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Bobby Roode Discusses Cheap Finishes To Title Matches; Expresses The Need For TNA To Tape Outside Orlando

The UK Sun and have new articles online featuring quotes from TNA Champion Bobby Roode. Below is an excerpt each article:

ON THE ACCUSATION OF ‘CHEAP’ FINISHES TO HIS TITLE MATCHES: “I don’t write the shows, I just go out and perform.

"But obviously something’s being done right because from a wrestling standpoint I’m meant to be hated. If people hate me I’m doing a good job.

“I don’t think it devalues the world title at all. I think it’s intriguing, it makes people want to watch and see me get beat. Every time I win it p****s them off even more.”

Click here to read the article by The UK Sun.

"Obviously, I'm not the man who pays the bills; I'm not the wallet, so to speak, But in order for us to take that one step further I think it's a necessity for us to step away from Orlando and do our television tapings elsewhere in the country."

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Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending the links.

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