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Detailed Update On The Health Of Lionheart Including An Eyewitness Account After Suffering A Broken Neck In Match With AJ Styles

As we reported earlier here at, European independent wrestler Lionheart suffered a broken neck after taking the Styles Clash against AJ Styles at a Preston City Wrestling match on Saturday night. We noted in that update the prognosis is good, no surgery is needed and he was sitting up in bed without a neck brace.

Here, we're going to provide several statements from the promotion about the injury and follow it with an eyewitness account.

Wrestling News World contributor James Tee was at the show and filed the following eyewitness account:

As you may have heard, AJ Styles fought over the weekend here in the UK for Preston City Wrestling. Last night, his opponent, Lionheart, was injured after taking a Styles Clash. It seemed a complete accident, and Chris Hero, also on the card, said on Twitter that AJ was unaware that Lionheart was injured until way after the match. In fact, it was Hero who was the first other wrestler on the scene. PCW released a statement a couple hours ago saying that Lionheart suffered a broken neck, but will not require surgery and is sitting up in bed with no neck brace on. Initial scans show no nerve damage and has good movement in his arms and legs. I was no more than a few feet away from the ring and it looked horrible at the time, so the fact that this prognosis has come through is great news. Before the clash, AJ and Lionheart had a superb match, and despite being a major heel for the promotion, as Lionheart was in the ring receiving treatment, loud Lionheart chants broke out as people left the venue.

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