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Bully Ray On Being A Versatile Performer, Transition To Singles Competition, What Hogan Brings To TNA

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TNA Wrestling held a media conference call with Bully Ray to promote his TNA Championship match against AJ Styles at Bound for Glory later this month. I was on the call on behalf of and have included the following highlights:

Why do you think you stand out as such a versatile performer as compared to so many others?

Bully said he's just being himself. He said he's extremely comfortable when he's out there and the best piece of advise he can give younger wrestlers is to relax. Bully said he's really proud of his work.

I asked Bully Ray why it took him so long to have success in singles competition at this stage in his career.

Bully clarified he didn't feel held back as a tag team performer but he simply accomplished everything there was to accomplish and moved on. He said every time he's been given an opportunity he's hit it out of the park.

The biggest challenge transitioning from tag team to singles:

He doesn't feel it's been a challenge. Bully clearly feel it's been a natural transition that he's taken full advantage of it.

TNA financial problems:

Bully Ray said he is not privileged to TNA's financial but he gets paid a very nice salary from the company. He reiterated he's a pro wrestler and doesn't know what goes on with the company's financials.

What would TNA lose by losing Hulk Hogan?

Ray said Hulk Hogan is the main root of the wrestling business. He put the business on the map back in the early 80s and he feels there is place for Hulk Hogan in TNA. Ray said it brings credibility to the product. He also wants to wrestle him and would like to kick his ass.

Alex Barie of asked Bully Ray about juggling his wrestling school and top position in the company:

Bully said he has no plans to retire any time soon. He remains very committed to his wrestling school and to doing what he is doing as the top heel in TNA.

After he's finished wrestling:

He wants to get involved in the creative aspect. One of the biggest reasons he and Devon opened a school about six years ago is to train workers and put them back in the business the right way. Bully would also like for their school to work with a promotion to help build talent for tomorrow.

Alex asked Bully Ray about the Aces and Eights faction and bumps along the way with workers such as Mr. Anderson leaving the company:

Bully Ray worked here and suggested that maybe this is what he wanted to happen and maybe he wanted the spotlight for himself. Ray said he's good at mental manipulation and while you think you've see the end of it, it may not be the case.

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