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Brother Devon Discusses His Future In TNA, A Possible Return To WWE, More

Wrestling News World reader Shane sent in the following:

TNA's Brother Devon was on Hit the Ropes Radio Wednesday night. Here are some excerpts:

On his contract with TNA and possible return to WWE:

"The contract is still valid up until August; this coming August of next year. The fans on Twitter, Facebook, and in general, in the streets and at the house shows, a lot of the fans wanting Bubba and myself to return to the WWE because of the history we have there and what we've done and accomplish. I guess with the state of how the WWE is going now where you see a lot guys from our era, the Attitude Era, starting to make their way back slowly but surely, and not to mention they've been wanting that for a while, in terms of tag teams...Could there be a chance we could be back in the WWE? Absolutely. Could there be a chance we stay in TNA? Absolutely."On those who say he may be past his prime:

"I look at it this way, the only people I've heard this from are the people who sit behind computers and can be able to say what should and should not be in professional wrestling and try to call the shots. If that's the case, they would be some type of writers; some type of personality within the company. As far as I'm concerned, the matches I've been having in the singles I've been loving it, the fans have been loving it... Those people that are on the Internet writing what their writing, it doesn't bother me. What would bother me would be the people in the arenas. And that's what I go by...If I lost a step, if I was grossly overweight, I can see them having a valid point. But when I'm in the ring with AJ, Samoa Joe, and Hernandez, and so forth and so on, and tearing the house down, it's hard for me to want to be able to listen to those people who are behind the keyboards who are writing this and actually believe what they are saying..." Other things discussed with Devon include:

* His sons doing amateur wrestling and wanting to be pro wrestlers

* The female who played his wife in the storyline with The Pope

* Team 3-D Academy

* Working in Japan

* On wanting a singles' run and being bored of being a part of a tag team

* Most memorable match in ECW, WWE, and TNA

* Also on the show was WSU's Marti Belle who discussed the upcoming WSU Breaking Barriers II iPPV on GoFightLive on Nov. 19th. The show can be heard here

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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