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Christopher Daniels Talks About Working With Legends, An All Cage Match PPV, & More


Christopher Daniels was interviewed by RedEye Chicago to promote this coming week's Impact Wrestling. During the interview, Daniels was asked what it is like being in the locker room with the legends of the business. Daniels' answer is below:

It’s great, man. I respect the guys immensely. All the roster does. And when you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with these guys, in the trenches, going to the house shows, going to live events, going to TV, going to Pay-Per-views, and you see someone like Kurt Angle who has had immeasurable success in professional wrestling as a whole, going out there and doing his best to try and make people aware of the product, trying to make the product stand out, you can’t help but give 110% in that same respect. And you can’t just mention those guys, you gotta mention guys like Bully Ray and Devon, the guys who used to be the Dudley Boys, they’ve both had career resurgences in TNA. They’re doing some of the best work of their careers, not just in the ring but also behind the scenes. They’re very hands on, in terms of trying to make our product better. Not just visually, not just in the ring, but also behind the scenes trying to build up brand awareness. Trying to get more people involved, to get people aware of what TNA is doing. Daniels gives his thoughts on how TNA can distinguish themselves as well as D-Lo Brown's job in the company. You can read the full interview here. Daniels was also interviewed by the Poughkeepsie Journal to promote TNA Lockdown. During the interview, Daniels was asked if it was hard to have an all-cage match card for a pay-per-view. Daniels responded:Absolutely, it is. Having said that, I’m not sure that every match in this year’s Lockdown is in the cage. In the past, when we did do that with the entire card in the cage, it made for a difficult part of our job to try and make every match different and stand out. We kind of had to put our heads together to make sure we don’t cross streams and do the same match. Check out full opinions and thoughts about various subjects in TNA at!

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