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Dave LaGreca-Thank You Don, you have created buzz .

"I did not get back in this business to be a commentator"  "There was always a plan & it was playing the long game"-Don Callis

"I set out with a big plan.  The winners get to write the history. We are in the position to write the history.-Don Callis

"I have, not Once, but Twice changed the entire Wrestling Business."-Don Callis

Dave Lagreca-What is the influence that you have had when it comes to Kenny Omega.  Explain your influence.

"The Golden Sheik trained me as a wrestler.  The Sheik looked after me.  When I met Kenny, I took an interest in taking care of Kenny."-Don Callis  

"It is a very symbiotic relationship.  For Kenny, he also like me, is motivated by BIG things."-Don Callis

"What's left?  What's left is shaping history & shaping the industry.  Nobody has done it twice.  Maybe we do it a 3rd time."-Don Callis

"Clean out all the underbrush of all the hardcore wrestlers like Tommy, maybe make an example of them."-Don Callis

"The best wrestler of his generation, best atheltic in wrestling & the best visionary in wrestling like me.  Nothing we cannot accomplish."-Don Callis

Dave LaGreca: IMPACT Wrestling was trending #1.  How proud are you?

"All of the metrics around Tuesday night are huge.  I would say what i say to the fans of AEW; You're Welcome."-Don Callis

Dreamer-Where is this going to go?  You're on AEW because of Kenny.  Where is this going?  

"Where it is going, is in the history books.  We are not done."  
"I did not come back for Kenny to just win 1 title."  
"I might go mess with Konnan a little bit
                  -Don Callis on Busted Open

Dave LaGreca-Was this Tony Khan's wake up call to the wrestling business. Was that a lesson about pro wrestling?

"Somebody got worked.  People get worked all the time & not just in wrestling.  In other areas of life, it is being successful.  You can call me a manipulative carny, worker, old school whatever you call it, I am successful.  The winners write history."-Don Callis

Don Callis Final Qoute:

"Just remember guys, some people make memories., but only 1 person makes history."

*I did my best to transcribe the answers to these questions, if I missed a word.  But you can catch the entire interview on their podcast version of the show on Apple podcasts or any of the other podcast forums.

Or on SiriusXM On Demand.  

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