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Bobby Lashley Signs A Deal With Nutrabolics

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Current TNA Wrestling and Bellator talent Bobby Lashley has signed a deal with Nutrabolics, a supplement company based out of Canada. The deal between each has Lashley as the company's spokesperson. The company is also noted for endorsing former WWE star Batista.

The original press release can be viewed below, or from Wire Service (A press release/media distribution website out of Canada) at this link:

Press Release (04/02/2015) - It was an exciting week for the Canadian supplement company Nutrabolics,® who recently finalized a spokesperson contract with World Heavyweight Champion Wrestler, Bobby Lashley. As a wrestler, Lashley has always been immersed in athletics and bodybuilding. His story is a unique one though, as his career has evolved dramatically from the flaring egos and showy muscle-moves of the professional wrestling circuit to the precision tactics, stamina, and strength of the MMA octagon.

"Over the years we've sponsored many of the athletic greats from MMA champion, Anderson Silva to Guardians of the Galaxy star, Batista, so when Bobby first came into focus for us as an athlete his pro wrestling background was an obvious asset," says Marketing Director, Dean Maier. "What's more, we are absolutely blown away by the dynamic arc of his fitness career over the past few years. Bobby is an incredibly versatile and well-conditioned athlete, making him a great fit for the team as we progress in our own brand evolution."

Nutrabolics® is a world leader in cutting-edge sports nutrition. Emerging from the vision to create an industry-leading premium sports supplement brand, Nutrabolics® focuses on innovative ingredients and formulas for progressive bodybuilders and athletes. 2015 is an especially anticipated year for the company as it will soon be launching its rebranded image to over 60 countries and hundreds of retailers around the world.

"I have been waiting a long time to join up with a brand that is in sync with my personal goals, and I am very excited that I have found this in Nutrabolics,®" says Lashley. "I basically view muscle and strength as a lifestyle; I believe this partnership will help take my conditioning to the next level and generate awareness about Nutrabolics'® unique approach to supplementation; I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this team."
Nutrabolics® is weeks away from launching completely its rebranded and reformulated product line so keep your eyes on supplement stores near you for this reimagined brand in black.

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