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CJ's Chitchat - TNA Wrestling Officially Becomes GFW

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The Tennessean broke the news on Friday that TNA Wrestling has officially become GFW a/k/a Global Force Wrestling.

So what does this mean for the future?

The company formerly known as TNA has had many "re-boots," with the latest taking place in March as Anthem/Jeff Jarrett and the new regime took over from Dixie Carter, Billy Corgan, etc. The next reset will happen this Sunday at Slammiversary 15.

The Impact World Championship and GFW Global Championship will become one. Additionally, the Knockouts Championship and GFW Women's Championship will be unified. LAX currently holds both the Impact and GFW Tag Team Titles, so that is already taken care of.

GFW is now the company name, while "Impact Wrestling" will remain the name of the show that airs weekly on Pop TV. With that said, GFW wants to live up to its name and become a global force to be reckoned with... a real alternative to WWE.

Top talents from Mexico and Japan will be on hand for Slammiversary, but that's not just where it stops. Impact returned to Spike TV in the UK in April before the company did something that no other wrestling promotion has done before - tape TV content in India.

The rebuilding continues here in America as well. GFW/Impact will go back on the road for live events in the northeast in August. Interestingly enough, Impact may not be staying on Pop TV come 2018, and I would say that's a good thing. (SEE MORE - Backstage News On Impact Wrestling's Future On TV)

A better television product/long-term storytelling, digital growth, and global expansion. Add that on top of the fact that Impact has put together one of the best pay-per-views on paper in a few years, and we’re looking at a recipe for success. The next step after Sunday is to keep all of this momentum going in preparations for Bound For Glory in November before a possible return to the soon to be Paramount Network in January.

Since I’ve been watching TNA in late 2013, I haven’t seen the company take this many steps forward. The company may not be the same as it was in the “glory” days, but some kind of evolution is necessary to succeed.

Before we proceed forward though, I want to take a moment to discuss Jeff Jarrett. Is he an (evil) genius? I mean, think about it. He left TNA in 2013, started GFW in 2014, tried to get ‘amped’ in 2015, and was hardly heard from in 2016. 2017 rolls around, and he returns home. Dixie is out, “TNA is dead,” and next thing you know, GFW has the upperhand. It’s almost like the original Global Force wasn’t ever supposed to get off the ground. “The more things change, the more things stay the same.”

I will be ordering Slammiversary and covering it here on WNW. My excitement level isn’t quite as high as it was for last year’s event, but nevertheless, I look forward to seeing the new GFW grow and succeed in the months and years to come.

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