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Dixie Carter Comments On CM Punk, Her Character, Table Bump

The Independent out of the United Kingdom has a new piece online featuring quotes from Dixie Carter. Dixie has been making the media rounds across the pond to talk British Bootcamp and TNA’s upcoming overseas tour.

When asked about CM Punk, Carter commented:

“CM Punk’s in a place right now where he’s happy and I wouldn’t attempt to try to get him to come wrestle for us until he’s in a place where he wants to wrestle. I respect what he’s done so much, he was in my opinion at the top of his game, and it’s hard walking away from a big paycheck, but he did it. You wouldn’t want to ask him to walk to a new paycheck until his head is in the right place.”

Confidence in her talent roster:

“We have a tremendous roster that has come on so strongly, it takes a lot of time to build a new character on television, and I think we have broken more new talent on television over the past 14 months than we have in five or six years maybe. We’ve got some exciting storylines planned, and we have our eye on a handful of talent that I think might compliment that.”

Her on-screen character:

“My attention is definitely focused behind the scenes, whether I do anything in front of the camera or not, that for me is my priority. I fought against being on TV for so long, and the only reason I’d do it now is if I thought there was somebody on the roster I could help.

“I never enjoyed being on TV until I was a heel. It was really fun, and I look back - I’m a private prep school graduate, a college graduate, sorority girl, when I look back on all those things I’ve done over the last year when you let all your inhibitions down, doing the craziest things, I’m like what part of me could do something like that!”

Being put through a table by Bully Ray:

“Oh my god, it hurt so bad! It was funny because I did everything I could possibly have done to protect myself, and I know Bully Ray is just so massive and strong, but what really happened was that my body just folded in half, and when I was in the hospital the doctor told me what I broke was so hard to break, it’s usually caused by a very serious car accident.

“So I said to him, you wanna see my car accident? And Jeremy Borash texted me a phone version of it, and the doctors were like “are you nuts?”

Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

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