Clarification On Taeler Hendrix/Dixie Carter, Batista's Reaction To #August1Warning


Taeler Hendrix/Dixie Carter Clarification

Greg DeMarco has issued a Tweet clarifying the comment about Taeler Hendrix being "heavy for TV." The Tweet is below:

">@Taeler_Hendrix's "heavy for TV" comment was not direct from Dixie. It's placement after the Dixie question caused confusion.

— Greg DeMarco (@gregdemarcoshow) July 29, 2013

The initial recap of the interview is online at this link.

Batista's Reaction to #August1Warning

Dave Batista Retweeted TNA"s latest #August1Warning where the person in the video says they are "not Dave Batista." You can watch the latest video at this link.

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