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Christopher Daniels Discusses The Pressure Of Being Live, Eric Bischoff & Jason Hervey Changing Backstage Segments, Tweeting & TNA's Meeting About It

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald posted a new article with quotes from Christopher Daniels to promote TNA Destination X. Below are the highlights:

Pressure on live TV:

“For me personally, the fact that we are live, and that they have put me in the final segment the last couple of times, it’s a lot of pressure,” Daniels said. “It’s good pressure. It’s something I look forward to and something I am trying to excel at. I feel like when they put that microphone in my hand at the last possible second, I believe I have delivered. I plan on continuing to deliver. I want to keep being that guy for TNA. If we continue to be live after the summer, I feel like the company has proven we can do it. It’s just another step forward for the company.”

Changes to backstage segments:

“Guys like Eric [Bischoff] and Jason Hervey have come to us with a more fresh and on-the-fly way of doing it, rather than just giving us a script,” Daniels said. “I feel like it has helped us sharpen our skills. I’ll be walking backstage, and all of a sudden, Jason will come up to me with a camera asking questions. You are answering right off the top of your head, and it’s a more realistic feeling. It’s a more honest answer that you are giving. It’s definitely different...There is a must-see sort of mentality to our television shows.

“The fact that we are going live and doing so much reality based or hidden camera based, there is an idea that the fans have to tune in. It’s not a matter of when we were taped where they could read spoilers on the Internet. They have to watch and see how it rolls. They are getting surprised and caught off guard with what we are doing. I think it’s awesome.”

Twitter & TNA meeting with workers about it:

“When I’m tweeting, me personally, I try to be entertaining,” Daniels said. “I try not to be offensive. I try to be controversial every once and a while. I understand a lot of my followers are younger kids and are impressionable. I feel like that is the burden of being in the public eye. You can’t just say exactly what you feel. You sort of have to temperate with a bit of maturity. That’s fine with me. I have no problem taking the burden of having some common sense about what I put on the Internet.

“We basically had a meeting saying, ‘Use your common sense everybody.’ We are not kids. We are adults, and I feel like a good amount of us have acted like adults on the Internet. Every once in a while somebody may get caught up in the moment and tweet something, but I think it’s very rare to see guys back peddle what they said. I know I’ve been very cautious about the things I’ve said. I try to be aware of things I know people are going to read. Once you put it out there, you can’t take it back. I’m very aware of the things I say, and I know the rest of the company has their mindset on that as well.”

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