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TNA Wrestling Bound For Glory Preshow Results - 10/20/13

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TNA Bound for Glory 2013

TNA Wrestling Bound for Glory Preshow - 10/20/13
Report by: Alex Barie of

The Countdown to Bound for Glory begins with a video that runs down the matches for the PPV.

Jeremy Borash is shown backstage with many televisions behind him. He then sees Dixie Carter and pulls her over. She was on her phone. He puts her in front of the camera and mentions AJ Styles. Dixie Carter talks about when he ripped up the check she was going to give him. Dixie announces the main event match will be a No DQ match and AJ will be the one who is going to pay tonight. She thanks JB and walks away.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown as they are sitting behind their commentator's desk. The light is on them while the audience is filling in the seats. They first mention Sting vs. Magnus for tonight's show. They then go to the Ultimate X match. Manik vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe. We also have Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode. AJ Styles will fight Bully Ray for the TNA World Title and it is a No DQ match. The photo also says No Countout.

A video shows Jeff Hardy coming into the arena. Another one shows Gail Kim arriving wheeling her suitcase. It then goes to Magnus as he is coming into the building. All of these videos were captured earlier today.

AJ Styles is walking backstage in his leather jacket and a black baseball hat. Bully Ray is then shown walking outside. He is coming into the arena.

Jeremy Borash is with the four teams that will be in the Gauntlet match that will happen later during the broadcast. We know BroMans will be the last team to enter the gauntlet. The third team that will enter will be Eric Young and Joseph Park. Bad Infleunce and Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez will start the match. All the teams start yelling at each other. JB is right in the middle of it.


A video that was shown this past Impact Wrestling of Ethan Carter III is shown where he is in a photo shoot. He tells the cameraman that he will be at Bound for Glory.

BroMans are backstage. Robbie E tells Jesse that they are the fourth team to enter so they are really going to win the match tonight. Jesse says they watched the tapes and are ready. Just then, Mr. Olympia Phil Heath comes into the picture. He celebrates with BroMans. They state he will be there to celebrate their victory. Phil shows his bicep muscle and the BroMans mark out.

The camera shows the Ultimate X structure that is around the ring. A video then airs showing Austin Aries making the match for Bound for Glory. He makes it a Fatal Four Way while Jeff Hardy announces that he wants to do an Ultimate X match. Jeff has never been in one. Samoa Joe comes into the picture and adds himself into the mix. The Impact before Bound for Glory has all of the contestants battle it out. Who is going to win?!

Jeff Hardy is shown. He can't believe it when he saw the structure. He says this is the future of wrestling. He wants to win the title to add it to his career. Last year he won the TNA World Title. Here is a chance to win another title. Big names and great talents are in this match. He talks about Samoa Joe and says he can very well kill you when the crowd states, "Joe is gonna kill you." Jeff says the whole idea and the match itself is crazy. He is excited it for it though. Jeff is going to be out of his comfort zone but he will have to make it comfortable. Jeff goes on to make his predictions but the video is cut off.

A new interview guy is backstage. He introduces Bad Influence. Daniels and Kaz talks about the match and how they are going to win. Daniels raises the guy's hand and solutes the tag team and then honks his nose like a clown. He will worship the team. Bad Influence leaves and the guy looks uncomfortable.

A video plays from the TNA Hall of Fame. Kurt Angle stands up from his table and is welcomed to the stage. He stands at the podium.


Mike Tenay and Taz are shown behind their desk. The arena is getting loud as the fans continue to fill in the arena.

A video shows the TNA Hall of Fame that occurred last night. Kurt Angle walks out with his wife and have a seat. Samoa Joe is shown giving a speech. He talks about Kurt's wrestling and fighting him. He said it has always been rewarding. Magnus is then shown as he states he is an inspiration and thanks Kurt for everything he has done. Sting is then shown giving his speech. He says Kurt is one of the best entertainers in wrestling history. Kurt Angle is then introduced. He comes on the stage. He says he has so much respect for everyone. He then thanks the fans because, without them, this business wouldn't be anything.

Samoa Joe is shown backstage. He is talking about Bound for Glory and how he wants to capture the X Division Title. The camera shows Magnus and Sting. Joe says he hopes they work out something between them. Kurt Angle enters the room and they hug him. Joe says the group is back together. Kurt will have to take down Roode. Roode agrees. Joe opens the door and they all walk out.

Christy Hemme is shown as she introduces the following match. Bad Influence, Christopher Daniels and Kaz, come out to their music. They dance their way to the ring. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez come out next. Hernandez holds a Mexican flag. They come down the ramp and get in the ring.

4 Tag Team Gauntlet Match to determine the #1 contenders for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Chavo and Kaz start the match. The crowd is hyped up and ready to go. Chavo and Kaz walk around the ring. Kaz goes right after Hernandez on the apron whole Daniels hits Chavo. Daniels enters and they double team Chavo. Hernandez gets in the ring and lifts Kaz and Daniels up on his shoulders and does a double back breaker. Hernandez leaves the ring and goes up the ramp. He runs and jumps over the ropes and lands on Daniels while Chavo flies from the top rope onto Kaz. The crowd pops.


Hernandez has Kaz in the ring. He lifts him up on his shoulders and twists him around and plants him down face and chest first. Both are down. Hernandez and Kaz crawl to their corners. They tag their partners. Chavo does a dropkick to Daniels and then whips him in the ropes. Chavo spins around and does a hurricanrona. He covers Daniels but Kaz enters and stops the count. Hernandez enters. Influence attacks him and double whip him in the ropes. Hernandez knocks Kaz down with a closeline. He takes Daniels down. Daniels gets up and Hernandez runs to him, but Daniels holds the ropes down and Hernandez goes to the outside. Chavo gets up and hits three suplexes to Daniels. He goes to the top rope for a frog splash, but Kaz pushes him off. Daniels attacks him and covers. Elimination: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Joseph Park and Eric Young come out next. They walk down the ramp. They enter they ring and Influence go right after them. Daniels whips Young in the ropes but Young ducks and hits a dropkick. Kaz has Park in the corner and attacks him. Young attacks Kaz and they double team him. They drop Kaz down and Park does a big splash to him. Park gets him up and does a body slam. Young goes to the apron. Park goes for another body slam, but Daniels slides in and does a chop block. The referee is still talking to Young. Kaz punches Park in the face multiple times. He gets up and taunts Young and then tags Daniels. Daniels enters and hits Park. He then takes him to the corner and then does a snapmare takedown. He tags Kaz. Daniels goes to the apron but comes in and does a leg drop. Kaz enters and continues the attack. Park comes back with punches. He gets up and whips Kaz. Kaz goes for a sunset flip. Park goes to sit on him but Kaz moves out of the way. He then does a closeline to Park as he is sitting down on the mat. Kaz applies a headlock. He then tags Daniels.


Young is taking Daniels down with closeline after closeline. He then hits Kaz off the apron. Daniels goes to the apron. Young punches his face ten times. Daniels tries to come back but Young hits a belly to belly suplex. He covers but Kaz enters. Young gets up and takes him out to the outside. Daniels goes after Young. He takes him down and then goes for the BME but Young moves. Park grabs Daniels and hits him with a fallaway slam. Young covers. Elimination: Bad Influence

Kaz enters and attacks the tag team. Kaz lifts Young up and drops him down on his head. Daniels takes Park to the outside and smashes him head first into the steel structure. The referee calls for help. Officials come out and help Park. Music hits and here comes BroMans. Phil Heath come out with them. They are laughing and laughing as the tag team down and out. The officials help Park up. BroMans wave good-bye to him. Park turns his head and shows blood coming from his mouth. Robbie E enters and covers Young. Eric kicks out. Robbie does it again but Young kicks out.

Robbie tags Jessie. Jessie hits Young with a body shot. He whips Young right into him with a knife edge chop. He covers but Young kicks out. Jessie stomps on Eric and punches him in the face. He starts yelling at Young. He whips Young in the ropes, but Eric does a flying cross body. Jessie tags Robbie. He runs to Eric but Eric elbows him and then attacks Jessie. He goes after Robbie. Jessie goes down. Eric hits Robbie with a cross body and then does a body slam. He climbs the ropes and hits the flying elbow. He covers but Jessie stops the count. Young continues to attack both at once. He runs in the ropes but they do a double flapjack. Jessie lifts Eric up and Robbie hits a neckbreaker. He covers and wins. Winner: BroMans

Phil Heath comes into the ring and celebrates with BroMans!

Bully Ray is walking backstage. He is on his phone. He puts his phone away as he heads to the ring.


Eric Young is walking backstage. He is calling for Joseph. He opens a door and says, "Oh no!" Young pushes the camera man back. Eric backs up. He can't believe what he is seeing.

To recap, BroMans will go on to fight James Storm and Gunner for the TNA Tag Team Titles. Mike Tenay and Taz continue as they run down the matches for the PPV.

A video plays showcasing the Dixie Carter and AJ Styles situation several weeks ago. AJ Styles confronts Dixie and tells her the truth of how he really feels. Dixie gives her real thoughts as she finally turns on her and the fans. She turns the lights out and ends the show. The video goes on to show Dixie trying to buy out AJ. He doesn't accept. She then places a bounty on AJ and Bully tries to cash-in. He can't get the job done but can he take out AJ tonight? AJ says he will make Dixie pay would Dixie says she will make him pay.

Aces & 8s music plays. Bully Ray comes out on the stage with a mic. He yells for his music to shut off. He introduces himself and then goes right into the Aces & 8s. He says people think the Aces are down and out. However, that is what he wants people to think. Tonight is about rebirth. He will beat AJ and the Aces & 8s are Bound for Glory!

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown as they cut to backstage.

Bully Ray is walking backstage. Dixie meets up with him. Dixie asks Bully Ray if it will be AJ Styles' last night in the company. Bully Ray laughs and walks away.

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