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Bully Ray Says Tag Teams Are Nearly Extinct, Wants Hulk Hogan In The Ring

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Bully Ray

TNA Champion Bully Ray took part in a media conference call on Wednesday to promote his TNA Championship match against Sting at Slammiversary XI on Sunday. Below are the highlights:

  • Bully Ray said that the upcoming match against Sting is one the biggest bouts of his career.
  • He doesn't consider The Shield a copycat of Aces and Eights but he believes that TNA is the best wrestling promotion in the world. He said he is very proud with what they have accomplished with Aces and Eights.
  • Ray said he will never say that he and Devon are the best tag team of all-time but they are the most successful. They decided it was the time to transition into singles.
  • He credited the success of the Bull Ray credit to the freedom that TNA allows him to have. Ray explained he wanted to go back to his original character without doing the things he did in ECW. He explained it's not just the character but he's turned the volume up on who he really is.
  • Ray said that he was offended in an interview on Tuesday when he was called average. He said someone can be a fan of Jeff Hardy but to never call him average. He said TNA has the best roster of professional wrestlers anywhere.
  • He said Magnus and Rockstar Spud are two workers that stand out to him. Bully Ray put over Magnus for his look, in-ring work and mic skills. He said Spud has the "it" factor.
  • Ray doesn't have a negative thing to say about Paul Heyman or Vince McMahon. He said Dixie Carter runs the company from a more personal point of view. Because of this, he's learned things from her that he never would have learned from Paul or Vince.
  • He said tag team wrestling is almost extinct. The TNA Champion explained that as good as Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazrian are, there aren't enough teams. He said there has to be focus on trying to rebuild the tag team division in order to re-build it.
  • Bully said he's isn't sure if he could get the full emotional support that is needed to be a babyface again. He said being liked sucks and being hated is so much better.
  • He credited longevity in the wrestling business to his passion.
  • Bully said there were two words that helped him at the beginning of his career - get over. He put over TNA's move outside of Orlando.
  • From a personal point of view, Bully is most looking forward to Devon vs. Joseph Park from a wrestling point of view, he's look forward to AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle at the pay-per-view on Sunday.
  • He doesn't see why guys can't get busted open. Bully said as long as people are properly tested, adding color shouldn't be a problem and that guys have been bleeding in wrestling for over 100 years.
  • Ray said after he gets done with Sting he wants Hulk Hogan in the ring. He said people be be interested and they will want to see what happens.
  • He doesn't know who the second inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame will be but agrees that Jeff Jarrett would be a great induction.

TNA Slammiversary XI will take place Sunday from the Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts. We’ll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at

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