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Charges From Kurt Angle's September 2011 Arrest Settled; Angle Blames Texting Over Pay, Not Alcohol, For Reckless Driving

Kurt Angle's September 4, 2011 arrest in Virginia that originally carried charges of Driving Under the Influence was settled in a Warren County court room yesterday.

Angle was fined $1500 but no jail time attached. The former TNA Champion's attorney, Todd Gilbert, entered a plea of no contest to charges of Reckless Driving. Judge W. Dale Houff imposed the maximum fine of $2500, suspending $1000 of that total. The judge agreed with Angle's defense the case did not bear any jail time.

The charges were amended from Driving Under the Influence to Reckless Driving because Angle blew a .06 in a legally-admissible BAC test, which was under the Virginia legal limit of .08.

Angle admitted to Virginia State Troopers that he drank three beers earlier that evening. Police found a 12-pack of beer in Angle's vehicle, with two beers missing at the time of the arrest.

Gilbert told the court Angle admitted to driving poorly and inappropriately. However, rather than alcohol being an underlying cause, the defense said he was texting.

Angle's defense argued he was texting the promoter [TNA Wrestling] about his payment. As for Angle's poor performance in the field sobriety tests, Gilbert argued it was because of Angle's multiple knee injuries throughout his career.

Click here for coverage by the Warren County Report Newspaper.

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