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Bully Ray Puts Over The TNA Roster, Sting On Why It's Hard To Walk Away

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The Boston Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from Bully Ray and Sting ahead of Sunday's TNA Slammiversary XI pay-per-view in Boston.

“TNA is the best wrestling product out there,” said TNA champion Bully Ray. “We have some of the greatest veterans of pro wrestling and some of the greatest modern-day wrestlers. There’s great in-ring action, great talkers, great brawlers and hot girls. Anything that you want in pro wrestling, you can find in TNA.”

“This Sunday is going to be intense,” said Sting. “There is a large wrestling audience that doesn’t want to say goodbye to my generation — guys like myself and Hogan — and still appreciates us. It’s the same for me. It’s hard to walk away. I want to give Boston something to remember.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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