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Dixie Carter Affirms Brooke Hogan Won't Be Wrestling, Says TNA Is Looking To Contract To 6-8 PPVs A Year, Taking Impact Wrestling Live

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Dixie Carter was on a conference call today to promote Impact Wrestling airing live in the 8 PM timeslot on Spike TV tomorrow night. Below are the highlights:

  • Dixie said Brooke Hogan will be not wrestling but is there to help get some attention on the product.
  • She doesn't feel the company needs to do 12 pay-per-views a year and TNA is currently negotiating their pay-per-view contracts. When asked about the ideal number of pay-per-views, she said six to eight is a possibility.
  • Dixie said it was her that approached Spike TV about the idea of going live every week during the summer.
  • She said the workers prefer the four sided ring and as MMA gets more popular, there's some confusion between the two. There is still a possibility they bring back the 6-sided ring for special events.
  • Jimmy Jay will replace the departing Don West.
  • A "major announcement" for tomorrow's Impact was hyped.
  • Dixie said TNA would be making an announcement regarding the location of Bound for Glory 2012 within the next few weeks.
  • Dixie said they are concerned about making all 12 weeks this summer special and they haven't talked to Spike TV about going live beyond those dates.

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