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Cody Rhodes Returns To TNA Impact Wrestling

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes returned to TNA Wrestling at Wednesday’s Impact tapings at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

As for the segment, Cody came out with Brandi Rhodes. He talked about traveling the world and being back here. Cody stated they need to name the Anthem owl in the new Impact logo. Cody thanked Moose for helping Brandi with The Decay and asked him to come to the ring. Moose came out and Cody put him over as family, even calling him a Rhodes. Things went horribly wrong when Cody learned Brandi had his number in her phone. He asked if they intended to sleep together. Cody called Moose a slut and Brandi asked if it was a joke.

Cody said sure and gave Moose a groin kick. A beat down ensued and he made the Bullet Club hand gesture before taking Brandi’s arm and leaving.

Below is a photo:

">January 12, 2017

It's pretty cool that Cody is now working for Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and TNA.

TNA Wrestling has taped a ton of new material over the past several days. We’ve been going through some notes but believe it’s probably best from this point forward to bring you high points and then cover the taping results shortly before the episodes air. That way it reads better and makes more sense to you when comparing to storylines that have already aired.


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