really good. Bobby Roode is born to be their star. And I’m glad they found something with him. That ‘Glorious’ thing is pretty nice.”

Lashley also discussed the change in personnel in Impact:

“Now with the new ownership in, one thing everybody’s happy about is that they’re getting paid on time. Change is good, and change is bad at the same time. I think a lot of people are happy with it, but some of the bad things that happened saw some of our top guys leaving, like [Mike] Bennett, Drew [Galloway, now McIntyre] and the Hardy Boyz.”

You can check out Lashley in action during this weekend's Slammiversary event live on pay per view and also covered live right here on


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