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Bobby Roode On TNA's Next Big Step & His Future Personally

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Bobby Roode

I was on a media conference call with Bobby Roode on Wednesday to promote the premiere of TNA 10 Reunion, which comes to pay-per-view on Friday at 8 PM EDT.

I asked Roode a two-part question. Following the evolution of TNA (from the Nashville Fairgrounds to a cable TV staple that travels the world) what's the next step for the company and what's the next step for Bobby Roode personally?

Bobby told me that the next big step for TNA is company awareness. He said taking Impact on the road was a major step for them. Roode said he doesn't believe people know just how big of a step that was, however, now is the time to build on that. They want to concentrate on drawing the casual fan, making them aware of Bobby Roode, James Storm, AJ Styles, etc. Roode said product awareness is the key and the next big step to making them a huge wrestling company.

As for him personally, Bobby said the next step is becoming a household name. He wants to be a multiple time world heavyweight champion and in top storylines and feuds.

I've been recapping the other questions from the call and will post a transcript when it's over.

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