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As if the news of former and current Impact stars getting released or leaving the promotion wasn't crazy enough for this week, a last minute replacement has been announced.

Not too long after Impact Wrestling went off the air with its weekly episode of Impact, the company posted via its Twitter account the news that former Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Rachael Ellering will not be in the first ever all female Ultimate X at the up-and-coming Hard To Kill pay per view live this Saturday.

No confirmation as to the reasons behind Ellering being taken out the match but the company certainly didn't waste time in finding a replacement:


That replacement came in the form of Alisha Edwards, who was hoping to be involved in the Ultimate X Match but once the contenders were revealed and Alisha wasn't one of them, Eddie Edwards' significant other went to Twitter to wish all of the lady's good luck, however it appears that fate had other plans instore and now Alisha is in.

Whether Alisha's replacement for Ellering changes the booking plans for the Ultimate X match is unknown but will have to see how it all transpires at Impact Wrestling's first pay per view of the year, Hard To Kill live this Saturday on the FITE TV app and Impact Insiders.

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