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Dixie Carter Reveals TNA's Strongest & Toughest Wrestlers

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Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan has a new piece online featuring quotes from Dixie Carter. Below is an excerpt:

So what kinds of things do you look for in a wrestler?

It’s not one thing in particular. Sometimes a great physique is very important and then sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s the athletic ability that matters. It has to be that great combination of character and personality. I think some of the biggest names in the history of our business have looked incredible and had great personalities. They may not have been the greatest wrestlers.

Then there are some truly talented wrestlers who couldn’t get to where they needed to be because of a lack of personality. So you have to have a combination of all those things.

Who would you say is the most legitimately tough wrestler?

I would say Hernandez is the strongest man on our roster. I’d probably have to say that Kurt Angle is the toughest. Just because of the crap I’ve seen him live through, and do. It’s not a made up moniker like where he’s a cyborg or he’s sub human, but it’s just that it’s him, and he’s unbelievably tough.

Click here to check out the feature in its entreat.

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